[Boss: Your efficiency is too low. I haven’t even calculated the extra time with you yet, and you still want full payment? Dream on! Be careful, I’ll find someone to expose you!]

Late at night, in a small dimly lit rented room, the glow of the screen illuminated Jiang Mo’s eyebrows and eyes. The wrinkles on his forehead deepened, and the light in his eyes gradually faded.

No one could have imagined that he, once standing on the world stage and holding the champion trophy, would end up in such a miserable state.

After winning the championship, Jiang Mo, only 18 years old, was forced to take over as the team captain. He had to deal with the internal struggles within the team, motivate his teammates who were prone to negativity and slacking, and on top of that, endure the long-term burden of training. Before he even turned 20, his hand started experiencing problems, and a few major mistakes in important competitions caused him to fall from grace.

Becoming a God requires enduring countless hardships, while falling only requires simple mistakes.

Jiang Mo was dismissed by the team, and he spent over a year treating his hand injury, but to no avail.

All the money he earned from his fame went towards his treatment. For the sake of making a living, Jiang Mo, who had no other skills, had to take on coaching jobs. He only had four hours of game time per day, exceeding which would cause his hand to ache.

This boss had been urging him all along. The originally agreed-upon deadline was tomorrow, but suddenly the boss said he wanted the account earlier. Jiang Mo had no choice but to exceed his game time and endure the pain in his hand to help the boss advance to the next level.

Jiang Mo’s hand was still resting on the mouse. In the dim light, the pale back of his hand revealed the blue veins. His fingers trembled slightly, a reaction caused by overexertion.

— I didn’t exceed the time at all, you’re just being unfair!

A voice in his mind responded to the boss’s words, and Jiang Mo, enduring the pain in his hand, accepted the 200 yuan the boss deducted.

He couldn’t even afford the rent.

Jiang Mo dared not argue even a word. He was afraid that the other party would really expose him, leaving him with no orders to take or, worse, reveal his identity, which would make no one want to place orders with him.

Jiang Mo took a deep breath, swallowed the pain in his throat, and prepared to find some water to drink. Just as he stood up, a sharp pain struck his sore eyes and brain. His vision blurred, and someone deliberately knocked over the chair, causing Jiang Mo to fall to the ground.

Soothing music echoed in the banquet hall, and the dazzling golden lights almost blinded Jiang Mo. He raised his hand to shield his eyes from the light. Suddenly, his fatigue disappeared, and even his trembling fingers returned to normal.

“Come with me.” Someone suddenly grabbed his wrist, and before Jiang Mo could figure out what was happening, he was pulled into the garden outside the hall.

“Jiang Mo, have you forgotten what I told you? You’re already an adult, so stop acting so childish. I’m not your real mother, and this is not your home. You’re not welcome here.”

A woman’s voice echoed in his ears. The woman in front of Jiang Mo was wearing a beige designer dress, with a white shawl draped over her shoulders. She wore slender high heels and was half a head taller than Jiang Mo, looking down on him.

The disdainful gaze and arrogant attitude of the woman made Jiang Mo uncomfortable. Waves of unfamiliar memories flooded into Jiang Mo’s mind.

In the moment he collapsed in the rented room, Jiang Mo transmigrated and became the despised cannon fodder with the same name as the original protagonist in the book.

The original owner of the cannon fodder role had occupied the identity of the protagonist’s lover for nineteen years, until recently when the true identities of the original owner and the protagonist were exposed. The original owner was kicked out of the Jiang family. Having enjoyed a life of luxury for nineteen years, the original owner was unwilling to live in poverty in the future. He repeatedly caused trouble at the Jiang family, hoping to gain sympathy from Jiang’s parents, but the truth was that the Jiang family had never treated him well. The more he caused trouble, the more others disliked him.

Today was a gathering of the upper class, and the original owner sneaked in.

In the original text, the original owner embarrassed the Jiang family in front of many people, not only earning the Jiang family’s resentment, but also losing face in the industry. When he returned home, he faced retaliation from the Jiang family.

“I’m talking to you, can’t you hear me? I’ve wasted so many years teaching you for nothing!”

Jiang Mo snapped out of his daze, his heart skipped a beat.

