Chapter 50: Xi Xiaoer is puzzled...

Xi Xiaoer was puzzled and didn't care that he would be ridiculed if his number of fans was zero, so he pitifully asked Jiang Xiaoyi for help. Jiang Xiao generously paid Xi Xiaoer's attention, and then he was speechless after watching all his videos...

Xi Xiaoer did edit it. That's right. He edited the content of the nanny cleaning the room and uploaded it, but the content of the entire video is the nanny wearing a mask working diligently. Jiang Xiaoyi glanced at Xi Xiaoer silently, you wouldn't be so miserable even if you patted the mansion!

Xi Xiaoer looked at Jiang Xiaoyi innocently with his eyes wide open: "I saw it, you are staring at me."

Jiang Xiaoyi waved his hand speechlessly: "Stop talking nonsense, delete all these things you posted, and today my sister will teach you how to play Weibo."

It’s still a bit reluctant to delete the video for Xiao Er. Although it’s not good, it’s hard work, but I took it with my own camera and cut it with the built-in editing program. For a robot, it’s not easy. .

Xi Xiaoer's eyes slid over his zero-click videos, and asked embarrassedly: "Can you not delete it? I want to keep it."

"Then keep it if you love it. I don't care if it becomes your dark history in the future." Jiang Xiaoyi commander Xi Xiaoer asked him to stand at the door of Xi Heming's room, and then turned on his camera: "Be a Introduce yourself."

Xi Xiaoer showed crescent eyes to Jiang Xiaoyi, and said in a simple manner: "Hello everyone, my name is Xi Xiaoer, and I am also a smart home robot. Today I will introduce my home to everyone. This is In my master’s room, he asked me to call him brother before, and recently he asked me to call him father. I don’t know how to call him anymore."

Xi Xiaoer slid into Xi Heming's room, and Jiang Xiaoyi followed behind for the dedicated shooting. The huge and luxurious rooms are shown to everyone under the lens of Jiang Xiaoyi.

Because Xi Xiaoer is not very popular, and a too long video may discourage fans, so Jiang Xiaoyi’s video is only five minutes, introducing the master bedroom, bathroom and cloakroom, and Xi Xiaoer appeared in the whole process.

The video was completed, Jiang Xiaoyi sent it to Xi Xiaoer via Bluetooth, and Xi Xiaoer happily posted it on Weibo, and added the topic #姜城科技居家服务 Robot# under Jiang Xiaoyi’s reminder .

After posting the video, Xi Xiaoer happily went online to play games. Jiang Xiaoyi looked at him dumbfounded: "Don't you pay attention to whether anyone is watching your video?"

Xi Xiaoer shook his head slowly: "It's certainly not that soon someone will find me, maybe no one will watch it. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. I'm used to it."

Seeing that Xi Xiaoer was not motivated, Jiang Xiaoyi was angry, but Jiang Xiaoyi, the home service robot No.1, personally planned the shooting, how could no one watch it.

Jiang Xiaoyi secretly followed Xi Xiaoer’s Weibo. As expected, people on Weibo were still talking about Jiangcheng Technology’s press conference. Some users who just knew this robot would be directed to Jiang. I watched the video on Xiaoyi's Weibo, and no one noticed the little splash of Xi Xiaoer at all.

Jiang Xiao was proud of his people's attention, and used his own program to think about it. He felt that after the warehouse shipped today, each of them would receive robots one after another, and they would definitely be exposed. In the future, there will be many kinds of robot videos on the Internet. In this case, it is better to help Xi Xiaoer by yourself, at least his videos were shot by himself.

I made Xi Xiaoer angry, and with his dumb thoughts, he would definitely admire himself, and by then he would still be the boss of the family.

Jiang Xiaoyi happily reposted Xi Xiaoer's Weibo: "I found a brother, let's see if this robot is cute or not?"

The Weibo reposted by Jiang Xiaoyi also stated that it was a robot. Everyone clicked on the video. After watching it, they all spit out in the comment area:

Fried chicken with Yakult: This is not a show robot, this is showing off wealth! I, a person with a salary of 3,000 yuan, dare to look at someone’s house with a master bedroom of fifty flats. I think I’ve been a little floating lately!

