Chapter 130: Shut Out

Yun Xiu’s voice was very loud and the audience suddenly fell silent.

When Yun Xiu noticed this change, the knuckles of her hand that was holding the phone turned white.

Xi Wan looked at her calmly. “What do you think? Before you say anything, I suggest you investigate Su Group’s status first.”

“Investigate what?” Although Yun Xiu said this to Xi Wan,Yun Xiang gave her the answer, “Yun Xiu, Su Group is a big corporation that is extremely powerful in the whole country. This is a big family that we can’t afford to offend! Be obedient and apologize so that this matter will be over.”

Yun Xiang’s tone was very serious. Yun Xiu could no longer throw a tantrum like a young lady anymore. After she put her cell phone away, she walked up to Xi Wan and said with her head lowered, “I’m sorry for spreading rumors about you on the internet. It’s my fault, I hope you can forgive me.”

“You are not sincere at all.” Xi Wan did not look at her. “After your speech was published, it left a huge impact on me. An apology isn’t enough, so you have to pay a certain price.”

“What price?”

Yun Xiu originally thought that Xi Wan would ask her for a large sum of money for mental compensation but she did not expect Xi Wan to say these four words, “Leave the entertainment industry.”

“Leave the entertainment industry?” Yun Xiu’s eyes widened in shock. “Are you crazy?”

“Aren’t you the one who’s crazy?”

“I’ve already apologized. What else do you want?”

“If you don’t quit the entertainment industry, I’m going to shut you out.” Xi Wan said.

[Don’t be too ruthless, she has already apologized to you.] The system advised Xi Wan to think twice.

“If an apology is useful, why do we need the police?”

[But she didn’t do anything illegal.]

Xi Wan ignored the system and said to Yun Xiu, “There’s nothing else to say since you’re so insincere.”

After saying that, Xi Wan left the venue.

Yun Xiu wanted to go after her but the group of reporters were still surrounding her and asking some questions. Yun Xiu could not get away at all.

Xi Wan took the car back to the villa and soon saw the posts about Yun Xiu on the internet. The photos and videos taken by the reporters had all been released.

Everyone knew that Yun Xiu was the one spreading rumors.

“I knew she was spreading rumors. Xi Wan would never do such a thing.”

“Did the people who slandered Xi Wan get slapped in the face when they saw this news?”

“Yun Xiu can’t even produce any evidence and you still believe her. How ridiculous.

When Xi Wan saw the news, she was secretly delighted.

[I feel that Yun Xiu will end up in a miserable state.]

Xi Wan laughed out loud. “Aren’t you able to find out this character’s ending? Wouldn’t you know after just a glance?”

However, after the system finished reading it, it said: [Yun Xiu will also become the female protagonist’s friend in the future. Although she’s not a close friend, she definitely will not leave the entertainment industry.]

Xi Wan paused for a moment before saying, “But looking at her current situation, she will definitely have to leave the entertainment industry.” What Xi Wan said was right. Yun Xiu was now at the center of the storm, and there were more and more public opinions about her. Even if Yun Xiang wanted to help her suppress it, public opinion could not be changed.

Therefore, Yun Xiu had no choice but to leave the entertainment industry.

It seemed like she had taken the initiative to leave the entertainment industry, but in fact, she had already been shut out by the entertainment industry. After all, Xi Wan was the richest person in the entertainment industry. If they offended her, no one would have a good time.

“Although there might be some deviation in the current plot, it’s still quite satisfying to be able to get rid of Yun Xiu with my own hands.”

“Of course. However, since Yun Xiu has retired from the entertainment industry now, I’m afraid we’ll have to rely on Zhao Fei to return to the entertainment industry in the future, right?”

[Logically speaking, that’s the case.] The system said.

Meanwhile, Zhao Fei, whom Xi Wan and the system were discussing, was waiting for Ling Feng’s invitation with joy. This was because n the original plot, Ling Feng would personally invite her to attend the Tang family’s birthday banquet and he would also prepare an exquisite dress for her.

When she attended the birthday banquet with Ling Feng, they would attract Xi

Wan’s attention. Xi Wan would lose control of her emotions because of this and embarrass both Su Xun and herself at the birthday banquet.

Just thinking about this made Zhao Fei feel extremely happy. However, Ling Feng did not make a move no matter how long she waited. In the end, she received the news that Ling Feng was going to bring a young lady from another rich family to the birthday banquet.

“Why is he bringing someone else to the birthday banquet?” Zhao Fei could not understand.. Could this be the result of the butterfly effect?