That was close. He transmigrated before the original owner caused trouble. Due to his momentary distraction, Jiang’s mother had pulled him out of the banquet hall.

“I, I…” Jiang Mo had been alone in the rented room for nearly a year, and he hadn’t had a conversation with anyone in almost a year. The long period of isolation made him stutter a bit. The hand injury and physical ailments were cured through transmigration, but the speech impediment remained unresolved.

“You’re still so timid. You haven’t made any progress.” Jiang’s mother rubbed her temples and impatiently said, “You’ve occupied Xiao Xuan’s life for nineteen years, and you should be content. We’ve never mistreated you before. You should understand the principle of a good breakup, right?”

Lu Xuan, the protagonist of this book.

From an outsider’s perspective, Jiang Mo felt that Jiang’s mother’s words made sense. The original owner had stolen Lu Xuan’s life for so many years, so he should be content.

“A Chi, are you leaving already?”

His tall figure was wrapped in a neatly tailored black suit. Chi Yu didn’t like wearing ties, but he always meticulously buttoned up his shirt, sealing in the air of ruthlessness. What was emanating from him was an irresistible sense of restraint and a strong hormonal aura.

With a glimpse from his phoenix eyes, Chi Yu looked at the person speaking, and the combination of his thick black eyelashes and the curve at the corner of his eyes made his gaze particularly penetrating.

“I have something to take care of,” Chi Yu said casually.

Looking at Chi Yu’s inconsistent cold attitude, Gu Rui knew that Chi Yu didn’t enjoy attending these gatherings. He must have been forced by his family to come for blind dates again this time.

Just now, a group of people surrounded Chi Yu at the banquet, and Gu Rui watched nervously from the side, afraid that Chi Yu would lose control of his temper.

Fortunately, Chi Yu didn’t let him down as the ‘Emperor of Acting.‘ He maintained a good image in front of others.

Chi Yu took the coat handed to him by the attendant at the entrance and put it on, blocking the gazes of the people in the banquet hall.

He walked out of the banquet hall with Gu Rui, passing through a small garden on the way to the main entrance. Gu Rui chatted with him about recent interesting events, but Chi Yu responded absentmindedly and lazily.

“Tsk, you’re causing such a fuss just for money?” A woman’s impatient voice interrupted Gu Rui.

Gu Rui looked towards the source of the voice and saw two people standing in a corner obscured by shrubs and flower branches. The woman clearly had the upper hand, and the young man opposite her looked frail. He stumbled through his response to the woman’s question, giving off a submissive vibe at first glance.

“Why is Jiang Mo here?” Gu Rui curiously asked.

They had heard about the recent events in the Jiang family. The fact that they had raised a child for nineteen years who wasn’t their biological child was laughable to outsiders.

Jiang Mo, a very familiar name.

Following Gu Rui’s line of sight, Chi Yu looked towards the corner, and the bright lights from the banquet hall shone through the glass onto the boy’s face.

Not only the name, but even this face was very familiar.

Jiang Mo had participated in a movie starring Chi Yu before. Chi Yu found it difficult to remember the faces of strangers at a glance, but he remembered Jiang Mo.

Not because Jiang Mo was exceptionally good-looking, but because he felt it was a waste. Despite having a naturally beautiful face, his acting skills were terrible. He always couldn’t control his facial expressions in front of the camera, wasting his good looks.

“Ten thousand yuan, is that enough?”

“It… it’s enough.”

“Heh, isn’t it because it’s not enough? Let me tell you, don’t ask for too much…” Gu Rui’s voice came to an abrupt halt, and his expression instantly stiffened.

Had she misheard?

Ten thousand yuan, how many orders would he have to complete to earn that much money?

Now the other party was voluntarily offering it to him, and as long as he agreed, he could easily get it. Only a fool would refuse.

Afraid that Jiang Mo’s mother would go back on her word, Jiang Mo confirmed again, “It’s… it’s enough!”

After saying that, he blinked his beautiful eyes, and his expression seemed unusually docile. If someone didn’t know better, they would think that Jiang Mo was the one causing trouble, not his mother.

