Chapter 277: Pursuit

Chu You didn’t speak, but the Emperor wasn’t angry. He stroked his half-white beard and sighed. “That’s true. Seventh Brother’s marriage was too hasty.”

The Emperor had been smiling slightly as he said this, but his eyes were exceptionally cold.

He didn’t hide the threat in his words or expression. If Kang Wang dared to say that Emperor Taizu was wrong, the Emperor would dare to directly refute Kang Wang and Gu Yunrong’s marriage.

‘ Chu You’s eyes burned with two raging flames. His blood surged, and the anger in his heart surged like waves. He was about to explode, but he held back.

The atmosphere suddenly turned cold.

Thinking of his cousin’s instructions, Chu You took a deep breath and gritted his teeth to endure it. His face was tense and ashen.

He nodded stiffly and said seriously, “You’re right, Imperial Brother. Marriage is about having mutual feelings.”

Chu You’s face darkened. Instead, the Emperor’s smile deepened, and he returned to his usual cultured self.

The Emperor nodded with a gratified expression and sighed faintly in the tone of an elder brother who was like a father. “In the blink of an eye, Seventh Brother is about to start a family. His personality is also calmer and more sensible than before.”

‘The Empress Dowager can rest assured.”

Every word was like a needle stabbing into Chu You’s heart. Chu You’s breath was thick and heavy, and his teeth were clenched so tightly that his cheeks were clenched.

They didn’t deliberately lower their voices in this conversation. Everyone around them who was listening attentively heard it clearly with complicated expressions.

As everyone knew, the Emperor had a good personality, and the Great Jin Dynasty valued filial piety. Be it when the previous Emperor was around or after the Emperor ascended the throne, he had always been filial to the Empress Dowager and tolerated her.

However, today, the Emperor refuted the Empress Dowager’s intentions in public.

The Eldest Prince wouldn’t marry a daughter of an aristocratic family. The Emperor’s words were no longer only targeted at the Empress Dowager, but also the aristocratic family.

Yu Chaoyun muttered to herself in a daze, “The Eldest Prince won’t marry a daughter of an aristocratic family.

‘So, I won’t do?”

As she spoke, she turned to look at Gu Yunrong beside her. The corners of her eyes were red as she said in a trembling voice, “Rong Rong, I can give up my identity as a daughter of an aristocratic family…”

‘Chaoyun.” Gu Yunrong saw that Yu Chaoyun’s face was pale and her body was trembling slightly. She felt some sympathy for her.

She couldn’t help but sigh. Yu Chaoyun was really affectionate to the Eldest Prince.

A person could choose the person with whom they would spend their life, but they couldn’t choose their parents. No one’s background was ever beyond their control, just like hers.

She wasn’t inferior to anyone, but because of her background, it was as if she had a hidden illness that wasn’t worthy of being told to outsiders. She would never be able to raise her head in front of Gu Yanfei.

Gu Yunrong pursed her lips and looked up at Chu You.

Chu You stood tall and straight beside Empress Dowager Yuan, like an unsheathed sword or a high mountain. There was an invincible aura in his bones.

He had braved forward for her. He had stood up for her.

She believed in him, and she believed in happiness.

Love was between two people. Background should never be an obstacle.

If she was like this, Yu Chaoyun could do it too!

Gu Yunrong leaned close to Yu Chaoyun’s ear and whispered comfortingly, ‘Chaoyun, I’ll help you.’

Yu Chaoyun looked up with a handkerchief in her hand. Her eyes were glistening with tears, and there were a few drops on her eyelashes. They were as bright as the moon and moving.

She hummed softly and pressed the corner of her eye with a handkerchief. She looked past Gu Yunrong and sighed enviously. “Rong Rong, Kang Wang is looking at you.’

Gu Yunrong turned to look at Chu You again, her eyes shining.

Yu Chaoyun slowly pretended to wipe her tears. A faint smile appeared on her lips, hidden behind her handkerchief. It was a little cynical and cold.

Gu Yunrong and Chu You looked at each other lovingly.

Chu You’s heart softened.

Rong’er’s heart was filled with him. If it was all for her, what was a little grievance at this moment?

Suppressing the thousand thoughts in his heart, Chu You gave Gu Yunrong an affectionate smile, telling her not to worry. They would be able to get married soon. His mother had already promised him herself.

Empress Dowager Yuan glanced at her son, and her eyes darkened. She said to the Emperor indifferently, “Then I have to thank the Emperor for worrying about Kang Wang.”

Empress Dowager Yuan’s face was calm as she held her breath.

Her son should have married a princess consort who would be of help to him. Now, not only was Gu Yunrong unable to help her son, but she had also become his weakness, causing him to be restricted time and time again.

She had to choose a secondary consort for her son as soon as possible.

‘Not at all. Seventh Brother is also my brother.” The Emperor smiled faintly and made sarcastic remarks. At the same time, he secretly winked at Chu Yi beside him.

What he meant was, “Son, if you like her, hurry up and tell her. Strike while the iron is hot. I can give you the marriage today. With your Grandaunt Feng Yang here, the Empress Dowager won’t dare to cry.”

The Emperor didn’t say a word, but just that look revealed a thousand things. It was as if he was babbling to his son, and a fatherly heart was almost written on his face.

Chu Yi smiled in spite of himself, his eyes rippling with amusement.

The palace servants at the side fell silent. The atmosphere was slightly dull. ‘Chu Yi.” The Emperor waved at Chu Yi in a good mood and whispered into his ear, “Don’t stay here with me. Go, play with them.” Although the Emperor said “they”, his gaze was clear.

He patted Chu Yi’s arm lovingly.

Chu Yi smiled and agreed. “Father, I’ll go now.”

The Emperor smiled until his eyes narrowed.

That was more like it! It was useless to just stand here and watch if he liked the little girl!

Chu Yi turned around and strolled in Gu Yanfei’s direction. He only stopped when he was seven or eight steps away from her.

Gu Yanfei turned her back to him and threw another arrow at the iron pot.

The arrow landed accurately in the iron kettle’s ear, just as cleanly.

‘Good!” Lu Qin applauded as she said, “You’ve thrown three arrows and you’ve played three tricks. What do you plan to play with the next arrow? ‘Lean on the pole’?”

‘Guess?” Gu Yanfei smiled and said this to Lu Qin. When she turned around, she saw Chu Yi not far away from the corner of her eye. The two of them looked at each other.

Gu Yanfei wasn’t the only one who saw him. The others also saw him.

Wei Jiaoniang’s eyes darted around. She covered her mouth and smiled, then waved her hand and said with a smile, “I’m not playing anymore. Boss Yanfei won. We’re not playing with her anymore.”

‘Yanfei, go play with ‘someone else!”

Wei Jiaoniang was bold. She pushed Gu Yanfei’s shoulder with both hands and pushed her away. She even deliberately emphasized the word “someone else” and winked at her, smiling like a sunflower..