Chapter 125: Forgive Me For The Sin l’m About To Commit.

The stone tablet had the picture of a Dragon flying around the clouds engraved on it. As soon as Qi Ci took the stone tablet and saw what was engraved on it, his eyelashes fluttered with some uneasiness. He only managed to mumble: “This is the amulet I made for my 8th Eldest Brother….”

“Amulet?” Bian Zhonghua asked. “Then why did this Demon have it?”

Qi Ci rested his gaze on the Demon, which was still trapped in the water prison, and said: “Maybe my 8th Eldest Brother accidentally dropped it when he was in the Ghost Domain, and it was then picked up by this Demonic creature.”

Bian Zhonghua joked: “The Evil Spirits of the Ghost Domain still have the habit of taking things that don’t belong to them?”

Although Bian Zhonghua had no ill intentions in mentioning this, Qi Ci had other thoughts.

At that moment, Qi Ci’s hand holding the stone tablet trembled slightly.

Qi Ci recalled that the Evil Spirits he met in the Ghost Domain were all evil, vicious, and ruthless creatures who only knew how to kill. With that being the case, how could one of those creatures pick up an object and carefully hide it in its body? Furthermore, why would this Demonic creature hide in Mount Dushuo after escaping from the Ghost Domain, instead of going to cause damage and havoc in the Human World?

Suddenly, a hand fell on Qi Ci’s shoulder, thus interrupting his complicated thoughts.

When Bian Zhonghua noticed the frown on Qi Ci’s face, he couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong with you? Your mood suddenly changed and you don’t look so good.”

Qi Ci took a deep breath, shook his head, and said to himself: ‘Whatever happens, this Demonic creature is one of the three thousand Evil Spirits. Why tangle myself up in these dreadfully disordered thoughts?’

As soon as these thoughts arose inside him, Qi Ci became remarkably calm. Then, Qi Ci raised his head to look at the Demon in the water prison, slowly closed his hand, and clenched his fist. Almost immediately, the water prison began to close gradually, as if it were an iron net that could tear the Demon to pieces.

The Demon lay on the ground without struggling or resisting, yet blood kept pouring out of its eyes. As if it was crying.

At the exact same time that the water prison was about to crush the Demon’s body, Qi Ci felt an abrupt sharp pain in his chest. The pain was so unbearable that Qi Ci was unable to hold back from falling to the ground on his knees, to the point where his body completely fell forward. Since the water prison was left without the support of Qi Ci’s spiritual power, it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Bian Zhonghua, who had been keeping a close eye on Qi Ci, reached out his arm to grab Qi Ci and prevent him from touching the ground as soon as he noticed that he had fallen down: “What’s wrong with you?”

Qi Ci covered his chest, took a deep breath, and managed to spit out two words intermittently: “Dragon… Bone….”

All of a sudden, the Demon’s eyes turned white and it let out a howl of pain. Then, the Demon rushed forward towards Qi Ci and Bian Zhonghua as if out of control!

Bian Zhonghua picked up Qi Ci and jumped several times, dodging the Demon’s attacks until finally jumping away a considerable distance: “Why has it suddenly become so fierce?”

The Demon hissed and roared with a terrifying voice at the same time as it continued to shake its head and swing its tail with such brutality that it even knocked down a couple of trees. All this uproar made the earth shake as if it were an earthquake.

Bian Zhonghua put Qi Ci down and said: “Rest for a while, I will go and restrain it.”

Qi Ci had no time to stop him, as he witnessed how from Bian Zhonghua’s hands a shining silver sword had been summoned. Without waiting, Bian Zhonghua leaped in the direction of the Demon.

As Bian Zhonghua was still suspended in midair, he noticed that the Demonic creature was causing mindless destruction. With his sleeves fluttering in the air, Bian Zhonghua calmly raised the sword in his hand and aimed it at the Demon’s head.

However, at the precise moment when the silver light was about to penetrate the Demon’s head, Bian Zhonghua suddenly noticed that the Demonic creature seemed to have some stone tablets tied in its long black hair.

