Third Person POV

It was late, and a woman sitting on her ledge appeared to be being engulfed by the darkness.

“I see. She asked, “You didn’t see anyone?”

Quietly, a wisp of a voice replied. The room was quiet until it scarcely whispered.

The young woman appeared wrapped in a howling cocoon as the veil swayed slowly in the wind. She was engulfed in the moonlight, revealing her figure. It was difficult to believe that God had given her life because of how unrealistically beautiful she was. Her beautiful hair fell over her collar and the bodice of her hourglass shape, glistening brilliantly even in the darkest of nights. Her eyes were like jewels made of bright crimson blood, and they had the power to render practically anyone who came into contact with them speechless. Her whole appearance made her stunning beauty seem almost terrifying, and she held herself like a noblewoman.

“If the party is looking for him, attach yourself to the most influential and most passionate subject.” Roxana issued a new order to her servant. The red butterfly resting on her finger confirmed once again in a thin voice and declared its allegiance. Soon the butterfly rose into the air, repeated her mistress’s commands like a spell, and disappeared from sight.

Roxana sighed softly as she pondered the young man in the dungeons. She shed a tear as she covered her lovely face.

She needed to act swiftly. One of her half-siblings, Charlotte, had been coaxing the guardsman to view “the toy” while she had been with Cassis for the past two weeks. Half of the manor had heard her temper rage.

The guardsman was weak, and Roxana knew it. To prevent Charlotte from entering the dungeons, she appeared at the door. She told her younger sister that she had also been interested in the toy with a flippant tone. Additionally, Yo-an, the guard, was always a pleasure to see. The man and the youngster were startled by her icy, mischievous smile.

Roxana didn’t know how she could monopolize Cassis for so much longer.

“Shall we make it?” She murmured as she thought of their fate.

Her gaze drooped. Without using force, Cassis had willingly swallowed the last pill. Did he know who she was? Or did he have a little more faith in her? Of course, he would immediately perceive her as a villain if he knew her surname. He must have thought she was just a maid who cared about him. She may have been psychologically damaged by her Agriche overlords, but she still had the heart to defy Lant Agriche’s command.

Or perhaps Cassis had simply decided to accept whatever doom she had in store for him. He might have thought that if he didn’t eat, she would knock him out and make him.

She struck the window with the tip of her finger. It was about to be time for the first family meal since Cassis Pedelian arrived.

The second invitation to the dinner had been extended to her. The first invitation had been sent to her father’s favorite son. She anticipated that her father would host.

At this point, a miracle would be appreciated…