Edestor’s Emergency Request

About one week had passed since the eventful free day of mine.

We continued successfully completing platinum rank requests, our rate of finishing requests had become faster than ever.

Thanks to that, we decided to accept another emergency request, our first since the Oxter emergency request.

Emergency requests in Edestor were not rare at all, and urgent rescue requests from the dungeon were especially frequent.

Since it was a rescue mission, the rewards were generally high and you could look for treasure boxes in the dungeon as well so Edestor actually had a bunch of adventurer parties that specialized in dungeon rescues specifically.

If possible, I would have liked to take these kinds of emergency requests as well but…….

But more than that, I wanted to avoid going anywhere close to the dungeon while Mielle was still there.

Furthermore, the only ones allowed to accept dungeon rescues are parties that have cleared up to at least the 40th floor or, a party above mithril rank.

No matter how low level the adventurer who put out the rescue request itself was, these were prerequisite conditions to be cleared otherwise you weren’t allowed to accept it.

So even without the Mielle issue, we couldn’t accept rescue emergency requests anyway.

And so, this time we had no choice but to take a normal emergency request, one similar to the Oxter one.

The request was to subjugate a Dead Lich that had appeared on the plains south of Edestor.

The south was also where we originally arrived from Oxter, and was normally considered a safe area around Edestor.

And when we came here as well, there weren’t many strong monsters in that area and neither did we get attacked by some huge amount of monsters either.

Since this south area was often considered the safest region and was used by not just adventurers but also normal people, the sudden arrival of Dead Lich there obviously resulted in an issuing of an emergency request.

It’s rank was also not low by any means, and was said to be Mithril rank or above.

Normally we wouldn’t be able to accept the Dead Lich subjugation either but since it was specifically an emergency request, us platinum rank adventurers were also able to accept it.

It seemed only rescue requests had much more strict requirements for who can accept.


“A Dead Lich subjugation, I’m kind of looking forward to it.”

“True, aren’t Dead Lichs supposed to be failed magician adventurers? As a fellow magician, Esta can’t lose to one either eh?”

“Well, I wasn’t thinking of it that way but………I am interested in finding out what kind of magic it will use.”

“Excitement’s all good and all but, don’t let it make you careless alright? It is still a high ranking monster, don’t forget that.”

“Yes, I understand. I will not make the mistake of underestimating it.”

Well I doubt Esta would ever do something like that but, she does has a habit of losing her usual focus when it comes to magic.

If the Dead Lich happened to use a magic that Esta had never seen or heard of, it’s always possible that she gets captivated by it so I decided to warn her in advance.

“Still, a dead lich eh?…………Outside of the fact that it uses magic, we don’t know much about it! Esta, do you have more info?”

“A little bit. On top of high power magic, it can also have Wights and Skeleton monsters as followers apparently.”

“To add further, if it has such followers, it uses a lot of buff type support magic to make them stronger as well. Which is what makes it a really troublesome monster, so if we see any followers with the Lich, Ralf and Snow start with those first asap.”

According to the info I had gathered, Dead Lich was similar to Orc King in many ways.

Of course, one was a living breathing creature while the other was an undead. One specialized in close quarters physical combat while the other was a magic caster.——-these two were obvious differences but, the thing to be careful of was the same.

The danger comes from the low rank undead it may have as followers so it was viatl that we finish the subjugation of the Dead Lich itself quickly.

I’ll let Esta face the Dead Lich in a direct contest of magic as she seems to be wanting it, and I’ll act as her support.

Ralf and Snow will focus on killing the scrub followers around us, or at the least that’s the basic plan.

While talking about all the info on the Dead Lich, as well as explaining the overall plan to them both and Snow, we finally made it to the South plains.

Just like the DokuDoku Dog in Oxter, undeads mostly appeared at night but, Dead Lich would show up regardless of the time of day.

That also led to a lot more damage to the surroundings as well, but for the people who’ll be fighting it, being able to battle under daylight was a huge benefit.

Now I could fight normally even in the darkness of the night thanks to my skills but even then, when it comes to close combat, your reactions are still dulled.

“This is the place where the Dead Lich is said to frequently show up………but I don’t see a single monster around.”

“When we were coming to Edestor from Oxter, it was more or less like this as well! Are you sure this is the right place?”

“Let me and Snow try and detect it. Both of you, be quiet for a minute.”

“We’ll leave it to you then.”

“Alright. I’ll shut up now!”

Just like these two said, there was nothing but empty plains as far as the eye could see and I couldn’t sense even a single monster.

Since my normal enemy detection ability was giving me no reactions, I began to slowly activate more and more skills to increase the strength and range of my detection.

“Snow, you too, use all your focus to find our enemies alright?”


Instructing Snow as well, I activated [Perception Enhancement] [perception Range Enhancement] and then on top of that, also [Life Sense] [Mana Sense] and [Hearing enhancement].

By the way, the [Crimson Eyes] skill that I thought was a similar detection skill, just turned my eyes blood red and I still had no idea what it actually did.

Since it made even my vision tinted in red so I know that I simply haven’t figured out the use of this skill yet.

It’s stamina consumption was also at the same level as [Fortification] so until I fully figure it out, I’m going to seal off the skill for now.

……….oops, now’s not the time to be wondering of such useless things, and I need to concentrate on finding the enemy.

Even with 3 more skills active, I still was getting no reaction.

Since I asked the other two to be quiet as well, all I could hear was some pebble rolling because of wind some place far away but………..I suddenly heard just a weird faint sound from the northwest direction.

It was very far away, and only by using [Perception range enhancement] and [hearing enhancement] could I faintly catch that noise.

I instantly looked towards Snow and it seemed like Snow had caught that faint sound as well and was already looking towards me.

An odd sound mixed between the sounds of our breathing and the wind.

Now I don’t know if this odd sound belonged to the Dead lich or not but, it was worth investigating.

“I hear something strange in the north-west direction.”

“Wait really!? I don’t hear anything though!”

“Do I have any reason to lie here? The sound might even be underground.”

“Under the ground……….really? Are they intentionally hiding themselves beneath the ground then?”

“Well, we won’t know until we go and investigate properly. For now, let’s head in that direction. Just be ready to get thrown into battle at any point from now.”

After giving another warning to Ralf and Esta, we began walking towards the northwest direction where I heard the sound come from.