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"The female partner wants to divorce every day [wearing a book]" Author: Credit Card


After the accidental death of the iron-clad female president, Jiang Wanwan, she found herself in a dog-blood novel and became the cannon fodder who eventually died tragically in it.

At this time, she just walked through, dumbfounded to find that she was wearing an expensive and exquisite wedding dress with a handsome and brutal man at the wedding.

Jiang Wanwan: Didn't I wear it at the wrong time? How did you make me clean the night of the bridal chamber?

It turns out that she thought too much. That night, handsome than her husband sent her directly to the guest bedroom, without even turning her head back.

Jiang Wanwan: Men are all clouds, and the life of a domineering female president is my favorite.

Mr. Xi:? ? ?

You came back, you didn't say that before you got married! !


The handsome and golden business tycoon Xi Heming was forcibly stuffed by his family with a clingy fiancee who loved him to the death because of an inexplicable marriage contract, and was forced to hold a wedding.

Unexpectedly, the little wife who used to be squeaky and squeamish suddenly changed after marriage. She was no longer jealous of his secretarial team, and she didn’t even bother to give him a look, and she was founded in a hurry. Own company.

Xi Heming later realized that when something happened, he had to call his wife to make an appointment, he had to line up if he wanted to talk to his daughter-in-law, and if he wanted to see his daughter-in-law, he would get chance encounters at various banquets...

Seeing Jiang Wanwan and his handsome male assistant clink glasses with his business rivals at the reception, Xi Heming was completely sour!

What made him jealous was that everyone around him was attracted by Jiang Wanwan.

Competitor: Jiang Wanwan is the woman I admire most.

Best friends: Jiang Wanwan is the lover of my dreams!

The little white flower who was obsessed with him: Jiang is always the goddess in my heart.

Cousin: To tell you, I want to marry my sister-in-law.

Xi Heming:? ? ? ?

Angrily, Xi Heming: I am her husband! !

Jiang Wanwan looked indifferent: Why don't we divorce, don't delay my getting rich.

Summary: This is a funny story of a handsome man who is cooler than Gao Leng, chasing his wife in the crematorium.

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One-sentence brief introduction: You give me a favor, the boss, you are blocking me to make a fortune!

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