Chapter 19: .Secondly, Jiang Wanwan's fists were clenched: "I will pay for this...

After filming the video, Jiang Wanwan touched Jiang Xiaoyi's head and decided to leave the company early today and return to Jiang's house. Since she started her business, Jiang Wanwan has been busy with the company every day and has not been back for several months. Work is now on the right track, and all departments of the company are busy with their work in an orderly manner. Jiang Wanwan can relax a little bit.

Jiang Xiaoyi followed Jiang Wanwan's **** all the way to the elevator entrance, watching Jiang Wanwan obediently: "Boss, see you tomorrow."

Jiang Wanwan waved her hand at Jiang Xiaoyi in the enviable eyes of an elevator man: "See you tomorrow, hurry back, don't run out anymore."

The elevator door slowly closed, and a girl standing in the corner of the elevator couldn't help but ask: "Is that robot Jiang Xiaoyi? I have watched your video."

Jiang Wanwan nodded: "Yes, she is Jiang Xiaoyi."

"It's so cute!" The girl's eyes were sparkling: "I want this kind of robot too."

Jiang Wanwan smiled: "In the follow-up, artificial intelligence robot products will be launched, you can pay attention to it. However, the small one has a special existence, the whole company's efforts are in it, and it is not sold."

The girl nodded excitedly, but thought of Xiao Yiyi's intelligence level and asked with some worry: "Will the price be very high? It will cost tens of thousands. Can your company produce some smaller, less expensive ones? Robots, of course, don’t need to be so smart..." The girl showed an embarrassed smile: "Otherwise, I can't afford it."

Jiang Wanwan smiled: "In the follow-up, we will consider customer opinions and launch smart robots with different needs. You can follow our company's Weibo or leave comments and suggestions."

The girl nodded happily, and began to calculate her salary and bonus in her heart, wondering if it was enough to buy the cute robot.

Jiang Wanwan came out of the building and drove to Jiang's house. Mother Jiang was sitting on the sofa watching TV boredly, when she heard a knock on the door and asked listlessly: "Who?"

Although I have seen very few meetings with Jiang Mu since I wore the book, there is still a feeling of familiarity and warmth flowing from my heart.

Jiang Wanwan: "Mom, I'm back."

"Wanwan!" Mother Jiang jumped off the sofa. She didn't even care about wearing slippers. She ran out to open the door in a panic. When she saw Jiang Wanwan standing outside the door, she immediately smiled and hit her twice: "Dead girl I haven't come back for more than three months, but I really don't care."

Jiang Wanwan was hammered a few times, and said with a smile on her face: "Mom gave the hammer so comfortable, let's do it twice."

"No one is right." Mother Jiang cursed with a smile, and felt distressed that she ran here on a hot day, turned around and went into the kitchen to cut a plate of iced watermelon and put it in front of Jiang Wanwan.

Jiang Wanwan was really hot and thirsty after driving for a long time. She picked up a piece of watermelon and took a big bite. The cold, sweet and refreshing watermelon juice slid down her throat. She smiled contentedly: "It's so sweet."

"It's silly." Mother Jiang glared at her, looking at her as if she didn't seem to be enough, and the more she looked at her, the more distressed she became: "Why have you lost so much? Look at this small chin. Is it difficult to eat at Xi's house? Okay."

"No." Jiang Wanwan finished eating a piece of watermelon, and took another piece: "Auntie cooking is delicious, I was busy with the company recently. But everything is on track now, I should be free to go home for dinner next week. Up."

Mother Jiang was frightened when she heard it: "I don't even care about going home for dinner. Why are you doing this hard?"

Jiang Wanwan smiled and said, "I like it."

Mother Jiang reached out and tucked the hair that was hanging around Jiang Wanwan's cheeks behind her ears. Jiang Wanwan turned her head and smiled at her. Mother Jiang felt both happy and sad in her heart.

It’s only a few months now. Before the engagement, her own Wanwan was still a pretty little princess. What she cares most every day is what bags and new skirts are available for sale. She has never worried about money; she now wears them. It was a professional suit, with beautiful curly hair tied into a bun behind his head, and the diamond bracelet on his hand was gone. Instead, it was replaced by a delicate watch. From head to toe, she looked like a heroic strong woman, which was no longer visible. There was a little shadow in the past.

Mother Jiang placed her hand on her daughter’s back and sighed softly, “It’s all your father’s fault. If it weren’t for blind R&D, our company wouldn’t be like this, and you wouldn’t do it for five. Don't be so desperate."

"It's not too hard. I have to endure a bit of hardship when I start a business. I've done it now. There are big bosses in the family and the company has funds, so I just work overtime." Jiang Wanwan put the watermelon peel in her hand on the empty plate aside I drew a paper towel and wiped my hands: “Besides, even if there is no such thing, I will start a business. I don’t want to tie my life to others. In this world, the relationship between husband and wife is the most unreliable. It's a man."

Mother Jiang was frightened and asked hurriedly: "What's wrong? You and Xi Heming have a relationship problem?"

"No." Jiang Wanwan resolutely denied: "Our relationship has never changed, as it has always been."

Mother Jiang looked at her with a little distrust: "That..."

Jiang Wanwan interrupted her. "Stop here and there, you don't have to worry about the matter between me and Xi Heming anymore, let's say I'm leaving."