Jiang Mo’s mother: “…”

Jiang Mo’s mother didn’t immediately respond. Jiang Mo began to feel uncertain. Was she going to renege on her promise?

“Ten thousand yuan, pfft! I spent more than that on my ex’s breakup fee. After all, Jiang Mo also earned his family a lot of money. Why is he so stingy?” Gu Rui muttered.

Chi Yu remained silent, staring fixedly at the young man beside the flowers.

The warm yellow light cast a soft golden border on the young man’s profile. The white roses couldn’t overshadow his porcelain-like complexion. His curled eyelashes blinked gently, as if holding back tears. The area around his eyes inexplicably reddened, and his soft lips pressed together, forming a white shadow that then turned into a bright red.

It was as if his eyes had plunged into a bright light, a world away from the lifeless gaze he had before.

Jiang Mo’s mother regained her composure, concealing her surprise, and said with a stern face, “You said it.”

Jiang Mo nodded and reached into his pocket, finding his mobile phone.

He held up the phone and asked cautiously, “Um, will you be using Alipay or WeChat?”

Jiang Mo’s mother: “…”

“I’ll have my assistant transfer the money to you later.”

Jiang Mo pursed his lips again and looked at his mother with a doubtful gaze.

Would she really not go back on her word?

He had been cheated by several bosses before. If the money wasn’t settled on time, he couldn’t sleep peacefully.

Jiang Mo’s mother was furious, her face turning pale. She took out her phone from her handbag and transferred ten thousand yuan to Jiang Mo.

“The Jiang family has done everything for you. If you dare to cause trouble again in the future, don’t blame us for turning our backs on you!”

Jiang Mo happily looked at the additional ten thousand yuan in his account, a satisfied smile appearing on his face. He repeatedly assured, “I… I promise to keep my distance from you.”

Jiang Mo’s mother didn’t believe it. “Words alone are not enough. Let’s make a written agreement.”

The mother-son relationship of more than a decade ended up with such an outcome, which would chill anyone’s heart if they heard about it. Jiang Mo didn’t have any extreme reaction. He obediently took the paper and pen handed to him by Jiang Mo’s mother’s assistant and signed on it.

“I finally understand why my aunt told me not to have any contact with the Jiang family anymore.” As the person left, Gu Rui continued to sigh.

Chi Yu couldn’t be bothered to listen to his nonsense and got into the car without saying a word.

The black Maybach drove out of the villa area. When it reached a turning point, Chi Yu, sitting in the backseat, suddenly said to the driver, “Stop for a moment.”

The driver obediently pulled the car over to the side of the road.

This area was far from the city center, with few pedestrians. The only shadows on the sidewalk were elongated by the streetlights.

The cold winter wind blew by, causing Jiang Mo to shiver. He tightened the zipper of his down jacket around his neck, and his pointed chin retreated into the collar. When he put on his hat, the soft white fur on the edge of the hat expanded, partially concealing his face. More than half of his face was hidden within his clothes, as if he wanted to merge with the light yellow down jacket.

A hurried sound of footsteps came from the opposite direction, and the sound of breathing echoed above his head. The person stopped in front of Jiang Mo, panting heavily after running a long distance, expelling large puffs of white mist.

Jiang Mo was startled by the sudden appearance of the black figure. He tightly gripped his phone in his pocket.

Did he encounter a robber right after receiving such a large sum of money?

“It’s so late, don’t you know that your family will worry about you?” The person spoke while still gasping for breath, towering over Jiang Mo.

Jiang Mo looked up in a daze and searched his memory to recall the person’s face.

This person was Lu Yu, the biological older brother of the original owner. The original owner didn’t tell anyone about causing trouble at the Jiang family, so how did Lu Yu know he was here?

“What’s wrong with you?” Lu Yu bent down and pushed aside Jiang Mo’s hat, carefully examining his face.

Just when he had finally warmed up a bit, his hat was suddenly lifted, and the cold air invaded once again. Jiang Mo shivered from the cold and the grievances he suffered before he transmigrated into the book flashed in his eyes. A glimmer of tears appeared in his eyes, and the rims of his eyes turned red. His nose also turned red from the cold wind. In the eyes of others, he looked like someone who had been wronged.

“Who bullied you?” Lu Yu asked.

