Chapter 54 Ch 52: Big, Bad And Mean [Pt1]

The system had been happy to see the demon kind awake again. Now they could begin their conquest to gain power. Since the demon king had awakened early, they could start training his body early.

That was what the system had thought at first.

But the system was old and as one did in their elderly days, it forgot one important thing. And that was how bitchy and whiny demon kids could get at times. And being shocked was just that factor that could make them break control.

Even then, the system had not expected his host to show this much demonic behavior right away.

Out of everything the system had expected, he had not expected to be yelled at as soon as his host gained consciousness.

“Five years old? Why five years old? Why did you send me into the only body which had no hopes of doing anything? I cannot train, I cannot fuck, and I cannot even take my money out without supervision. What use is this body?”

The system had never expected a happy and heartfelt welcome from its user but it had at least expected its user to be somewhat happy.

And Yohan was happy, the system could feel that. But anger and annoyance were winning inside his mind right now. And since it was winning, those emotions were also what was expressed by Yohan.



The system would like to inform the user that it was their fault they awakened at this stage of their life. The system had no control over their actions.


“So you want to say that it is my fault that I awakened this soon? How is it my fault?”

Yohan sounded disappointed, his annoyance at his age winning over his common sense at the moment.



It is not the user’s fault. Please stop behaving like a demon and think rationally. The user can take this time to train and build their power up.


The system knew that being rational was not something it could expect from its user. But luckily, the host was not fully demonic.

Maybe that was why Yohan was able to hold himself back from outright ignoring the system as previous demon kings had done and considered paying attention to what the system was saying.

“You know, your words make a lot of sense. The reason it took me so long to adapt last time was that my body was not ready. However, this time I have the resources and the means to make myself tougher from the start. I will take advantage of it.”

Yohan finally saw the silver lining in the clouds.

And the system was happy to be let go of finally. It did not need a master who could not even pull himself together. Unknown to Yohan, he had managed to dodge a bullet by coming to his senses in time.

Otherwise, the system would have deemed him unworthy and disposed of him. The system still had enough authority to pull it off.

And unless Yohan realized how to use his status as the demon lord, the system would continue to have the upper hand in their relationship.


Yohan moved his body around to get used to it. It was a relief to be able to move without pain and blood again. His last memories had been full of pain and suffering and Yohan could still feel the phantom pain in his chest.

While it sucked to become a child and be deprived of the pleasure of sexual encounters for some time, Yohan considered himself lucky to still be alive.

And not only alive at that, but alive and well-off. Everything was lined up perfectly for him to succeed in his new life and it almost felt like karma to him.

‘It is just like a transmigration novel in that sense. But even then, I should be careful not to overdo it and stay grounded. I do not want to take my chances with death again.’

Next time, Yohan would kill that bastard Zadkiel and get his revenge. That was a promise to himself.

“First thing first, I should get myself a trained that I can trust. I will need to get strong quickly but I cannot let the humans find out about it.”

Yohan had a small plan but it depended on how well he would be able to hide his progress from everyone else.

Frankly, Yohan did not care about the humans in his family. They were all not only greedy but also wanted to take advantage of Yohan. This was something he could not stand so he needed to cut it off.

And once he was done, Yohan needed to gather his allies. Yohan had a few allies from his past life but the crest he had left on them was no longer effective.

Everyone who had been under Yohan’s control was suddenly no longer there.

‘But that is alright. I managed to charm them once so I can charm them again. Besides, I am in a new body so I am sure it will be easier this time around.’

Yohan had spent a lot of time wasting away in his past life but he would not make the same mistake again.

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As soon as Yohan was old enough, he would venture out to hunt in the demon world. Demons had a loser sense of moral ethics and Yohan was sure that even a fourteen years old was considered mature enough to be taken to bed.

But there were still some years left between that time and the present time for Yohan.

“Hahahah, look at that fool. He is not even getting out of the water. What a fool.”

“Ugh, should we not help him out? Mother will scold me if she knew that I participated in this prank.”

“Shut up ugly or you will be the next one in line to be bullied. Weak kids like Yohan here deserved to be bullied by superior people like us.”

In his shock at getting back his memories, Yohan had forgotten a few significant details. Like, where he currently was and what he needed to do.

Yohan was still floating in the middle of the pool, his body finally moving to keep himself up. His awakened memories knew how to handle the situation without making a mess of things.

“U-Ugh, g-guys, I think we should talk a little more quietly. I am afraid that Yohan can hear us.”

“What do you mean he can hear us? Didn’t he drown—”

Clearly, these kids were beyond scary. They were almost a demon who had no compassion for human life.

Yohan could have drowned and these kids would not have called for help. And for that, Yohan was sure he would make them pay. But that revenge would come in its sweet time.

Once he knew their names and their families, Yohan would make a plan and gather enough power to–

“You kids, what are you doing out there? M-Master Yohan? Why are you in the pool? N-Never mind, come back to the shore right now. The pool is deep and dangerous. My god, how did this happen?”

Yohan wanted to blurt out the truth but he did not get a chance to say anything.

“Yohan jumped in himself. We tried to stop him but he jumped in because he wanted to swim. I am sorry that we were not able to stop him.”

Yohan could see that the maid was troubled. On one hand, even she could tell that Yohan had not jumped inside the pool on his own and had been pushed.

However, she was in no position to make any comment on it. These kids in front of her might be small but they were still the children of important families. The maid could lose her job if she made any fuss.

Yohan knew all that and that was why he decided to struggle and get to the shore himself. Everyone in the mansion was useless anyway.

“Hey, what is going on here? I see that you are all gathered in the garden and – Why is there a kid in the water?”

Yohan was about to reach the shore when that familiar voice stopped him cold in his tracks. It was a voice Yohan had not expected to hear in his life again until he went looking for this person.

But just to make sure that Yohan was not hallucinating, he looked up, only to see a familiar face looking back at him.

It was indeed Zane who was standing in front of Yohan. Zane was currently dressed up in a sharp suit that highlighted his figure. His golden hair shined in the light, giving Zane a holy halo.

But Yohan knew that Zane was a demon and was currently the only one willing to help Yohan out.

“B-Brother Zane. I had no idea you were going to come to this party as well. B-But what are you doing in the back and away from the party?”

The leader of these bullies spoke up. He was the only one Yohan remembered the name of. Marcus Trusdale was the name of this child and his flaming red hair matched his flaming face.

Just looking at that face irritated Yohan beyond words and he was sure that this kid would get what he deserved in the future.