"It's strange."

Jayden wandered around the drawing room frantically. No matter how much he thinks about it, the Crown Prince was suspicious. He gave a menacing gaze only at him, and the way he gently smiled at the Grand Duchess. It was so strange.

"A 15-year-old saying he can't sleep because he's afraid of sleeping alone?!"

He didn't know if it's a commoner's child, but the Crown Prince was a person who had been educated in the Imperial Palace since childhood. It was difficult for him to think of ordinary people as a standard in many ways.

'I've never been too scared to sleep at that age.'

It was a rather inadequate statement, but it looked like a piece of work to Jayden. It also occurred to him that the Crown Prince was intentionally pulling Eloise clothes to attract her attention.

"Ha... That's suspicious."

The problem was the fact that his master did not seem to notice anything strange.

'But I can't just blindly say to Her Highness, the Crown Prince is strange.'

If she asked him specifically what was strange, there was nothing to say.

"At a time like this, it would be nice if sir Eloine was here."

Jayden sighed deeply.


Recently, I was in the middle of playing a nurturing game. Since the other person is the male lead, it's not like raising a daughter, but rather, should I say that it's more like raising a son.

'Well, he's only four years younger than me to be called a child, and he's not even really my son'

A very old classic game came to mind. Come to think of it, even that game, the player wasn't his real father.

'If you think about it, taking care of children seems to be a good fit for me. When I went to the teaching practice, it was better than I expected. Am I good at teaching children?'

I checked Caien wounds and pressed lightly on top of it.

"Your Royal Highness, are you all right?"



"I told you to call me Caien, Eloise."