Chapter 3564 - 3564 Untitled

3564 Untitled

They could already imagine how the netizens would post their own takes about the plot after the release of the movie.

However, they still needed Director Han Zhuofeng to answer some questions regarding some plotholes and some things that the netizens couldn’t figure out even after discussing them.

They wanted to take this opportunity and ask every question.

However, there was a time limit.

Initially, Han Zhuofeng didn’t expect there to be so many questions.

But based on what was happening, it was obvious that there wouldn’t be enough time for questions.

Unfortunately, nothing could be done.

Considering the current situation, there wouldn’t be enough time even if they gave more time for questions.

Dimensions received such a good response that it surprised Han Zhuofeng.

He had a dinner party to attend after the question time, so he couldn’t drag this on for too long.

Even so, when they went back to the hotel, it was already almost 12 o’clock.

“I am looking forward to what the media and film critics will say tomorrow,” Lu Man said.

“Some film review columns will write in a more gentle tone while some will be stricter and even pick on the tiniest flaws,” Han Zhuofeng said, “I’m ready to accept both the good and bad reviews.”

Han Zhuoli smiled and said, “Just keep faking it. The movie was a big success tonight. Even if there are negative reviews, you don’t have to care about them.”

“However, your first movie being this successful is beneficial and stressful to your future career development. You won’t be lacking any funds when you make the second movie. The companies will seek you out with a checkbook without you asking for it.”

“However, there will be a higher expectation regarding your second film. Even if your second film turned out to be above the standard, they wouldn’t think it’s good if it doesn’t live up to their expectation. Take ‘Lost Detective’ and ‘Sky Mechanical City’ as examples.”

“Those two films were made well. If it weren’t for your movie, their box office record for them would have been much higher,” Han Zhuoli said.

Han Zhuofeng nodded in a serious manner. “I know. I will be well prepared for the next movie. I won’t start filming until everything is ready.”

The premier was a success. Han Zhuofeng immediately shared the good news with the elders of the family.

It was quite troublesome to message every single individual.

And so, he sent a message to the Han Family’s group chat.

The following day, Robert, Hayer, and even Shana paid Lu Man a visit.

“I heard you brought your kids here as well. Let me see them,” Shana said proudly.

“Sure.” Lu Man hurriedly invited them inside. “Talk to them in English. If they were exposed to English early, they might learn English faster when they are older.

“Are you dumb?” Shana said, “They are so young. They can’t even talk. How can you expect them to learn English? They should learn how to speak Chinese first.”

“My kids are smart. If they were taught now, they would definitely remember it in the future.” Lu Man argued.

Shana thought to herself. ‘A doting mother really knows how to lie.’

Then, she took out the gifts for the two babies and said, “There you go. Gifts for meeting the kids for the first time.”

“Yo. You’re acting just like an elder!” Lu Man smiled as she took the gifts. She then pushed the two babies to Shana while instructing, “Say thank you to auntie.”

Shana immediately complained, “I’m a sister, not an auntie.”

“I can’t mess up the hierarchy. We are of the same generation. Of course, you are their auntie,” Lu Man said.

The two babies were able to crawl to Shana’s feet. And each one of them smoothly held onto one leg.

It was obvious that the babies did this often.

The corner of Shana’s mouth twitched as she said, “They’re pretty good at this.”

“They like you. If they don’t like you, they wouldn’t have hugged your leg,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“By the way, did you post the promotion post? Don’t tell me that you think ‘Dimensions’ isn’t good?” Lu Man urged once again.

Shana glared and said, “I’m seriously suspecting that we’re only friends because of Dimensions.’

“Why would you think that?” Lu Man tilted her head toward Han Zhuoli and said, “My husband is the CEO of the Han Corporation. Do you really think I would need to be your friend just for a promotion?”

“Even if a friendship was needed, you should be one begging to be my friend. After all, my friends would be prioritized when there’s a selection of cast members for a new script,” Lu Man said.

Lu Man lifted her chin as she said, “You didn’t even think about how you should flatter me. Instead, you thought that I’m friendly because I have ulterior motives? Honestly, what can I get from you?”

Shana replied, “…”

That made sense.

She could not refute it at all.

“So just be a good friend of mine!” Lu Man said with a smile.

Shana replied, “…”

Although it made sense, she felt somewhat aggrieved.

Hayer and Robert were laughing so hard at the side.

The two babies stuck closely to Shana, refusing to acknowledge their presence.

Hayer then asked Lu Man, “Do these babies part of the good-looks club?”

Robert then realized as well. “That’s true. We came here first, but they didn’t hug us.”

Little Linzhe seemed to have understood what they said. He tilted his head and stared at Hayer. Then, he suddenly let go of Shana’s leg and started crawling toward Hayer.

Anyway, Shana wouldn’t give little Linzhe any attention.

He would rather find someone who would give him some attention.

“Aiyo!” Hayer was surprised. “He doesn’t understand English, does he?”

“He doesn’t.” Lu Man said, “However, he obviously knows that you like him more than Shana.”

Shana immediately refuted, “Who told you I didn’t like him?”

“But you didn’t hold them,” Lu Man said.

Shana was just about to hold little Linxun…

But suddenly, little Linxun let go of her leg and started crawling toward Robert.

Lu Man then started provoking Shana by saying, “Look at this. When they wanted you, you didn’t hold onto the opportunity. And now, they are not giving you the chance to hold them. That’s why they say that you should cherish it when you have the opportunity to do so.”

“Yaaa!” Although little Linxun didn’t understand what Lu Man was saying, she still cooperated with Lu Man and commented in gibberish, and she stopped when she was halfway toward Robert.

After she had said her gibberish, she continued crawling to Robert.

Shana was surprised. “When your daughter grows up, she will be an exact copy of you.”

Shana decided to tremble in advance for all of Han Linxun’s enemies.

Lu Man was brilliant!

And the kids made with her powerful genes and Han Zhuoli’s powerful genes…

They would be incredibly powerful.

Lu Man, being supported by Han Zhuoli, could already stir a tempest every day.

Han Linxun would be supported by the Han Family as well as the other families in the eight great families. In addition, Wang Juhuai was her grandfather.

Shana trembled. She could already imagine how omnipotent Han Linxun would be.

Shana didn’t expect that her prediction would be accurate.

Han Linxun would grow up to be extremely brilliant.

A grown-up Han Linxun would definitely make her opponents wish they were dead.

With the Han Family being such a supportive family, Han Linxun would always be the ultimate winner.