Bian Zhonghua quickly pulled the sword aside and transformed it into an iron chain, which he then threw towards the Demonic creature with the intention of binding it in order to then remove the stone tablets.


The silver iron chain flew through the air until it wrapped itself around the angry Demonic creature, which waved its huge claws and trampled the chain on the ground viciously. The iron chain didn’t fight back the attack. Instead, it simply took the opportunity to wrap itself around the Demon’s claws and then bind its entire body.

The Demon hissed and tried to free itself from the iron chain, but it was too late. Once the Demon was firmly trapped by the iron chain, leaving it unable to move, Bian Zhonghua landed on the ground resoundingly, forming a large hole in the ground and raising dust into the air.

Bian Zhonghua jumped towards the Demonic creature and bent down to grab one of the stone tablets. However, Bian Zhonghua suddenly sensed something off.

The Demon seemed to be devouring the spiritual power from the iron chain!

As a descendant of the Yellow Emperor, Bian Zhonghua’s spiritual power had the ability to eliminate evil and protect the body, as well as purify and eliminate evil spirits. Wouldn’t this Demon devouring his spiritual power be the same as seeking its own death?

Bian Zhonghua was even more puzzled to see that the Demon was no longer fighting and howling wrathfully. Bian Zhonghua then noticed that the eyes present on the Demon’s body returned to normal and even began to disappear one by one. The Demon’s form began to shrink and change shape, so Bian Zhonghua jumped up and away from it.

As if the impurity was removed by the light, the black-haired Demon body transformed under a cloud of dust that covered its body until the figure of a person ended up appearing under the iron chain.

Bian Zhonghua began to suspect something, when all of a sudden, Qi Ci rushed towards the man with hurried steps! Qi Ci lifted the man slightly from the ground and said in a trembling voice: “8th Elder Brother? Why? How did this happen?”

Fu Xi was covered with wounds, and his breathing was extremely weak. Upon hearing those words, Fu Xi slowly opened his eyes, and when he met Qi Ci’s face, his eyes turned red with tears. Fu Xi shuddered and muttered as if he had lost his mind: “I killed 7th Elder Brother. I killed 7th Elder Brother, I killed him.”

Qi Ci’s head began to buzz, as if he had been hit hard with a heavy object. The shock had been such that it took him a long time to come back to his senses and manage to ask: “What are you talking about? What do you mean you killed 7th Elder Brother?”

As tears poured from Fu Xi’s eyes like a waterfall, he shuddered, and took out six stone tablets from his bosom. These stone tablets, including the one Qi Ci took earlier, were the seven stone tablets Qi Ci had once made for his siblings. Fu Xi said in tears: “When I was in the Ghost Domain, I killed a Demonic creature. But then…. then….”

As if he was remembering something extremely painful and terrifying, Fu Xi trembled from head to toe. Even then, Fu Xi insisted on finishing his words: “Then, that Demonic creature transformed into our 7th Elder Brother before he died. 7th Elder Brother gave me these stone tablets, and I realized that they were all the amulets you had carved for our brothers and sisters. Not long after, I began to take on that Demonic appearance. What ascension to Immortality? What Immortal ranks? It’s all a lie! It was all a farce!”

After these few words, Fu Xi had become so exhausted that he almost died on the spot. Fu Xi handed all the remaining stone tablets to Qi Ci, but Qi Ci felt as if those stones had burned his skin. Frightened, Qi Ci dropped them and the stone tablets ended up scattered all over the ground.

“I killed our 7th Elder Brother. If I killed our 7th Elder Brother, doesn’t that mean 7th Elder Brother killed our 6th Elder Sister?” Qi Ci, hearing Fu Xi’s words, cried as if he was losing his mind. Qi Ci felt chills run through his body and was unable to think of anything at all. Even taking a breath became difficult.

‘A lie?’

‘It was all a farce?’

