Chapter 134 - Chapter 134: Sign the Contract

Chapter 134: Sign the Contract

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Yu Heng was a little absent-minded. He suddenly felt a little ashamed of himself, but when he thought of the Gu Corporation that was within his grasp, he gritted his teeth and replied, “Alright, I’ll bet with you!”

But what Yu Heng did not know was that for Gu Yun, the outcome of this gamble was already doomed.

No matter how much he could drink, he was definitely no match for Gu Yun, who could not get drunk after a thousand glasses.

The two of them arrived at the bar. After they booked a private room, a waiter sent round after round of high-alcohol foreign wine to the table.

In the beginning, Yu Heng was still able to compete with Gu Yun’s alcohol tolerance, but after drinking, he felt that his vision was a little chaotic.

In the midst of the dizziness, Yu Heng saw that Gu Yun was still sitting upright in his seat, and he had already swayed so much that he could not hold the wine glass steadily.

However, Yu Heng did not want to admit that he was drunk. He forced himself to drink a glass of wine and then showed the empty glass to Gu Yun. At the same time, he urged, “Quick, another cup. You drink too!”

After drinking it, he could not help but say, “Even if I have a conflict with Tangtang, I’ve persisted for so long. She will turn around and look at me, right?” Burp, I don’t believe that Tang Tang won’t fall for me.”

Gu Yun looked at him expressionlessly as he went crazy. He drank a glass of wine lightly and the strong wine entered his throat. Then, he seemed to be talking to Yu Heng, but also seemed to be talking to himself, “From that year onwards…l’ve been persisting. It’s not your turn yet.”

“W-what did you say?” Yu Heng shook his head and said. He fell sideways on the sofa. After a while, he forced himself to sit up and shouted, “Gu Yun, I’m not drunk yet. Continue drinking!”

“You lost.” Gu Yun looked at him with clear eyes and said. Seeing that Yu Heng did not react, he stood up and left.

He still had to rush to bring Hai Tang home.

In the private room of the bar, Yu Heng was so drunk that he fell on the sofa. The phone next to him lit up. It was a call from his female secretary.

After a while, Yu Heng picked up the phone that had been ringing. He answered the phone vaguely and said, “Hey, Gu Yun, don’t go. I won’t lose…”

The female voice on the other end of the phone asked impatiently, “Where are you?”

“The bar, I’m at the bar, come pick me up, oh…” Yu Heng replied subconsciously.

He tilted his head and began to vomit.

The call was quickly hung up. Yu Heng rolled his eyes and fell down again. However, after a while, Yu Lu walked in.

She stepped on her high heels and covered her nose in disgust, bypassing the disgusting vomit on the ground. She walked to Yu Heng and patted his face.”Yu Heng, Yu Heng?”

Yu Heng didn’t react. She said disdainfully, “Tsk, he even gambled with Gu Yun.

He’s really hopelessly stupid.”

She muttered to herself and sneered, “You’ve already given me the opportunity. It saves me the trouble of dealing with you.”

As she spoke, she clapped her hands and a few bodyguards immediately walked in.

“Go and give him the contract and make him sign it.”Yu Lu said coldly.

So, the bodyguards approached Yu Heng with a contract. After slapping him a few times to wake him up, Yu Heng was still in a delirious state.

However, holding the contract in his hand, Yu Heng suddenly became happy.”

Haha, I won. The Gu Corporation is mine!”

Yu Lu rolled her eyes. At the same time, she took out her phone and took a photo of his appearance. At the same time, she coaxed,”Yes, so sign the contract.”

“Good, great. I’m going to make a name for myself.”Yu Heng laughed foolishly and signed his name obediently.

Not only that, but he also pressed his fingerprint under the control of the bodyguards.

Only then did Yu Lu turn off the video with satisfaction. She waved her hand nonchalantly and said,”Alright, show Dad the contract he signed to sell the Yu Corporation for a million yuan tomorrow.”

She had come all the way here to trick Yu Heng into signing this ridiculous contract. She wanted Yu Heng to make a big mistake and let her father, Yu Hu, be completely disappointed in him.

Even if the contract did not have any real legal benefits, it was enough to make Yu Heng lose his position as the president of the Yu Corporation.

At this moment, Yu Heng seemed to have realized something. He collapsed on the ground again and began to wail with lifeless eyes, “Tang Tang, Tang Tang, don’t leave me…”

Yu Lu held the contract and revealed a determined smile. Then, she looked at the drunk Yu Heng as if he was trash and said,”Throw him at the door of the house and let daddy see what his good son looks like.”

With that, Yu Lu turned around and left..