Originally, the old man in white wanted to test Jiang Zhige’s willpower with the ten-mile journey through the snow, but unexpectedly, there were two snowstorms in a row in two days.

In such a desperate situation, even ordinary cultivators would find it difficult to persist, let alone two children.

However, what shocked the old man in white was that the siblings had walked nine miles of the ten-mile path.

They were less than one mile away from the plum blossom tree he mentioned.

In the first half of the journey, Jiang Zhige cut his flesh for food and burned his clothes for warmth, allowing Nangong Rou to survive a blizzard in a cave.

In the second half of the journey, in the midst of a snowstorm, Nangong Rou shielded Jiang Zhige from the snow and carried him step by step until the last moment.

The two siblings, Nangong Rou and Jiang Zhige, couldn’t have made it here without each other.

If it were only Jiang Zhige, he would have lost his willpower and frozen to death in the cave.

If it were only Nangong Rou, she would have been buried in the first snowstorm.

The old man in white sighed heavily, holding the two siblings as he flew eastward.

“Don’t worry, even if I die, I won’t let you two die after seeing you today.”

The old man in white was determined and took out two pills from his storage ring for the siblings to take as he flew through the air.

The pills were blue and white, with three layers of pill patterns, and emitted a strong pill fragrance when taken out.


“It turns out that the so-called opportunity was just a test. I was wondering before how the Devil Emperor and Fairy Nangong survived in such a desperate situation.”

“Speaking of which, this person is only at the Origin Sea Realm, yet he took out a Grade-7 pill, the Heart Settling Pill, he is really generous.”

“If it weren’t for his pill gift, Fairy Nangong and the Devil Emperor would have frozen to death in the snowfield.”

In the human’s Supreme Cultivation System, it goes: Body Tempering Realm, Martial Spirit Realm, Dao Seed Realm, Origin Sea Realm, and Soul Refining Realm.

Beyond that are the: Shedding Mortality Realm, Myriad Manifestations Realm, Saint Realm, Profound Realm, and Rotation Realm.

When reaching the Profound Realm, one can be called Immortal Venerable. Everyone present was at least at the early-stage Profound Realm.

The Rotation Realm, also called the Half-Emperor Realm, was where the Nine Heavenly Wheels turn endlessly. Nangong Rou was a strong half-Emperor, but perhaps due to her Heart Demons, she had never been able to comprehend the origin of the Great Dao and was therefore unable to breakthrough to the Great Emperor Realm.

Jiang Zhige was in the Great Emperor Realm. People in this realm were also known as Realm Masters or Immortal Emperors. With a single hand, he could destroy a small world.

Even in the Heavenly Realm, one of the three major divine domains, only three Emperors could be born at most.

For a cultivator in the Origin Sea Realm, ordinary Grade-7 pills were extremely precious, and two extremely difficult-to-refine Heart Settling Pills would be equivalent to half of one’s wealth.

When given to two mortals to consume, they could almost have the miraculous effect of resurrecting the dead.


Nangong Rou’s expression was complicated. Her memories of the past were unclear, and she only knew that Yao Qianji had saved her and Jiang Zhige’s lives, but she did not know at what cost to Yao Qianji.


After an unknown amount of time had passed, Jiang Zhige woke up in a daze.

The next moment, he sat up suddenly, frantically looking around for Nangong Rou’s figure.

Jiang Zhige soon found the little girl lying not far away, ran over and hugged Nangong Rou unsteadily.

At first glance, Nangong Rou’s expression was calm, her breathing steady, clearly just sleeping.

Jiang Zhige breathed a sigh of relief, holding Nangong Rou and starting to look around at the environment.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that there were birds chirping and flowers blooming around them, and the temperature was comfortable. Where were the traces of the snowstorm?


Before Jiang Zhige could react, he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

He turned his head and saw an old man in a white robe sitting on a nearby stone bench, next to a plum tree emitting a fragrant scent.

Upon seeing the old man’s face, Jiang Zhige instantly understood what had happened.

Not only was he still alive, but the injury on his left leg had also been healed, which could only have been done by an immortal.