‘Then that whole thing about the Nine Sons of the Dragon having to enter the Ghost Domain in order to protect the world from evil spirits wasn’t true? In the end, every Dragon Son who entered the Ghost Domain was doomed to kill their sibling and become a Demon?’

All of a sudden, Fu Xi felt something and his pupils started to turn white. Fu Xi clutched his chest tightly and cried out in pain.

“8th Elder Brother!” Qi Ci panicked and screamed.

Fu Xi grabbed Qi Ci’s arm and hurriedly shouted: “9th Brother! Kill me! Kill me while I still look like this! I don’t want to become a Demon anymore, I don’t want to, I don’t want to. Please kill me quickly.”


But how could Qi Ci wield a sword against his brother? Qi Ci hugged Fu Xi tightly and shouted out in panic: “Don’t be afraid, 8th Elder Brother! I will find a way to stop you from becoming a Demon!”

Black hair began to slowly grow all over Fu Xi’s body. At the same time he shook his head in pain, Fu Xi managed to say: “Kill me, please….”

Qi Ci refused adamantly and was still determined in convincing him. Fu Xi, on the other hand, turned around and pushed Qi Ci away from him. Then Fu Xi knelt before Qi Ci and implored him with his face covered in tears: “Even if I don’t become a Demon, it’s too painful. 9th Brother, let me go, I beg you…..”

Fu Xi fell heavily to the ground. Seeing this was as if a large rock had fallen on Qi Ci, crushing him to the ground.

“Do it!” Fu Xi collapsed and roared with all his might. At that moment, Fu Xi lost control of himself and his figure began to change.

Qi Ci had been so shocked by the mighty roar that he was trembling. Even then, he didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, someone pulled Qi Ci and protected him behind his back.

Bian Zhonghua greeted Fu Xi politely by kneeling on one knee and cupping his fist. Then, Bian Zhonghua said: “Xiongzhang1, forgive me for the sin I will commit. May you rest.”

As soon as Bian Zhonghua uttered those words, the sword shining with a silver light pierced Fu Xi’s chest without hesitation.

Hot blood spilled onto the grass, staining the green grass with a dazzling scarlet color, as if the word ‘cruel’ had been written without mercy.

Qi Ci saw Fu Xi reveal a relieved smile as he watched him slowly fall. At the same time as he fell, Qi Ci saw Fu Xi silently formulate the words ‘9th Brother’ in his mouth, as if he wanted to say something to him.

However, the words Fu Xi wanted to express couldn’t be said.

Qi Ci knelt in front of Fu Xi’s collapsed body, feeling as if he had become deaf and blind in an instant. Unable to hear or see, coupled with the overwhelming feeling of suffocation and pain, Qi Ci felt as if every inch of his body, blood, bones, and nerves were screaming in agony.

At that moment, Qi Ci’s gaze fell on the stone tablets scattered on the ground in front of him. Slowly, Qi Ci hugged his head in terror.

‘So those nine hundred years of torment have been all a lie?’

‘There was no way to ascend, no way to qualify for the Immortal ranks.’

‘Not only could none of that be obtained, but I will never see my beloved brothers and sister again?’

‘We have all willingly fought to the death to eliminate the Evil Spirits of the Ghost Domain to facilitate our siblings’ ascension to Immortality. However, in the end, not only were all our efforts in vain, but even my siblings had unknowingly stabbed the chests of their own loved ones?’

‘Then, what was the fucking purpose of all these years of arduous work?!’

Qi Ci curled up in a ball and banged his head against the ground several times. His pained cries were so loud that they could even tear his heart and lungs apart, to the point that a stream of tears fell unstoppably from his eyes.

All the beliefs that Qi Ci had cherished until now were crumbling. He had completely lost all his hope.

Despair devoured his flesh and blood, chewing with such brutality that he could spit out his own numb bones.

Suddenly, Qi Ci bit his lower lip that trembled without ceasing and summoned the water by transforming it into an ice knife. The ice knife then flew at full speed towards Qi Ci, intending to stab his own neck!