CH 16.2

Name:The Rebirth of Crazy Ger Author:
Mu ger returned the honey to the original place, covered the two bowls of meat dish, and also arranged the fruits one by one: "Ah Jin, didn't I tell you? You can't just give food to others like this. You know how difficult it is to pick this white jade fruit, and you also know that this bud fruit is even more difficult to pick, and this honey... Many beastmen dare not go to pick honey. Every piece of these tender meats are brought back by the beastmen at the risk of their lives, and they are only eaten by their own ger. "

Even the tender meat in the powder fruit paste that Mu ger brought today was given to them by Brother Heng, so he took it out for  Jin ger to eat.

If it was hunted by his own beastman, he wouldn't make it for others to eat.

Because it was rare food given to him by his own beastman, which represented the love of his own beastman, and he couldn't give it to others at will.

"White jade fruit!" Xiao Ruo who listened outside the door, ran in and opened his mouth slightly in surprise when he saw the fruits on the table.

"Brother Heng is so powerful, he even dared to break into the poisonous mist area to pick this bud fuits..."

Xiao Ruo said, and his gaze fell on Wang Jin.

Brother Heng loved this little lunatic so much. Although the little lunatic was good-looking, but he thought it was not enough to let Brother Heng to be so devoted, right? Brother Heng had always been able to resist beauty, such as resisting Yue ger's charm...

Xiao Ruo couldn't help but look at Wang Jin a few more times. After seeing it, he realized that no matter how Mu ger said that these things were precious, the little lunatic's eyes were always calm, as if he was used to seeing such precious things.

Of course, it was also possible that the lunatic didn't understand Mu ger's words at all, because his mind was not clear after all.

Xiao Ruo muttered in his heart.

However, in the next second, Wang Jin's words slapped him in the face.

"Brother Heng, he can pick them again." Wang Jin pondered for a while before answering.

After experiencing life and death with the man, Wang Jin knew the strength of the man, which was much stronger than Lai Yuan from Mu ger's family. For Mu ger, Lai Yuan might need to work hard to pick these things back, but Wang Jin knew, for the man, it was not hard at all.

He didn't want the man to take risks, at best he would eat less, but Mu ger might have never eaten these things. Wang Jin was grateful for Mu ger's kindness to him before, so he wanted him to eat these things very much.

When Xiao Ruo heard Wang Jin's answer as a matter of course, he choked for a moment, and for some reason, a throbbing suddenly arose in his heart.

It turned out that the ger who married back home would trust his own beastman so wholeheartedly? 

This kind of feeling was like there was nothing but his own beastman in the eyes of the ger, which made people feel uncontrollable.

Xiao Ruo didn't speak anymore, and Mu ger was suddenly stunned. Lai Yuan walked in, took out a bud fruit and handed it to Mu ger, "Brother Heng is better than me, just eat it, you haven't eaten this bud fruit yet."

From the tone of his voice, everyone could tell that Lai Yuan felt sorry for Mu ger, and his words were full of guilt.

Xiao Ruo heard it, and hurriedly echoed: "Yes, you can eat it Mu ger. Brother Heng has ancient beast blood in his body. He is a descendant of the white tiger clan. He is born with wings. Unlike other beastmen in our tribe, he doesn't have the same difficulty like us when picking these things. "

This was the first time Wang Jin heard about the man's life experience, and he couldn't help asking: "Is he very different from other beastmen in the tribe?"