"Fine." Mother Jiang hurriedly waved her hand: "I won't ask, I'll see what's good in the refrigerator at home, and I will go back after dinner at night."

Mother Jiang got up and went to the kitchen. Jiang Wanwan picked up a piece of candied fruit on the table and was about to eat it when she heard the sound of opening the door.

Jiang Wanwan stood up and took two steps outside, and found that it was Father Jiang who had returned.

Jiang Wanwan glanced at the clock on the wall. At two o'clock in the afternoon, she took the briefcase in Father Jiang's hand and asked quietly, "Dad, why do you get off work so early?"

Father Jiang looked at Jiang Wanwan in front of him, with a guilty and guilty expression on his face. What kind of person is Jiang Wanwan? I knew her dad was doing something at a glance, her face became stern, and her voice became a little more majestic: "Dad, what's the matter with you?"

Father Jiang coughed lightly, and asked vaguely: "Wanwan, how much is left of the 40 million you took back?"

Jiang Wanwan knew that something was wrong when she heard this: "What the **** happened? Just tell me, there's me."

Father Jiang knew that there was no way to hide it. He had to rely on his daughter to get through this difficult situation this time. Wiping his face, Father Jiang sat on the sofa. Mother Jiang in the kitchen also heard him, standing at the kitchen door looking at Father Jiang.

Father Jiang looked at his daughter standing in front of him, and felt his old face hot: "Well, my investment has failed."

"Investment?" Jiang Wanwan looked at him in astonishment: "When did you invest again? I didn't say before that the company should be running normally. The subsequent R&D work will be done by our company. You can just do the company's original business. Others Don’t do it for now."

Father Jiang weakly buried his head in his hands, and a dull voice came from his palm: "I am confused."

Seeing Father Jiang’s gray hair, Jiang Wanwan opened her mouth, swallowed the reproach, took a deep breath and sat beside him, gently patted his back: "Let’s talk about the specific situation first."

Father Jiang raised his head, staring at the front TV wall with red eyes, and said in a hoarse voice: "I was also deceived. Old Zheng said that a new project has good prospects. Hurry up when no one knows. For a one-off investment, the profit can be seen at the fastest half a year and the slowest one year. It must be a doubling. I followed him to the company to investigate. The planning book looked very good, but I actually didn’t quite understand the actual content. I originally wanted to come back to discuss with you before making a decision, but at that time there was another round of talk about investment. Old Zheng urged me to quickly settle it down so that I won’t be listed first."

Hearing what Jiang Wanwan didn't understand, it was obviously falling into the set set by others: "How much did you invest?"

"Ten million." Father Jiang's voice became smaller and smaller: "The company's real estate is mortgaged."

Mother Jiang heard her leg soften, and she held the door frame so that she didn't fall down. Jiang Wanwan sighed and looked at Father Jiang and didn't know what to say: "Which bank did you mortgage to?"

Father Jiang's face turned paler: "The money was urgent at the time, and Lao Zheng introduced a place for personal mortgage loans. It was a good six months, but it was only a month or so before that the other party took out a document saying that the deadline was up. , Within ten days I can even pay back the principal with interest, otherwise..."

Jiang Wanwan didn’t know what to say: “Dad, you’ve been in business for a lifetime, so how come you got caught in such a crude scam? You just want to invest. You can go to the bank to get a loan. Why should you listen to that old Zheng’s leave? Personal borrowing? By the way, who is that old Zheng?"

"It's your dad's friend, Zheng Ruhai." Mother Jiang took a deep breath and said slowly, "I have known each other for several years. I took your dad to speculate in stocks for a period of time and made a small amount of money. The two of them often go out for drinks. ."

No wonder Father Jiang was fooled so easily this time. Jiang Wanwan turned her head and asked Father Jiang: "What did Zheng Ruhai say about this? And did you go to see the company you invested in?"

Father Jiang's face was pale: "The company said that the R&D failed and was about to go bankrupt. It was obvious that my money was in the water. As for Lao Zheng..."

Father Jiang showed a sad smile: "He said he was also deceived, and he didn't think it would hurt me so miserably. He is innocent. I'm really too stupid. I really regard him as a good friend these years. , But I didn't expect that he would cheat me so badly this time."

"It was a trap from the beginning." Mother Jiang patted the table angrily: "At that time, we all said that we didn't want to invest. He had to drag your dad. If he really made money as he said, why didn't he invest himself? I am embarrassed to say that I was also deceived. I think he is one of the scammers. This matter can’t be forgotten. We must call the police.”

Father Jiang shook his head: "What's the use of calling the police? Investment failures abound. Investment itself is risky."

Mother Jiang was choked, and said unconvinced: "Where is that person borrowing?"

"Personal borrowing is indeed not compliant, but it is true that I took the money from others, and they did not say that I sold my property. Now I just asked me to pay back the money even with interest, and it was called the police. , The money must be paid back immediately, otherwise the company building will have to be auctioned off."

Mother Jiang finally recalled: "So they are just trying to deceive us ten million?"

"Yes, ten million. Saying more is not too much, saying less is not too much." Father Jiang's expression was a bit vicissitudes: "If this happened last year, ten million would be a bit nervous for me, but it's not impossible to get it out. But now my company’s liquidity is limited, and there is nothing I can do with ten million."

"This matter is not necessarily as simple as it seems." Jiang Wanwan clenched her fist: "I will pay the money. As for this account, I will settle it slowly with them!"