Jiang Mo stuttered, “No, no one…”

Lu Yu felt that Jiang Mo was lying. If he hadn’t been bullied, why would he stutter?

Lu Yu and Lu Xuan had never gotten along since they were young. Their brotherly relationship was just a facade. Having a new brother didn’t matter much to him, but if someone went missing, they had to be found. Otherwise, when their parents asked, he wouldn’t know how to explain.

If Jiang Mo was being bullied, then let him be bullied. Lu Yu didn’t think it was his concern. He was just curious and asked casually. Jiang Mo answered like that, and he couldn’t be bothered to inquire further. His temper was flaring up at the moment. He didn’t do anything today, but he ran so far just to deal with this troublemaker. Could Jiang Mo ever behave properly for one day?

“You went to the Jiang family again, didn’t you?” Lu Yu asked coldly.

Jiang Mo nodded obediently.

Jiang Mo was an orphan who had never experienced the warmth of family since childhood. In the original book, the original owner didn’t get along well with his biological parents and older brother after returning to the Lu family.

In Jiang Mo’s eyes, that was something that would happen in the future.

The fact that Lu Yu came out late at night specifically to find him showed that Lu Yu cared about him.

He had never been cared for like this before.

Lu Yu sneered, “No one values you, why are you so eager? Can’t you behave and stop causing trouble for us?”

Jiang Mo felt that what Lu Yu said was right; the original owner’s actions were indeed unkind.

When the original owner came out, he was wearing a thin hoodie, and even the down jacket was thin. Jiang Mo tightened his neck and exhaled a breath of cold air quietly, “I-I’m sorry.”

The sudden apology from Jiang Mo blocked Lu Yu’s next words. He never expected to hear Jiang Mo apologize.

During the few days Jiang Mo had been at the Lu family, he had witnessed how spoiled Jiang Mo was. How could he possibly apologize?

Afraid of repeating the same mistakes as the original owner and making Lu Yu unhappy, Jiang Mo grabbed Lu Yu’s sleeve and whispered, “I-I won’t go to the Jiang family anymore, Brother. I was wrong.”

Jiang Mo had fair skin, and the cold wind extended the redness on his face. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly, looking especially pitiful.

Lu Yu swallowed and kept his reproachful words to himself.

Nervously biting his lip, Jiang Mo easily formed dimples on both sides of his cheeks. He tightened his grip on Lu Yu’s sleeve. “Brother, c-can we go home?”

He was so cold. He wanted to be in a warm bed.

Lu Yu averted his gaze uneasily, pretending to be impatient. “Fine.”

Damn, why did Lu Yu find Jiang Mo cute all of a sudden?

From a distance that was neither too far nor too close, the figure of the young man seemed to be no larger than a palm. He was naturally petite, creating a stark contrast with the young man opposite him. The white fur on the edge of his hat lightly brushed against his small face, and his cheeks and nose seemed to have a touch of light blush, making his fair skin even more delicate.

Chi Yu rested his hand on his forehead, his gaze shifting from the young man’s bright eyes to his dimples.

“Let’s go,” he withdrew his gaze and said to the driver.

Author’s Note:

Top: His gaze is different now.

Bottom: Money, a lot of money-$- (From a professional player’s perspective, ten thousand yuan is not a lot. Having experienced hard times, ten thousand yuan is a huge sum in his eyes.)

PS: The bottom is soft, only dominates in games, and has been abstinent for many years, with a mind filled with erotic thoughts. Finally, he has caught a little lamb that has captured his heart. In certain aspects, he can be excessive. Love at first sight is a cliché. After being together, they become cuddly lovers. If you don’t like this type of couple, please refrain from reading.

The bottom is only 19 years old and still has room to grow. With the feeding from the top, he will grow another two centimeters, but that’s about it. The height difference and body proportions are personal charms. Respect each other’s preferences. Don’t dwell on the bottom’s height, please (Please! Thank you!!).

The bottom stutters when speaking, and if you can’t stand the height and stuttering, there’s really no need to force yourself to read. Read the comments section first before reading the story. If you have a preconceived negative opinion, there’s really no need to force it. Let’s be considerate of each other (kneels).

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