Chapter 14: Seeing that Xi Heming didn't follow her own words...

Seeing that Xi Heming did not follow what she said, Jiang Wanwan rolled up her sleeves and wrapped another one. When putting the green onions, she deliberately shook in front of Xi Heming's eyes: "Look how green are these tender and sweet green onions. It is placed with mutton. It’s delicious and tired together, and you will fall in love with just one bite."

After packing, Jiang Wanwan snapped a bite and nodded seriously to Xi Heming: "It's very perfect. At this time, the spring onions are new to the market, so it's very interesting."

Xi Heming moved his chair to the side when he heard the words of the taste, his face was full of resistance.

Jiang Wanwan bit the meatloaf in her hand angrily: "You will regret it if you don't listen to me."

Do you regret not eating green onions? Hehehe, Xi Heming rolled his eyes gracefully, took out the roasted lamb chops, and took a bite. Not to mention, the fruit roasted on charcoal fire is better than the oven roasted fruit.

Aunt Wang prepared a lot of ingredients. Jiang Wanwan was full, but Xi Heming took some more. When the sky was completely dark, there was nothing left of the ingredients on a table except for the big kidneys hidden under the table by Xi Heming. .

Jiang Wanwan ate a lot and was in a state of drunkenness, and she collapsed in a chair comfortably. The sleeves of Xi Heming's clothes were also rolled up, and the straight hair he usually combed was a little messy and casually fell on his forehead, and his arms were casually draped on the back of a chair, turning his head to admire the night view.

The grill was empty, only a little charcoal fire was sometimes bright and sometimes dark, burning in the stove. The breeze blew away, taking away the smell of barbecue and sending a faint fragrance of flowers.

Feeling the breeze, looking at the lights outside the window, and admiring the flowers and plants on the terrace, Xi Heming felt very relaxed and comfortable, as if the pressure and busy work were far away from him, even Jiang Wanwan looked more pleasing to the eye than before.

Of course, the premise is that she can't speak, otherwise she still has to be **** off by her.

Xi Heming turned her head and glanced at Jiang Wanwan, only then found out that she had fallen asleep leaning on the back of the chair at some point.

Although the weather is warm at this time, it is still a bit cold at night. If she is allowed to sleep, she will definitely get sick tomorrow.

Xi Heming's brows frowned involuntarily, and he muttered: "It's really a trouble."

"Jiang Wanwan, wake up." Xi Heming stood beside Jiang Wanwan and looked at her condescendingly: "Don't sleep anymore."

Jiang Wanwan tilted her head and was sleeping, but she didn't even hear Xi Heming's call.

Xi Heming stood aside and stared at her for a long time. Seeing that she didn't respond, he stretched out his hand and patted Jiang Wanwan's face gently with the back of his hand: "Hey, get up, drunkard."

Jiang Wanwan's face crooked along his hand and fell to the other side again, without any intention of waking up.

Xi Heming stared at her, and suddenly stretched out his hand to pinch her cheeks and pulled her face back. Jiang Wanwan opened his eyes as soon as he tugged twice, and stretched out his hand to touch her face with a dazed expression.

"It hurts!"

Xi Heming quickly withdrew his hands with eyesight and swiftly, putting his hands in his pockets if nothing had happened, and said confidently: "I haven't repelled mosquitoes this week. It must have been bitten by insects."

"I didn't touch the bag!" Although Jiang Wanwan's head was muddled, she still looked at Xi Heming with some doubts, always feeling that something was wrong.

"What are you doing standing in front of me, peeking at my beauty?"

Xi Heming sneered and showed a sarcastic smile: "You are too confident of your own appearance. If I want to see beauty, wouldn't it be okay to go back and look in the mirror? Just like me, dressing up as a woman is probably better than you. ."

Jiang Wanwan: "..."

Although I felt insulted, it seemed that what Xi Heming said was right. If this face turns into a woman to seduce her, she can follow along.

Thinking of this, Jiang Wanwan raised her hand and patted Xi Heming's abdominal muscles: "Xi Heming, fortunately you are a man with such a bad personality, otherwise I would really like you." After a pause, Jiang Wanwan added with a serious face. One sentence: "Eight pack abs can't save your image in my heart."

Xi Heming sneered: "Don't like me the best, lest I worry about you taking advantage of me all day long."

Jiang Wanwan snorted: "Discrimination against me again!"

"Okay, don't talk nonsense. Since you wake up, go back to your room." Xi Heming grabbed Jiang Wanwan by the collar and picked her up: "There is no medicine at home if you have a cold. Don't want me to send you to the hospital. ."

Jiang Wanwan stood up swayingly, she felt her legs soft just after taking a step forward, and her whole body was paralyzed.

Xi Heming had quick eyes and quick hands. Before he could react, his hands had already held Jiang Wanwan's waist and lifted her from the ground again.

Seeing Jiang Wanwan being hugged by him, Xi Heming was extremely depressed. He felt that he must have been so out of control after drinking too much. In fact, he didn't intend to pull her at all.

"This place is not good, it's too slippery!" Jiang Wanwan, who was leaning against Xi Heming's arms, said with a serious expression: "It made me slip and fall."

