Chapter 62: Although Jiang Wanwan knew that Xi Heming was right...

Although Jiang Wanwan knew that Xi Heming was interesting to him, he didn't expect that he would come to his company holding roses in a big fanfare.

Jiang Wanwan covered her face with a big head, and asked in a wailing voice: "How many people have seen it?"

The secretary carefully looked at Li Xiaoxiao's face, and said sympathetically: "It's not too much, and the staff sitting in the lobby saw it."

Jiang Wanwan: "..."

There are more than 30 staff in the lobby, they have seen it, and the whole company knows what is the difference!

Jiang Wanwan sighed with a headache: "Invite President Xi in."

"I've come in." Xi Heming appeared at the door holding a large handful of roses, his familiar cold expression was mixed with a hint of tension.

Rubbing her temples, Jiang Wanwan waved her hand, the secretary retreated out of her mind, and closed the door very intimately, leaving private space for the two chief executives.

Xi Heming went straight to Jiang Wanwan and delivered flowers: "Wanwan, flowers for you."

Jiang Wanwan leaned at the desk and looked at Xi Heming with her arms unmoved: "Mr. Xi, I said I don't want to talk about feelings now."

"When can I talk then?" Xi Heming didn't give Jiang Wanwan a chance to retreat this time, and wanted an answer persistently: "Wanwan, in fact, I can perceive that you have no feelings for me at all, but I don't quite understand why. In the face of my good feelings, you keep backing down? I admit that before, I may have expressed concern about face and not expressing enough obvious, then my behavior today has expressed my thoughts? I really like you very much, please. Give me a chance to pursue you."

Jiang Wanwan thought about it and thought it was a good opportunity to explain. She made a gesture of asking to sit down and made two cups of coffee by herself.

Xi Heming sat on the sofa quietly looking at Jiang Wanwan’s back, and couldn’t help but sigh. It was obvious that he rejected her and disliked her so much at the beginning, but he didn’t expect that he would be chasing her crazily now. As a result, what did you do in the first place?

Jiang Wanwan brought the two cups of coffee made, and placed one in front of Xi Heming. She held the cup in her hand and took a sip. Then she put the coffee cup on the table and looked at Xi Heming with an expression of incomparable expression. Serious and serious.

"Heming." This time Jiang Wanwan did not call him President Xi politely, nor did he even call him by first name or last name. Instead, he only called him by his name: "I want to talk frankly with you."

Xi Heming's throat tightened, and his voice trembled involuntarily: "Well, you said it."

"The marriage between us was a deal from the beginning. You need to marry me to fight for the management of the company. At that time, I was more vain and wanted to marry a wealthy family. Of course, I had some extravagant hopes for you. That's why we have Even the 50 million that I used to start a business is a gift from you." Jiang Wanwan recalled the days she had just passed through, and couldn't help but laughed bitterly. At that time, she succeeded in wearing a book and becoming a female partner who would eventually die tragically. In fact, the mood is quite broken. Fortunately, she is now turning things around. Not only has she sent people who wanted to harm her to jail, but she has also restarted her career. Even her career is much higher than the starting point of her previous life.

Xi Heming looked at Jiang Wanwan helplessly: "You know that those fifty million are not important to me at all."

"But it is important to me." Jiang Wanwan looked at Xi Heming: "This is a knot in my heart."

Jiang Wanwan took a sip from the coffee cup, and the bitter and smooth coffee fell down her throat, as if it had been filled with internal organs.

"Actually, I am quite contradictory. I obviously want to put aside the relationship with you, but I have to admit that my Jiangcheng Technology startup fund is 50 million you gave. It is with this fund that I can rent such a large office. In order to hire the talents I want with a high salary, and to develop products suitable for the market so quickly, all of this is based on the 50 million you gave me to start the business so smoothly. I said that I must rely on my own efforts to open up the market, but My first batch of customers was met when you took me to the reception. Jiangcheng Technology’s largest order now is also from your Xi’s Group. In this case, I said I want to get rid of the relationship with you. I listened to it. Some feel like standing and standing."

Xi Heming shook his head: "Your thinking is too complicated. At first, I chose to sign a contract with Jiangcheng Technology to help you. But then I found out that the products you developed are exactly what our Xi Group needs. Now In the field of robotics, your products are most in line with our needs. Xi’s Group chose Jiangcheng Technology because your products are strong enough and your company is good enough, and not for other reasons."

Jiang Wanwan smiled bitterly: "Anyway, this kind of marriage was wrong from the beginning, so I want to pay back the 50 million you gave, end this marriage, and then reconsider our relationship."

Xi Heming sighed and scratched his hair a little crumbled, feeling that he had simply fallen into the pit he had dug.

He stood up and walked around the office twice, then suddenly turned around to look at Jiang Wanwan: "Then you can pay back my 50 million lines now."

"No." Jiang Wanwan shook her head with some regrets: "Although the company did pay this amount of money, the subsequent company's R&D needs to invest a lot of funds. Once the capital chain breaks, Jiangcheng Technology will no longer exist."