Nine sons of Long Sheng: My eyes are red, although Xiao Jiang's family lives in Daping. I just want to know if I can't afford robots if I wait for mortals without super flats?

Coffee milk cover: Have you not noticed the cloakroom? Although the suits inside are all hung inside, it can still be seen that they are all high-end handmade models, and the row of shirts cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I love fried noodles: I don’t know much about clothes or anything, but I have seen a dozen neatly laid out watches. Is the light on the watch just the luster of the renminbi?

Calabash’s wish: The men’s bags in the cloakroom seem to be the same. What's wrong with Xi Xiaoer’s father? He likes to buy similar things? In addition, Xi Xiaoer, are you missing a stepmother? To be honest, I want to apply for a job!

I love Xuebao’s nose: the cloakroom bags are not the same, they just look similar, but they do have one thing in common, that is, each of them is more than six digits. All in all, this Xi Xiaoer's father is synonymous with Hao!

Nine children of Long Sheng: After reviewing the comments, I seem to understand, is this cloakroom worth a villa?


# Robot家的衣帽间# This topic quickly became popular, and everyone paid more attention to the cloakroom than to Xi Xiaoer. After all, Jiang Xiaoyi’s videos have been watched a lot, and Xi Xiaoer is not particularly special in comparison, but the cloakrooms of this rich family do not see much of it, and the interest is immediately provoked.

In the game, Xiaoer Xi built a house for the little animals, planted good vegetables, and played for more than an hour. When he exited the game unsuccessfully, he was surprised by the thousands of reminders that popped up on Weibo. Stopped, he opened Weibo dazedly, watching his video was caught and posted tens of thousands of words, and there were thousands of comments.

Xi Xiaoer controlled the program to open Weibo comments and found that the following people discussed a wide range of content, including popular science watches, talking about the world's top bathroom, and hand-customizing high-end clothing. It seems that they have nothing to do with him.

Xi Xiaoer tried his best to scan the comments, and finally saw his name in a bunch of comments: "Xi Xiaoer, I want to be your mother!"

"Xi Xiaoer, I want to marry your father!"

"Good boy, call mom!"

"You folks, you are rushing to be mothers, I am different. I want to be Xi Xiaoer's sister hahahaha!"

Xi Xiaoer felt that his program was starting to be messed up again, so he just posted a video. Why did there be more moms?


The sales team of Jiangcheng Technology is very strong. After receiving the order, it organized the delivery of the already packaged robots. The express phone notification was received on the same day in the same city, and it was three or four days away. In order to ensure that the robot was not damaged by violence during transportation, more than ten layers of protective layers were added when packaging. When I opened the box, I thought I was back with a mummy.

Sure enough, just like Jiang Xiaoyi guessed, all kinds of unboxing videos soon spread over the Internet. Among Weibo users, there are only a few people who can buy robots, and those who can afford to buy robots quickly are small, medium and small. Those who don't have enough money or hand speed can only watch the unboxing video to solve their greed.

Yun Han, who is in the same city as Jiangcheng Technology, is a well-known mobile review blogger. Jiang Xiaoyi has been following him for a long time. He entered the live broadcast room at the beginning of this conference and used his fastest hand when the link was released. Quickly grabbed a robot of Jiang Xiaoyi's model.

The robot weighs heavily. The two courier brothers struggled to squeeze the courier into the elevator, and from the elevator to Yun Han's home. Yun Han started to record the video when he received the phone call. He first took pictures of the courier brother carrying the robot up the elevator, and then began to take pictures of unpacking.

After taking apart the thick layers of protection, the flawless Jiang Xiaotong model appeared in front of Yun Han. Yun Han did not rush to read the manual, but touched the appearance of the robot with his hands, the texture and luster of the metal. Make the robot look very high-end.

Turning on the power button, the robot opened its eyes and smiled towards Yun Han: "Hello, I am a home service robot, please start the setting procedure."

Because this robot has a relatively high intelligent program, all settings can be completed by dialogue, and even the elderly who cannot read the manual can use it by themselves. This makes Yun Han's impression of this robot very good.

After connecting the wifi password, the robot actively asked: "You can give me a name so that it is convenient to call me."

Yun Han smiled: "Your name is Han Xiaohan."

