After Roxana departed, Jeremy fixated his gaze on Charlotte with a frigid expression. As his sister rose from the floor, he swiftly and without hesitation kicked her, causing a satisfying popping sound as her shoulder dislocated.

“AH!” Charlotte shrieked in pain, her arm flailing as she tumbled backward and collided with the ground.

“Since Sana noona is so nice, I don’t mind dealing with sc*m like you,” Jeremy leaned in, his breath lingering over Charlotte as he twisted the hairpin in her hair.

Charlotte returned Jeremy’s gaze with an intense glare, resembling a rabid dog. Jeremy clicked his tongue disapprovingly, noting that the girl still showed no remorse for her actions.

He continued to hit her aiming for her vital spots in her upper and lower body while she held her head in her arms. As Jeremy targeted the tender areas of her belly, hips, ribs, and chest, her groans got louder. He quickly and effectively subdued her, and while he did so, a dark bruise developed down her neck. He chose not to cause lasting harm to her, but it was evident that there was a significant difference in their abilities or expertise.

Jeremy thought that Roxana had been too forgiving towards Charlotte. He believed that his older sister had only managed to damage Charlotte’s self-confidence but hadn’t taken the necessary steps to discipline her adequately.

“F*cking insane brat, do you want to get hit? Like this? Yeah?” Jeremy exclaimed, his intense light blue eyes gleaming with anger beneath his dark, arched eyebrows. Charlotte’s face paled as she started feeling a sense of dread.

“What have I done?” Charlotte cried out.

“Lousy, lazy piece of sh%t, can’t you figure it out?” he replied. “It’s not right to argue with your older sister.”

“Oppa, you always take Roxana’s side! Even when it comes to this toy! You knew how much I loved it!” Charlotte exclaimed, her voice filled with the bitterness she held towards Jeremy’s clear favoritism.

Jeremy remained unwavering as he gripped her crimson hair, mimicking the finesse of a handler controlling a spirited horse. Charlotte’s neck arched back, bringing Jeremy’s mouth close to her ear. Despite his firm grasp on her tattered locks, his voice assumed a gentle and caring tone.

“Listen, if you’re going to be angry, direct it towards the toy in the dungeons,” Jeremy urged, employing persuasion. “It’s that toy’s fault for standing out and daring to capture Sana noona’s attention.”

As he mentioned the toy, Jeremy’s irritation escalated, prompting him to curse once more. If he hadn’t made a promise to Roxana to refrain from touching the toy, he wouldn’t be burdened with dealing with this pup-like situation.

He desired to possess Roxana’s affection and felt like a wretch when he considered her spending more time with the foolish toy than with him. It particularly bothered him since she had never shown much interest in toys before. The exception this time must have held great fascination for her.

“F*ck, that blue bastard is the real deal,” Jeremy gritted his teeth, his anger intensifying. He harbored a strong desire to harm the prisoner in the dungeons.

“What bastard?” Charlotte inquired.

“That toy is Cassis Pedelian,” Jeremy revealed.

Charlotte’s eyes ignited with excitement, as if a fire had been ignited within her mind. Jeremy observed his sister’s growing fascination with the toy. The information he shared was scandalous, and he knew that the child would be unable to contain her curiosity any longer.

Jeremy decided to capitalize on her obsession.

I promised I wouldn’t touch the toy. I never said I wouldn’t help someone else. That’s fair, isn’t it, Sana noona? Jeremy thought. 

“It’s such a shame,” Jeremy mockingly remarked. “That toy was perfect for your liking.” He savored his sister’s torment as she bit her lip. “But what can we do? There’s only one toy.” His forced laughter failed to conceal the intense mixture of greed, anger, and jealousy that consumed his face.

“If you can’t have a toy, you can just break it, isn’t that right?” he remarked.

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