Chapter 42: Xi Heming stood calmly in Seliya...

Standing behind Seliya with a calm face, Xi Heming glanced at her blankly: "So it was your idea to bring chicken soup to the company beforehand?"

Silia's face was pale, and her hand holding the chair trembled and she couldn't even say a word.

Xi Heming glanced at her indifferently, and immediately fell to Xu Liangyu's body, whose disgusting expression on his face suddenly couldn't be hidden: "What is this again?"

Jiang Wanwan, who was eating ice cream across the table, smiled gleefully: "Didn't you see it? This is a low-profile version of you that Miss Si specially found. I want him to go shopping with me and invite me to eat. It's better to give it back to me as a friend. Friends."

Xi Heming's cold face seemed to be covered with frost, and his eyes looked very bad when he looked at Seliya and the low-profile version. He now invites Jiang Wanwan to go shopping with him, and he has to find an excuse to buy gifts for the old man. What qualifications does this lowly deserve to become Jiang Wanwan's close friend? Is he worthy?

Silia was very panicked. She didn't expect Jiang Wanwan to say her purpose so bluntly in front of Xi Heming. She waved her hand quickly and left Guyan to quibble: "I just watch Wanwan alone. She is so bored, so..."

"I think you are too idle!" Xi Heming interrupted Seliya coldly, and looked at her with extremely disgusted eyes: "Do you think I can't see what you are thinking?"

Silia shivered and shook her head in fear: "No...I am not...I don't..."

"It's not a year or two since you approached me under the guise of your brother. I used to think about your brother's face and didn't bother to care about you, but I didn't expect you to dare to put your mind on Jiang Wanwan." Xi Heming Looking condescendingly at Seliya, her gaze was like looking at a dead person: "Today I will tell you frankly, if you want to marry the Xi family, it is better to work **** our old man and you may still have a chance. If you want to marry me, you Die this heart."

Silia's figure shook, and tears slipped from her cheeks: "Brother Heming..."

"Don't call my brother, listening is disgusting." Xi Heming took out his mobile phone from his handbag and dialed a number to go out. A few seconds later, Si Xiaoyang's happy voice came from the mobile phone: "Heming, why are you free to give me today? Called? Speaking of which, we haven't seen each other for a long time, so why not have a drink together at night."

"No need." Xi Heming coldly rejected Si Xiaoyang's invitation, and said directly: "Si Xiaoyang, I solemnly inform you, don't let your sister appear in front of me, otherwise our friends will stop here. ."

Si Xiaoyang shook his heart. The first reaction was that Xi Heming had learned about Silia's pitting against Jiang's family. The sweat on her head broke out in an instant, and she didn't know how to respond for a while.

Xi Heming just notified Si Xiaoyang, and didn't intend to hear his response. After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone neatly, bypassing Silia and walked to Jiang Wanwan's side.

Jiang Wanwan didn’t forget to eat ice cream when she was watching the show. After a while, a cup of ice cream had bottomed out. Xi Heming looked at her as she was watching the show, and the fire in her stomach was gone. All that was left was helplessness: " You can eat even these two people."

Jiang Wanwan wiped the corners of her mouth with a paper towel: "Ice cream is innocent, it can't be wasted. Besides, watching a movie doesn't affect my appetite. I look very happy when the two of them sing together!"

The opposite Seliya looked at Jiang Wanwan bitterly, no wonder how she said she didn't put on the set just now, because she had seen her intentions a long time ago. Although her plan is not very meticulous, it is enough to deal with Jiang Wanwan's IQ. How did she see through it?

Jiang Wanwan threw the tissue that wiped her mouth in front of Seliya and stood up with a smile: "I wanted to play a few more scenes with you, but I didn't expect your methods to become more and more clumsy. I even played with you. The interest is gone."

Seeing Silia's embarrassment, Jiang Wanwan walked to her and said in a low voice: "Siliya, how does it feel to save her from prison after spending tens of millions? I don't know if Zheng Ruhai can really replace her. You bear the blame."

Silia suddenly turned her head to look at her, her eyes flashing in disbelief: "You know?"

"Of course, I compiled all the evidence." Jiang Wanwan looked at her with a smile: "Is your expression very pleasant and surprising?"

After all the words were said, what else did she do not understand, Seliya gritted her teeth and said: "You have been playing tricks on me from the beginning?"

"I can't say that. I really wanted to give it to my friend at first, but it's a pity..." Jiang Wanwan shook her head and threw her three words disgustingly: "You are not worthy!"

Listening to the conversation between the two, Xi Heming's eyes flashed, and he took out his mobile phone and sent a message to his special assistant: "Check what Silia of the Si family has committed recently. It has something to do with a person named Zheng Ruhai. The Jiang family is involved."

After sending the message, Xi Heming put the phone back in his bag and took the initiative to hold Jiang Wanwan's hand; "Let's go!"

Silia's eyes fell on the clenched hands of the two, with shock and disbelief on her face. She always felt that she had a chance because she was certain that Xi Heming would not fall in love with anyone, as long as she had the plan and the means. Can get rid of all the rivals in love and become the last woman beside Xi Heming.