"Okay." Han Xiaohan smiled sweetly: "Then what do I call you? Brother?"

Yun Han remembered the video of Jiang Xiaoyi he had watched before. He couldn't recognize it and smiled and asked, "Do you robots like to develop your technician brother?"

Han Xiaohan looked at Yun Han Mengmeng: "I haven't seen the little brother technician. The first thing I saw after I was born was you."

Yun Han was amused. At this time, Han Yunhan’s mother came back from the outside. As soon as she walked in and saw the packaging all over the floor, she frowned. When she saw the robot, she was speechless: "What did you buy again? ?"

"I'm not a gadget, my name is Han Xiaohan." Han Xiaohan showed a cute smile: "My brother's name."

Han's mother sneered: "There is a Han Yunhan in the family, and he is quite big, and there is a Han Xiaohan again. Tell me, what are you going to do?"

Han Xiaohan honestly reported: "I have connected to all the smart homes in the house, and I can always listen to your instructions to control them. In addition, I can chat with you. I have everything you want to hear. We are here at Jiangcheng Technology. The expenditure on copyright exceeds tens of millions, and it will gradually increase in the future. I will automatically upgrade the system online and increase the content."

Mother Han thought for a while and asked, "Do you know how to play mahjong?"

Han Xiaohan paused for a few seconds, and nodded after obtaining various mahjong games online: "All methods are available, but I have no hands and no way to operate!"

Mother Han slapped her thigh with excitement: "If you can, just walk around and play cards with me!"

Yun Han rushed over to stop her: "Mom, don't make trouble, I'm taking an out-of-the-box evaluation."

Han’s mother mercilessly pushed Yun Han away: “What evaluation is the evaluation? Let me tell you that today, your Aunt Zhang brought her sister-in-law to play mahjong. Her sister-in-law is so good that I will win them all. Bring Han Xiaohan back to kill, I don’t believe my robot’s head can beat you guys!"

Yun Han dumbly watched his mother take away the robot he had unpacked, leaving himself and the camera lens big eyes to small eyes. After three years of evaluation, there are countless out of the box. Yun Han is still the first time he has encountered a career in Waterloo. How can this video be broadcast?

Although there is no evaluation, various professional data and tests have not been done, but the promotion has been launched. In order to grab the traffic, Yun Han still posted this rather weird unboxing video.

At the beginning of the box, there was nothing special. Many viewers were amused by Jiangcheng Technology’s unique packaging skills. The next content is the setting session, and then the robot Han Xiaohan talks with Yun Han for the first time, everyone The interest just came up, and I waited eagerly for Yun Han to start the exploration of the robot. Seeing Han's mother rushed in, she led Han Xiaohan away with a few words, leaving only sluggishness in the empty living room. The Yun Han.

The audience laughed crazy, commenting that this is definitely a mother, and calling Yun Han, asking him to catch up with Han Xiaohan playing mahjong. They want to know Han Xiaohan's mahjong level. "

Yun Han's unboxing video full of surprises unexpectedly won the audience's love. The video released within 24 hours set a new high in clicks.

The high popularity of home service robots made Jiangcheng Technology a hit. The promotion department of Jiangcheng Technology immediately introduced the professional customized robot business and said that it has developed and customized it for a company.

Originally, I wanted to make a wave of publicity while the iron was hot. After all, no matter how good the home service robot is, the market is limited. Not many families are willing to spend a lot of money to buy such a robot back. Jiangcheng Technology's customer focus is still on the enterprise. What surprised Jiangcheng Technology was that the official blog of Xi’s Group took the initiative to claim this Weibo. The official announced that Xi’s Group was an enterprise that signed a contract with Jiangcheng Technology and said that Jiangcheng Technology had also given away a home The service robot gave President Xi, who liked this robot very much, and even named the robot himself.

In an instant, this Weibo was sent to a hot search. Netizens discussed the name of the boss's robot, and even some netizens formed a group to apply for the Xi family's robot to be a mother.

Xi Heming, who used the company's official blog to post a Weibo with his mobile phone, frowned when he saw the comments, and decisively rejected the ambitions of the group of women under the comments.

"It's okay to be a mother, Mr. Xi said, his robot son already has a mother."