Jiang Zhige gently placed Nangong Rou back on the ground, stood up and bowed with clasped hands, saying, “Thank you for saving my life, Immortal.”

He had finally found the plum tree ten miles east of the city, but he had not made it there on his own feet.

The old man in white sighed lightly, shook his head and said, “No need to thank me. If it weren’t for me, how would you have risked crossing ten miles of snowy plains to seek opportunities?”

“No, I ventured out of the city to escape my enemies, it has nothing to do with the Immortal.”

At the mention of opportunities, Jiang Zhige’s heart trembled.

At this point, even a fool could guess what the old man’s opportunity was referring to.

But he had failed to seize the opportunity, not only had he not walked the ten miles on his own, but he had also let the old man in white help him.

“Does that mean you don’t care about the opportunity I mentioned?”

The old man in white stroked his beard and looked at Jiang Zhige with a smile.

Jiang Zhige’s face revealed his reluctance as he lowered his head and said, “Of course, I care. It’s just that, as a mere young man…”

For him, being able to stay alive was already a stroke of luck. How could he even qualify to seek opportunities?

“Since you care, why not become my disciple and seek the path to immortality?”

Jiang Zhige’s pupils contracted at the words, and he looked up at the old man in white in disbelief.

He stayed frozen for three full seconds before kneeling down on the ground and tremblingly saying, “I, Jiang Zhige, am willing to become the Immortal’s disciple!”

For a beggar, becoming a disciple of an immortal was already a miraculous reversal of fate.

However, when Jiang Zhige really found the long-awaited path to change his fate, he lost his former ambitions.

At this moment, all he thought about was not worrying about food and clothing in the future and being able to better protect Nangong Rou.

“The sun and moon are the brightest1“日月为明” is a Chinese idiom that means “the sun and moon are the brightest” or “the sun and moon are the clearest”. It implies that something is as clear and bright as the sun and moon, and can also be used to describe a person who is wise, knowledgeable, and righteous., Zhige2“姜止戈” (Jiāng Zhǐgē) 姜 (jiāng) is a surname that is fairly common in China. 止 (zhǐ) means “stop” or “halt”, and can also carry the connotation of “only” or “just”. 戈 (gē) is a type of ancient Chinese weapon, often translated as a “halberd” or “spear”. Together, the name “姜止戈” could be interpreted as something like “Jiang the halberd-stopper”. is martial. What a good name, who gave it to you?”

The old man in white nodded and smiled. Jiang Zhige was modest, courteous, and loyal, which was exactly to his taste.

Even if Jiang Zhige had little talent in cultivation, he was willing to take him under his wing.

“The old beggar who took me in said that the two countries have been at war for years, and the people suffer as a result. He hopes that I can join the army and make contributions to end the war with martial prowess.”

Jiang Zhige sighed inwardly. In the past, joining the army and making contributions was impossible for him, let alone just staying alive.

The old man in white stood up and walked over, helping Jiang Zhige up and saying with a light laugh, “Not bad, but after entering the immortal sect, what you will resolve will not only be the wars between two countries. There will also be a battle between the immortals and demons, to fulfill the aspiration of all living beings in the realm.”

If Jiang Zhige had the cultivation level he has now, resolving the war between the two countries would be a simple task for him.

Therefore, Jiang Zhige should have a more long-term goal.

Jiang Zhige was stunned at the words, realizing that after entering the immortal sect, he could do much more than just having enough to eat.

“I understand. The greatest act of chivalry is to serve the country and the people, while the greatest act of immortals is to guard the Heavenly Gate, suppress demons and monsters, and bring peace to the world.”

Jiang Zhige bowed, and his expression gradually became resolute.

Before, he didn’t have the ability to resolve the war between the two countries, but now, he had the ability to do much more.

The old man in white was pleased, nodding and smiling. “Good lad, I didn’t misjudge you.”

As a mere beggar who was worried about his livelihood not long ago, after gaining abilities, he didn’t think about becoming rich and famous, but rather about benefiting all living beings.

Such a mindset was not only rare in the mortal world, but also among the cultivators.