Chapter 1: Jiang Wanwan was embarrassed by...

Jiang Wanwan was pushed awake in a daze, feeling a splitting headache. She subconsciously raised her hand to touch her head, but when she raised her hand halfway, she was pressed down. A long, petite girl patted her hand tenderly: "The wedding is about to be held, don’t Messed up the hairstyle."

"Wedding?" Jiang Wanwan blinked her eyes unclearly, a little confused about the situation in front of her. She was drinking in her luxurious villa a moment ago. How did she become a wedding scene after falling down the stairs?

"Jiang Wanwan, aren't you silly to marry Xi Heming?" Although another girl with delicate makeup is smiling, her tone makes people feel sour no matter how she hears it: "Your father really has a dog too. Shit luck, so many people who do good things haven't seen anything in return, but he can save the old chairman of the Xi family by doing a good thing, otherwise the marriage will not be your turn!"

"Jiang Wanwan... Xi Heming..."

Hearing the two keywords, Jiang Wanwan seemed to be struck by lightning!

Isn't Xi Heming the hero of the **** romance novel she just read? Jiang Wanwan is her name, but she is also the last female partner who died tragically in that dog-blood novel!

Realizing what was happening, Jiang Wanwan abruptly stood up from the chair and rushed to the dressing table, looking at the mirror in front of her with her eyes wide open.

A beautiful bride appeared in the mirror. From the looks of her, she looked very similar to her, except that her eyebrows were more refined and her facial features were softer. The most important thing was that she was at least ten years younger than her, at most. In his early twenties.

Jiang Wanwan couldn't help touching her face. The bride in the mirror did the same. The same big eyes inside and outside the mirror were shocked and horrified.

Damn, what's the situation? Is this the legendary crossing?

But why is she the one who traveled through!

Although she is also named Jiang Wanwan, she is a female president with more than one billion family properties, and she has nothing to do with the female partner who is full of love and love. Jiangcheng Technology, which she founded alone, has become the industry leader in domestic companies using smart data technology. The artificial intelligence products she developed have become the AI ​​industry with advanced concepts, mature technology, exquisite appearance and impressive design concepts. Leader!

She just drank the celebration wine! But it was because I drank too much and wanted to relax myself, so I read a dog-blood novel, and spit out a few words about the cannon fodder female partner of the same name. Why did she make her a famous female president wear a last jump into the river? The tragic female partner!

Jiang Wanwan didn't shed tears after starting a business so hard, but this time she was a little bit desperate to cry. Ten years of hard work was all in vain, and all the efforts were wasted.

While she was immersed in her thoughts, the bridesmaids around her had received the notice of the start of the wedding. They hurriedly helped her up, some sorted out her wedding dress, and some checked her jewelry. She sent it to a beautiful gate.

The door slowly opened, solemn music sounded throughout the hall, and a handsome man walked up to her with a smile and looked at her lovingly.

Looking at the luxuriously arranged wedding scene, Jiang Wanwan's face became stiff, and her chest was even more depressed.

Let's go through when you cross, how come you still wear it to this point in time! If you wear it one day early, the wedding doesn't have to be held, she is still free. Now that so many people are watching, it is too late for her to escape marriage!

The old father Jiang Shangtian, who was standing next to her, looked at her uncertain expression and thought she was nervous. He directly took her hand in his arm and said in a low voice: "Wanwan, don't be nervous, you and Xi Heming I have obtained the marriage certificate, and I am already a certain Mrs. Xi. Today is just a ceremony."

Did you even get the marriage certificate?

Jiang Wanwan wanted to cry without tears. Before she could talk about her relationship, how could she become married without warning!

Seeing Jiang Wanwan's crying expression, Jiang Shangtian thought she was excited, and the smile on her face became even brighter: "Daughter, the marriage you want Dad has won for you, and it will be up to you in the days to come. "

Before Jiang Wanwan could speak, the music had become "Wedding March". Jiang Shangtian bowed his head to tidy up his suit, and took Jiang Wanwan to the crystal platform covered with flowers.

Jiang Wanwan's brain was blank, and she didn't know how all this happened. When she came back to her senses, the benevolent father had already led her to a man.

Jiang Wanwan is 1.72 meters tall, even taller among girls, but the man in front of him still needs to look up to see his face.

When her gaze fell on her titular husband's face, Jiang Wanwan was taken aback for a moment, and then she exclaimed from the bottom of her heart: This man is so handsome!

Jiang Wanwan was also a person who grew up in a prestigious school all the way. Although she studied science, her performance in Chinese is not bad. Whether it is writing essays or planning, she thinks she is full of economics and has never been poor in words. But looking at the face in front of her, she couldn't even think of a word for a while, and she didn't know how to praise it.