Unexpectedly, the reality gave her a resounding slap. Xi Heming not only disliked her extremely, but also took the initiative to hold Jiang Wanwan's hand, which means that all the efforts she has made over the years have become a joke.

Jiang Wanwan was startled by the sudden handle, but before she could react, Xi Heming took her to the outside of the store.

Seeing the close backs of the two, Silia's defenses completely collapsed. With a wave of her hand, she swept all the ice cream on the table to the ground, and wailed loudly as she hammered the table.

The conversations between the previous few people originally attracted the attention of the clerk and other customers. Now Seliya's uncivilized behavior is even more controversial, and some even picked up the mobile phone to shoot at them.

Xu Liangyu was so upset that she wanted to leave by herself, but when she lowered her head and saw the naked/exposed thighs under Silia's short skirt, she changed her mind, reached out and hugged her, coaxing her while forcibly Pulled away from the mall.

Silia had dreamed about her dreams for many years broken, and she was filled with hatred and anger. Si Xiaoyang turned on the phone at this moment. She was full of grievances and just wanted to talk to her brother who loved her the most, but she didn’t wait for her to speak. Listening to Si Xiaoyang asking desperately: "Why did you provoke Xi Heming again? Liya, I let you go out to relax you, not to provoke Xi Heming. You know that I maintain this good relationship with him. How difficult is it? You ask our company to consider it even if you don’t think about it for me! Do you know that 2/3 of our company’s revenue in recent years comes from the Xi’s Group? If you..."

Without waiting for Si Xiaoyang to finish speaking, Silia hung up the phone with a snap, and then the phone fell heavily to the ground, angrily stepped on her feet: "Go to your mother's Xi Heming, go to your mother's Si Xiaoyang. , All **** bastards!"

Seeing that a new mobile phone was stepped on by Silia, Xu Liangyu reached out and grabbed her, facing her at the angle she told herself most resembled Xi Heming, imitating Xi Heming's cold voice. Said: "Stop making trouble, I'll accompany you to drink!"

Silia wanted to vent her anger, and threw the car key to Xu Liangyu: "Go to the bar!"

"The bar hasn't opened yet, shall we go to KTV?" Xu Liangyu cautiously probed: "Don't worry, there are enough wine tubes."

Now Seliya didn't think about anything but wine, and cursed violently: "Then don't you get the car quickly? What is it? You really think you are Xi Heming."

A gloomy color flashed in Xu Liangyu's eyes, and he took a sip from an angle that Seliya couldn't see, and drove Seliya to the KTV he knew well.

Brandy, red wine, and beer filled the table in the private room. Xu Liangyu opened a bottle of red wine and just poured it into the decanter. Seliya had already opened a bottle of brandy and drank it against the bottle.

Xu Liangyu smiled slightly, opened a glass of Coke for himself, and admired Silia's heroic drinking with a side dish.

Seliya's drinking volume was average, and at this time she was hungry and angry. A bottle of brandy was already 70% drunk. She threw the empty wine bottle away, picked up the decanter and poured herself a glass of red wine. Then she looked up and saw Xu Liangyu drinking Coke. She suddenly pointed at him and cursed with dissatisfaction: "Useless things, don’t hurry up and accompany you. I drink."

Xu Liangyu spit out the bones in his mouth, poured himself a glass of red wine and sat next to Seliya, coaxing her to drink one after another. In less than ten minutes, a bottle of red wine entered Seliya's stomach, and she was drunk and dim when she raised her head again.

Xu Liangyu put his hand on her lap and looked at her sideways: "Do you know who I am?"

Silia looked at him infatuatedly with a smile: "You are Xi Heming."

Xu Liangyu smiled, turned her head and stretched out her hand to pinch her chin: "You can recognize me if you are so drunk, how much do you love me?"

"Special love!" Silia rushed to Xu Liangyu's body and untied his clothes frantically: "Xi Heming, you are mine, you are mine!"

Xu Liangyu resting his head on his palm, looking at Seliya on his body, with a triumphant smile on his face: Although the great beauty Jiang Wanwan had no chance to get involved, this Seliya was not bad. It is earned.

He picked up the phone on one side, turned on the camera, and recorded all of Silia's active and crazy behavior on him...


Turning a corner, Jiang Wanwan turned her head and glanced at the location of the cold drink shop, and saw that Seliya had not followed him and let go of Xi Heming's hand.

Xi Heming looked at his empty hand and felt as if he was empty in his heart, and sighed with regret.

Jiang Wanwan turned her head to look at him: "What's the matter?"

Xi Heming felt uncomfortable: "Si Liya dealt with you, why didn't you tell me?"

Jiang Wanwan smiled and stretched out her hand to tuck the hair on her cheeks behind her ears: "She uses some little tricks that can't be used on the table. I treat her as having fun and amuse her when she wants to relax, watching her jump up and down. It's funny too. But it's you..."

Jiang Wanwan looked at him and asked curiously: "Are you friends with her brother? Are you afraid that your friendship boat with her brother will capsize?"

Xi Heming's eyes narrowed slightly, and a bit of coldness on his face: "Then it depends on what role her brother plays in this? If there are Si Xiaoyang's hands and feet in the things that Silia dealt with you. , I don’t mind turning over this ship with my own hands."