Watching the flames beating around his heart, Kariel cautiously removed his bracelet. As soon as he did, the flames that had been magically suppressed exploded throughout his body.

Most of the flames are asleep thanks to the medicine. I can endure it. Thinking so, Kariel used the flames to strike his muscles directly, rather than creating a mana hole, causing his entire body to turn red hot.

Gulping down another bottle of potion, Kariel imprinted more of the flames onto his flesh.

As his skin turned red, he trembled and clasped the bracelet again, then the flames that were trying to escape were trapped within a newly-created barrier around his heart.

“Pant…pant…” Kariel lay on the bed, sweating coldly. “Indeed, it was a crazy thing to do.”

Kariel looked at his own body with a painful expression.

I realized why humans don’t use mana maturation techniques. The risks were too great.

“Hmm, not the time for this.”

Kariel forced himself to stand up, his body glowing red. 

Unlike mana refinement techniques, mana maturation techniques required one to strengthen their body from the beginning, along with the martial arts or techniques that were pa*sed down among each race. It was like adjusting the body to use the techniques of each race.

In contrast, swordsmanship or martial arts were only supplementary in mana refinement techniques. To humans, swordsmanship was just a means to efficiently and effectively use mana.

But Kariel had to move like a monster.


Trembling, Kariel recalled the most basic movements he had seen in a book and followed them precisely.

Movements that were like exercise, stimulating each muscle to make it easier for mana to take hold in the muscles, even bringing the uncontrolled flames into his body.


It felt like his entire body was screaming, but Kariel finally finished the basic movements and collapsed.



“Your Highness!” Hearing Kariel’s call, Tarion rushed in and quickly supported Kariel on the bed. “You’re pushing yourself too hard.”

Tarion frowned at the sight of the blood on the bed.

Kariel’s still trembling body told the story of just how much he had pushed himself.

“…But it was a success.”

Despite the pain, Kariel smiled.

Watching him, Tarion sighed and bowed his head. Although he wanted to stop Kariel, he couldn’t. Kariel had finally found a way to cure his illness after a lifetime of suffering. So Tarion could only silently endure, unable to stop his master’s groans of pain.

“…I’ll call Toto tomorrow.”

“You need more practice. It’s not fully stabilized yet.”

“Even so, I’m sure that kid can find a way to solve it.”

Kariel nodded with a wry smile as if to say that Tarion couldn’t back down on this point.

He couldn’t help but listen to his words, knowing his concern was sincere.

Following his words, which he had risked his life for her in a past life, Kariel didn’t stubbornly resist and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

“Sunrise…has come.”

Even in his sleep, Kariel smiled at the thought of having succeeded. Watching him do so, Tarion also smiled softly.

“You’ve worked hard.”

With reddened eyes, Tarion quietly withdrew from Kariel’s room.

The next day, as soon as the sun rose, Kariel called for Toto to begin researching the ancient werewolf’s body strengthening techniques.

Was it thanks to imprinting the fire into his body somewhat forcefully the previous day?

Kariel demonstrated the ancient werewolf’s body strengthening techniques in front of Toto with a considerably lighter body, and Toto immediately taught him the exercise method that would support the basics of the body strengthening techniques. After stretching lightly and strengthening his muscles with light exercise, he was able to practice the basic body strengthening techniques.

One week.

During that time, Kariel focused all his time on practicing the body strengthening techniques and improving his physical strength with Toto’s help.


“I can see it clearly. Your movements have improved significantly.”

“That’s right. I’m watching with my own eyes, but I can hardly believe it.”

Whenever Kariel accomplished something, Tarion and Toto sent enthusiastic compliments with applause.

“Don’t be so modest.”

“No, really. You’ve improved a lot.”

“That’s right.”

As Toto spoke, Tarion nodded vigorously in agreement. As they said, Kariel’s body was in a significantly different state. Unlike the past when even walking was difficult, his body was now strong enough to handle even intense exercise.

“If it’s like this, will I be able to withstand an amplified fire?”

“It’s important to know to what extent.”

“Double or triple the strength?” 

Kariel nodded his head at Toto’s words.

“If it’s to that extent… “

“Well…even so, it’s best not to push yourself too hard…I don’t know what you’re going to do, but give it more time,” Tarion spoke with concern, but Kariel shook his head. There was no time. He had already received word from Tarion that rumors were starting to circulate about his palace. Furthermore, rumors were spreading beyond the palace to the capital that Kariel was planning to split from the Imperial faction. They needed to wrap up their deal with Surt before things escalated.

“Let’s head to the palace immediately,” said Kariel.

Tarion’s eyes widened as he asked, “Right now?”

“Yes,” replied Kariel, not allowing any objections as he walked straight to his carriage.

“Lord Toto, thank you for your hard work today,” said Kariel as he climbed into the carriage and urged it towards the palace, leaving Toto behind.

Trembling, the courtier tried to greet Kariel, “Y-your Highness, I have come to… “

“I’m going to the audience chamber. I don’t have time for small talk,” interrupted Kariel as he entered the palace, leaving the courtier behind.

In no time, Kariel reached the second chamber, where he briefly exchanged greetings with the shadow before heading straight to the cursed room. With a sudden burst of blue flames, he dispelled the curses that had been lurking around him and headed towards Surt, who was waiting for him.

“I was bored to death waiting for you. You slept for thousands of years and yet couldn’t wait for a few days?” complained Surt.

Kariel looked at him for a moment and then said with a smirk, “Let’s make the deal.”

After a moment’s pause, Surt looked over Kariel’s body, impressed by the changes that had occurred since they last met.

“I’m surprised. What did you do to transform like this?” he asked.

Kariel simply replied, “I don’t know.”

With a grin, Kariel looked at Surt and said, “Are you going to make the deal or not?”

Surt nodded his head defeatedly and replied, “Yes, let’s do it.”

At that moment, the blue flames and the fire breath that Kariel exhaled merged together and started to emit a bright light.