"Then I will invest for you?" Xi Heming looked at Jiang Wanwan very seriously: "One hundred million or two hundred million? As long as you say it, I can give you as much money."

Jiang Wanwan shook her head: "Xi Heming, you still don't understand what I think. Why do I emphasize that I have to pay back the money to consider developing relationships with you. This is because I let myself and you become independent individuals on an equal footing with you, and let anyone Speaking of me, Jiang Wanwan knows that I am the president of Jiangcheng Technology, not Xi Heming’s wife. I don’t want to depend on you, nor do I want my Jiangcheng Technology to depend on your Xi’s Group."

Xi Heming picked up the coffee and drank it: "How long do I have to wait?"

Jiang Wanwan looked at him: "One year."

Xi Heming nodded solemnly: "Okay, I will give you one year. After one year, whether you pay the money or not, I will pursue you again."

A bright smile appeared on Jiang Wanwan's face: "Thank you for being so tolerant of me."

Xi Heming sighed helplessly, walked in front of Jiang Wanwan, raised his hand and gently touched her face: "Although I failed to confess today, I still want to say, Jiang Wanwan, I really really love you. I hope you don’t break your promise and give me a chance to pursue you with integrity in a year."

Jiang Wanwan stepped forward, and took the initiative to reach out and hug Xi Heming, with her cheek pressed against his firm chest, listening to his pounding heart, she said okay.


Xi Heming left Jiang Wanwan's office, but left the bunch of 999 roses. Although the secretary had a gossip heart, she didn't dare to ask more when she saw Jiang Wanwan shut up the matter.

Although many employees in the company knew that Xi Heming was pursuing Jiang Wanwan, no one knew what the two CEOs were talking about in the office that day. Everyone gradually discovered that Xi Heming no longer bothered about the cooperation between the two companies. Whether it was a professional robot or an online intelligent platform, there are professional staff to connect. Mr. Xi no longer participates in the meeting of the two companies, and he has not even set foot in Jiangcheng for a long time. Technology.

Jiang Wanwan is even more busy than before. She sleeps in the company for almost half of a month. She leads the R&D department to develop products and the marketing department to plan marketing activities. She is not as busy as a woman in love. .

Seeing this situation, the employees of Jiangcheng Technology basically understood in their hearts, and Mr. Jiang and Mr. Xi must be in trouble.

Three months later, the professional robots customized by Xishi Technology were successfully delivered, and the uniformly dressed industry professional robots appeared in Xishi Group's shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and property companies.

Jiangcheng Technology's professional robots are in line with the needs of the Xi's Group. Once they were put into use, they won double praise from the Xi's Group and users. Upon seeing this, some wait-and-see companies also began to contact Jiangcheng Technology to discuss the customization of professional robots.

Today’s Jiangcheng technology robots have a high reputation. Although Jiang Xiaoyi’s high-end robots will be sold out every time they go online, there are still a few families that can withstand prices of hundreds of thousands, and more families hope to buy them. To high-quality and inexpensive robot products.

Jiang Wanwan took advantage of the name of Jiangcheng Technology Robot to expand the promotion of thousand-yuan robot products. Although they are not as realistic as Jiang Xiaoyi, because Jiangcheng Technology is willing to invest a lot of money in copyright fees, such Jiangcheng Technology robots Compared with robot products of similar prices, it is more practical and cost-effective.

For a time, Jiangcheng's tens of millions of robots, Xiaojiang, swept the country and became the choice of millions of families. After buying one, it can tell children stories, listen to music, and chat with children in English. There is simply no more affordable product than this.

Taking advantage of Xiaojiang's hot sales, Jiangcheng Technology took advantage of the opportunity to join hands with some well-known home appliance companies to create smart home products. Some people who bought these smart home appliances bought a small **** in order to unify their smart control. There are also some families who bought Xiaojiang first, and then considered replacing them with smart home appliances that are more practical to use. They also preferred to cooperate with Xiaojiang.

One year passed quickly, and Jiangcheng Technology had a very strong momentum, and it only took a year to gain a firm foothold. The new products to be launched have also received great attention from the market.

This year, the Xi’s Group expanded rapidly and built more than a dozen luxury hotels overseas. Each hotel has a unified robot attendant. These robots are very anthropomorphic, just like a walking joke, not only can answer customers’ opinions The problem can also make the customers very happy, which has become one of the highlights of Xi's Hotel.

In one year, Xi Heming and Jiang Wanwan rarely met. Jiang Wanwan has gradually brought all the clothes to the company, and the small study room dedicated to her at home has long been idle.

Xi Heming has regained the habit of eating only a few steaks and vegetables at night, and his fat belly has long been restored to strong abdominal muscles. Even the employees of Xi's Group and Jiangcheng Technology have gradually forgotten the scandals of the two company bosses.

In the office of the Xi Group, Xi Heming looked at the customized calendar on the table and gently tore off the last one.

On this day, he waited for a year.