Chapter 103


Hwang Siwoo, at last, stepped back falteringly when he realized one thing. Until a moment ago, he thought Kwon Eun Hyung reacted like that because Hwang Siwoo himself hurt Ban Yeo Ryung’s feelings, but something seemed strange.

‘You should have been careful about who you offend.’

What Kwon Eun Hyung said earlier sounded like Hwang Siwoo had provoked his Achilles’ heel. He would have not made such a remark just because Hwang Siwoo confessed his affections toward Ban Yeo Ryung. Then the next thing that came across Hwang Siwoo’s mind in a flash was the thing that happened at the crosswalk a few days ago.

“She… looked like she was calling the police, so I tried to snatch her phone and…! They didn’t seem to know each other though.”

‘Yeah, it’s because of that… One of my boys, who attacked Kwon Eun Hyung, pushed an unrelated girl to the crosswalk.’

With that thought in mind, Hwang Siwoo bit his lip so hard that it began to bleed. ‘They didn’t seem to know each other…? What kind of bullshit is that! If it was true, then that bastard would have not grilled me with that frightening face.’

Ban Yeo Ryung wasn’t the one he provoked. Their real Achilles’ heel was the girl. Hwang Siwoo clenched his fist. He then heard Kwon Eun Hyung’s voice resonating around his ears.

“Come on.”

It was then when a chilly sandblast blew along with a vrooming sound of a motorcycle breaking the silence. The sound came exactly from the schoolyard. ‘Motorcycle? Then…’ Hwang Siwoo’s face brightened immediately.

He glanced across to check Kwon Eun Hyung’s face. He looked nonchalant as if he did not understand what would happen soon. Even the loud engine sound of the motorcycle didn’t seem to further his mind.

‘Isn’t he an idiot?’ Hwang Siwoo yelled to himself.

‘You guys are all dead! Those riding seven motorcycles who were showing up at the schoolyard at this timing would only be Eun Kyum’s gang of So Hyun High School!’

As if they all thought the same, those who remained collapsed on the ground soon looked rosy.

“It’s Eun Kyum sunbae!”


With a loud vrooming sound, the seven motorcycles raised a cloud of dust and stopped right in front of the vacant lot.

A guy then took off the helmet, swept his hair, and walked toward this side.

Woo San mumbled, “Isn’t he Eun Kyum?”

Suh Jin Woon then asked back in a bitter tone, “Hey, aren’t you being too carefree?”

“What? Why should I overreact after seeing Eun Kyum?”

“Holy sh*t! The entirety of Eun Kyum’s gang showed up! What if we all lose against them?”

Hwang Hae’s urgent voice sounded as if he didn’t predict that Eun Kyum would appear in this place. It made Hwang Siwoo grin with satisfaction.

Not only did Eun Kyum came, but all of his boys came as well. Compared to the seven boys, there were only four of them: Hwang Hae, Suh Jin Woon, Woo San, and Kwon Eun Hyung. This was enough to reverse the situation.

‘But…’ Hwang Siwoo grimaced as he realized something, ‘Where is Ban Yeo Ryung?’

While he gazed around in wonder, Eun Kyum, who walked toward Hwan Siwoo, slowly turned his head to face Woo San. Eun Kyum’s eyes looked icy cold. Behind him, those who took off their helmets at once stepped closer with a fast pace.

A cold wind, again, swept through them. While a strange tension hung around, Woo San and Eun Kyum fixed their gazes at each other for a while.

It had been two months since Eun Kyum last saw Woo San again. As of now, he still showed no signs of fear. His softly bent brown eyes were on Eun Kyum with a bright smile. His large monolid eyes looked innocent like those of a child yet merciless at the same time.

With his head held high, Woo San displayed his confidence on his face. Eun Kyum didn’t like that look and attitude for a long time. ‘Maybe we should bring an end to this now,’ he thought.

The one who first greeted the other was Woo San. He waved his hand with a full rich smile.

“Hi, long time no see.”

Eun Kyum pulled the corner of his lip upwards and asked in anger.

“I’m a senior and I have a higher rank than you, so why don’t you be politer?”

Still, with a refreshing smile, Woo San scratched his head and responded, “Haha, such a pussy.”


“Honestly, Eun Kyum, you’re not really at the level where you should be the one asking me for my politeness.”