Xi Heming looked down at the expensive lawn under his feet, ignored Jiang Wanwan's words, and pushed her away from his arms: "Can you walk?"

"Of course I can!" Jiang Wanwan patted her chest proudly: "I've never relied on anyone when I grew up like Jiang Wanwan."

Xi Heming let go of his hand half-believingly, and as soon as he took a step to the side, he saw Jiang Wanwan softly turning upside down, just plunged into his arms.

Jiang Wanwan rubbed her sour nose and reached out to touch Xi Heming's chest twice: "Man, you have a lot of muscles on your chest. It feels harder than your abdominal muscles."

"Shut up, don't you feel uncomfortable if you don't take advantage of me for a day!" Xi Heming gritted his teeth and took Jiang Wanwan's arm, half-pushing and half-hugging her back to the room, and threw her directly on the bed.

Jiang Wanwan got up from the bed dazedly, and smiled at Xi Heming with messy hair: "Thank you, President Xi. You are such a good person. When our two companies cooperate, I will give you a discount."

"I don't care whether the discount is discounted or not. I only have one request." Xi Heming looked at her blankly: "Can you stop me and talk to me after you finish eating the green onions!!"

Jiang Wanwan: "Oh, you have no soul."


Rolling from one side of the bed to the other side of the bed, when Jiang Wanwan was asleep and opened his eyes, she found herself lying on the bed and kicked on both pillows.

Rubbing her hair like a bird's nest, Jiang Wanwan crawled out of the bed with a yawn and opened the curtains with her hand. The warm sunlight spilled in without blocking, dispelling the dimness of the room, and illuminating the room extremely brightly.

Jiang Wanwan looked down at herself, she was still wearing the home clothes she wore for dinner yesterday, even with the faint smell of lamb skewers on it.

Jiang Wanwan frowned, took a clean change from the cloakroom and went to the bathroom, rubbing the foam on her head while recalling what happened last night.

She remembered grilling skewers with Aunt Wang, and she also remembered Aunt Wang leaving. Later, it seemed like Xi Heming came. He ate faster than anyone else with a disgusting expression. She kept saying not to drink beer, but took the last bite. Did not drink less. Then...

Xi Heming helped her back to the room! !

Jiang Wanwan opened her eyes sharply, recalled it in disbelief, and wanted to remember more clearly. Not only did Xi Heming support her, she also reached out and touched Xi Heming's chest.

Jiang Wanwan wailed in despair, she was so embarrassed! If she had known it earlier, she should drink more, and she would not be depressed if she drank the fragments directly.

Because she remembered how drunk she was, Jiang Wanwan was faint when she came out of the room. However, after eating the crab buns and three fresh wontons packaged by Aunt Wang, Jiang Wanwan was resurrected with blood like chicken blood, and plunged into the life of the code farmer with vigour.

As for Xi Heming...

Hehe, the soulless person has long been forgotten!


Because of the friendship of drinking and drinking together, Xi Heming and Jiang Wanwan ushered in a peaceful period for the time being. In fact, the main reason is that both people are busy, and there is really no time to quarrel.

Father Jiang spent a month decorating the office for Jiang Wanwan, completing the registration process, and purchasing all office equipment according to Jiang Wanwan's requirements list. He even loaned her ten or so employees to temporarily let the company run normally,

With an office, Jiang Wanwan moved the office from her home to the office. She built the infrastructure of the platform while hiring quickly.

Personnel, marketing, and office personnel are all recruited by Jiang's Father's Personnel Department, while the technical staff Jiang Wanwan personally checks them.

Although Jiang Wanwan's Jiangcheng Company is a new enterprise, its high salary has attracted the attention of many computer talents. But Jiang Wanwan knew that if he wanted to recruit top technical talents, he couldn't rely on sitting in the office and waiting, he had to take the initiative.

Jiang Wanwan took out the prepared information and listed the rankings of domestic computer schools, as well as some young students who have not yet graduated but have already made their mark in various international competitions.

Jiang Wanwan's previous employees of Jiangcheng Technology were her and several seniors from the Academy of Sciences. Compared with the old Youzi who worked, she prefers pure-minded students.

Jiang Wanwan's eyes fell on the first name, Meng Yunming.

Jiang Wanwan had already contacted Meng Yunming, and the other party asked her to meet at a cafe near the school.

The university where Meng Yunming is located is not far from the Science and Technology Park in the new district, and it took more than half an hour to drive there. Jiang Wanwan set off fifty minutes in advance. After arriving at the agreed coffee shop, she directly found a quiet corner to sit down, and then sent a text message to Meng Yunming.

A few minutes later, a young man in a peaked cap came to Jiang Wanwan. When he saw her, his expression was a little surprised: "You are Mr. Jiang from Jiangcheng Technology, and you are too young."

Jiang Wanwan smiled: "You have energy when you are young, so I prefer to interact with young people."

Meng Yunming smiled: "Although I am aggressive, I sometimes like to be safe. To be honest, Mr. Jiang said that the head of the science and technology department of Xi’s Group has just asked me to chat. Compared with Jiangcheng Technology, I think Xi’s Group gives My temptation is greater. If you want me to join your company, I have to see enough strength or prospects."

Jiang Wanwan couldn't help rolling up her sleeves, Xi Group, how come there are you everywhere!