After holding back for a long time, Jiang Wanwan finally thought of a sentence describing Xi Heming in the original text of the novel. The handsome one is a terrible one.

At that time, when she was reading the novel, she couldn't figure out how to call handsome even though she was so miserable, but when she saw a real person, she understood it. When she really didn't know how to praise her appearance, this might be the best adjective.

While watching vigorously, Jiang Wanwan casually stared at the dark eyes on this handsome face. Although there were no emotional fluctuations in those eyes, Jiang Wanwan still saw the other side's rejection and dislike of her from there.

Jiang Wanwan's face flushed immediately after brushing, and she quickly turned her face away, feeling a little gloomy.

Thinking of her, Jiang Wanwan was called the youngest, most beautiful and most promising female president by magazines. Because of her keen business acumen and strong hands, she was called a female fairy in the business world. Although she has no time to fall in love for so many years, there are really many little white faces and eighteen-line traffic stars who have come forward to recommend themselves on the pillow seat, but they are all rejected by her. Man, what's so good about it!

But then again...

Jiang Wanwan couldn't help but glanced sideways at the man standing next to him. If a man with this beauty and aura took the initiative to give him a hug, she might not be able to hold it.

It's a pity that she has no interest in love, otherwise this man is really a good dish!

While Jiang Wanwan was traveling in space, she suddenly felt her hand being pulled. She subconsciously looked down and couldn't help but let out a "Ho"...

Why did the man who was standing beside him with no expression just knelt in front of him on one knee?

Jiang Wanwan watched dumbfoundedly as he took out a diamond ring that flashed blind and dog-eyed from a beautiful box and put it on his finger. Before she could react, the man stood up and reached out to her. In his arms.

Jiang Wanwan subconsciously raised both hands to block it, but he did not expect to press on the man's strong abdominal muscles, and immediately felt the legendary firmness and elasticity.

Before Jiang Wanwan could react, the man in front of him had bowed his head. Although there was a faint smile on his face, his eyes seemed to be covered with Arctic frost, without any temperature.

"Jiang Wanwan, you don't have to be an inch!"

Jiang Wanwan's face with exquisite makeup painted suddenly turned blood red, and her hands were pulled back in an instant. Just when the three words "I'm sorry" were about to be spoken, the man in front of him lowered his head and grabbed her red lips, and dropped a kiss on it.

Jiang Wanwan's eyes widened and looked at the enlarged face in disbelief, almost shouting out the anger in her heart.

This eldest brother, you don't suffer too much, right! I just touched your abdominal muscles, and you snatched my first kiss when you came up. Your revenge is too fast and cruel!

Xi Heming's eyes were slightly closed and then opened. After she saw Jiang Wanwan's eyes, she was taken aback for a while, and then raised her head to end the kiss.

There was thunderous applause in the audience, and Jiang Wanwan realized that she was holding her breath just now, and her chest was tight and painful. After taking a few hard breaths, Jiang Wanwan looked down the stage, and saw a few girls grinning at her, seeming to be talking about something.

Although Jiang Wanwan didn't know who those few people were, but judging from their familiar appearance, she estimated that she should be a good friend of her female partner. She carefully identified their mouth shapes, only to realize that they were talking about "bridal anthuriums"...

Jiang Wanwan's face turned pale in an instant, I went and forgot this important link!

How does the bridal chamber at night make her tidy?

She admits that Xi Heming is handsome and has perfect muscles, but as an independent woman with thinking and ability, she refuses to sleep with a man without emotion.

Jiang Wanwan desperately recalled how it was written in the book that the wedding night in the bridal chamber came?

It seemed that Xiaobai couldn't stand it because the plot was too much, so he turned the book over with a glance, and only scanned the general story of the novel without paying attention to these details at all.

So have the male lead and the female partner drive a car?

When Jiang Wanwan was thinking of a headache, her hand was taken up again, and she raised her head to meet Xi Heming's eyes again.

Seeing this scene of the lovers "looking at each other affectionately", the audience once again burst into applause.

In front of his friends and guests, Xi Heming put on a gentle smile as if he was acting, but the corners of his mouth squeezed out a cold voice with a voice that only she could hear: "Jiang Wanwan, dare to distract me at the wedding. What are you thinking about?"

Jiang Wanwan, who was worried about driving, replied, "I was thinking about the bridal chamber at night."

A look of astonishment appeared on Xi Heming's face, followed by a little more irritation, even his neck was red, but he didn't know if he was angry or ashamed.

"Shut up!" Xi Heming snorted softly, not even acting, and directly let go of Jiang Wanwan's hand, as if he was afraid of being taken advantage of.

Jiang Wanwan was angry in an instant, eldest brother, you obviously took the initiative to hold hands and kiss you just now, right? Who on earth takes advantage of the two of us!