When Woo San asked him, “Are you?” with a wink, Eun Kyum nearly stomped out of the situation. Hwang Siwoo, who yelled earlier to himself triumphantly the words ‘you guys are all dead,’ was about to faint now.

‘How could Woo San be that confident? Doesn’t he have any fear or notion of assessing the situation? Such a pussy? What a crazy ass…’

While Hwang Siwoo trembled in angst, Eun Kyum took off his gloves and pointed at the guys standing behind him in line.

“Let me introduce them. They are the ‘Rainbow,’ who will knock you down.”


‘What the…?’

Kwon Eun Hyung blinked his eyes in wonder then stared at Woo San, who was asking something to Hwang Hae just in time.

“What did he just say? A rainbow?”

“Didn’t you know that? Gangs in every grade have names.”

“Before getting beaten up, Kim Hyun introduced themselves as ‘Hwang Siwoo and the 23 Thieves.’ Don’t you remember?”

“Oh, really? I thought it was a joke, but why don’t we have one?”

Hwang Hae and Suh Jin Woon shared the same thought, ‘Because you will bring up something ridiculous!’

As if he found the overall answer from the strange look on the two boys’ faces, Woo San turned sulky and looked at Eun Kyum again.

He said, “We are RFK.”


“Respectively, we are the Runner, the Flier, and the Knower. Nice to meet you, rainbows.”

‘Shoot, he truly made something weird…’ Hwang Hae and Suh Jin Woon both had their heads in their hands out of frustration. Looking at the two, Eun Kyum fetched a sigh. He thought, ‘Why are these bastards never serious?’ Lacking the sense to know the gravity of the situation was also the reason Eun Kyum disliked Woo San. He braced himself with effort and responded to him.

“Okay, so it’s been a while since I took part in a ranking battle. 102nd place Woo San and 72nd place Eun Kyum. If I lose, our ranking will be reversed.”

“Nope, I will not fight~”

“… Are you kidding me?”

While Eun Kyum tried hard to hold his temper, Woo San still looked carefree. He then glanced at his side while pointing at someone. Kwon Eun Hyung, who stared at them with a bit of apathetic face, straightened his posture and nodded shortly.

Eun Kyum narrowed his eyes to observe him. Kwon Eun Hyung’s face seemed invisible within the darkness. Only his hair stood out red under the sunset. When Eun Kyum saw the warm green eyes under the burning hair, he just froze like ice.

He knew that killing green eyes and so did the rainbows.

As if they successfully recalled the memories of that day, they all turned pale like those who saw a ghost. When Eun Kyum tried to open his mouth, Kwon Eun Hyung greeted him refreshingly at the same time.

“Hi, we’ve met before.”


“I’m sorry that we’re always involved in bad situations, but I need something you have.”

When Kwon Eun Hyung smiled politely with that remark, Eun Kyum came to a thought.

‘What that bastard needs are hopefully not my eyeballs, any of my internal organs, or my heart.’

Hwang Siwoo and the collapsed boys blinked their eyes vacantly. They thought the situation was already over when Eun Kyum showed up; however, they had no idea where things were heading toward right now.

‘Why are the almighty rainbows turning pale like those who’ve seen a ghost in the daytime when they saw Kwon Eun Hyung? Why are they stepping back when Kwon Eun Hyung is stepping forward?’ Looking at the change in their actions, Woo San burst out laughing, eventually. He grabbed his tummy and giggled hard.

“Bahaha! Hey, Eun Kyum! What the hell are you doing?”

Listening to that laugh, Eun Kyum straightened himself as if he couldn’t back off. He thought, ‘What happened last time can be a coincidence. Perhaps we’re not feeling well that day. I mean, to be honest, does it make sense for one person to defeat seven guys?’ Murmuring to himself, Eun Kyum clenched his fist. He then stomped out of the spot and pulled his fist while dashing toward his target.

Then, at the next moment…

The person, who fell onto the ground with a deadly sound, was someone they least expected.


Hwang Siwoo and the gangs’ jaws dropped. They, at last, realized that the other side planned something crazy. At the vacant lot in Sun Jin High School, a battle took place under the sunset like a scene within an action movie. Looking in front, they thought, ‘Did we just come at that guy? At those bastards?’

‘Did we try to knock him down? That bastard, who’s dealing with the almighty seven gang members like a joke alone…’ Suddenly, Hwang Siwoo felt his fatigue seizing his body. He wanted to go home badly.

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