Objectively speaking, I’m better in every way.

I’m not being conceited.

This is just self-analysis.

However, until now, the concern was that there was no target of comparison in the same generation other than Alice.

But this entrance exam made it clear.

Even in the Aslan Academy of Magic, where the most talented people gather, there’s no one who can surpass me.

On the contrary, all of them were not even close to Alice.

Yeah, no one.

There’s no one… standing in my way.


I found myself banging my fist against the carriage wall.


“Don’t talk to me right now.”


What was that?

What in the world was that?

─── “Reinforcement magic”.

The practical test was held after the written test.

A simple test, where examinees battles with each other using magic three times.

And Abel used only one magic.

Non-attribute magic, nothing unusual.

Of course I can use it as well.


─── “Physical Reinforcement x 5”

He duplicated that simple spell five times.

… Impossible.

Humans have a concept of “magic tolerance”.

Because of this concept, they cannot receive magic buffs multiple times that improve their abilities, such as physical reinforcement, skin hardening, and sensory boosts.

… It was supposed to be that.

Except them.

Those who have reached the so-called “Realm of Heroes” are said to be able to receive it twice in extremely rare cases.

Amelia-san said that statistically such people appear among “adventurers” so far.

Yeah, it’s supposed to.

For some reason I was able to use enhancement magic twice from the beginning, but I was told that I was a special case.

But he… used it 5 times.

It’ll be foolish to call it special or way beyond that.

Clearly, it’s a power that is beyond reason.

I don’t understand it.

I just can’t grasp it.

And the fact that I’m unable to understand it irritates me the most.

That unknowability is so unsettling.


However, he was not able to fully control it.

Yet he easily simulated it thousands of times as if he could control it.

What would happen if we were to fight?

Of course… I’d be the one to win.

Considering all possible scenarios, conditions, and even unforeseen circumstances.

The result would always be the same.

No matter how hard he tries, he can’t beat me.

My victory is unassailable.

Even so, why am I agitated like this?

What is this feeling that spreads like a dark cloud?

It’s as if a monster is vigilantly watching for an opportunity to bite my throat───



“From now on, I won’t have as many opportunities to cross swords with you. So let’s go to the limit today.”


I prefer the sword.

In times like this, I can only swing my sword.

… damn it, this is ridiculous.

What am I getting worked up about?

It’s just that it exceeded my imagination.

That’s because I don’t understand it.

Then I’ll take it even further.

That’s all there is to it───.


Aslan Academy of Magic.

In a certain conference room, the headmaster and teachers were having an important meeting.

A number of documents were arranged on a luxurious round table.

“The Gilberts’ ‘Luke’ is still the dominant one. He’s clearly a cut above the rest.”

“Ho-ho-hoh. His implementation was insanely sophisticated. Even just being a rare attribute is astounding.”

“Indeed. I can tell just by looking at his mana that he’s been training everyday. Well, if you are born with so much talent, it’s normal to be conceited.”

“That’s right. Luke-kun’s amazing.”

“Hey, Amelia, you. Why are you, as a special instructor, attending such an important meeting like this as if it’s nothing? And don’t just say it’s because you feel like doing it as a teacher. It’s even more annoying if it’s accepted.”

“R-research can be done anywhere… you know! My emotions have nothing to do with this! Yes! As a researcher, spending time in this academy where a lot of talents gather is valuable in every way!”

“… tch.”

“I was the one called Amelia. I thought it would be a good idea to share some information about him here. After all, he is the top performer among all examinees. Have you seen this? This document. Even though it’s not from Amelia, he’s really something..”

“But, sir! What he said and did! This is definitely not something to be praised! He told me, the examiner, that I was in the way! I just stumbled and bumped into him!”

“Ahahahaha! That’s great! You’re so clumsy, you know that?”

“I’m not clumsy! Miss Amelia! You were his mentor! Didn’t you teach him manners! Oh, God!”

“Ahaha… look who’s talking.”

“Alright enough, we’re getting off topic. We can’t just focus on him. He has already passed the exam with a perfect score in the written exam and has already proven his ability in the practical exam. There are still others we need to discuss.”

“It’s a bountiful year, right? Not only rare attributes, but also multiple attributes. It’s unprecedented this year.”

“You mean ‘Alice’ of the Lonsdales and ‘Mia’ of the Lennoxes?”

“… It was surprising, right? ───For two attributes to win over three…”

“She was also kind of… overwhelming.”

“Fufufu, Alice-chan is my student too!”

“Stop talking nonsense. And is that even true? From what I know of my peers, I can’t believe it.”

“It’s true, Brad!”

“You gotta be kidding me.”

“So, we’ve decided on these eleven. The other one we need to consider is this boy.”

The air shook a little with that one word.

Everyone turns to the document at hand.

“Abel” was written on it.

Silence continues for a while.

“… I’m against it.”

A voice was raised.

He was a man whose face was blighted by old age, but whose eyes had strong light in them.

“I don’t mean any of this in a mean way. Anyone who cannot understand his uniqueness should not be here. But not being able to use attribute magic is fatal. He’s fine for now. In fact, he has won everything in the practicals. But in the long run, how will he be? It’s easy to imagine that he will eventually be crushed by real talent. For his sake, I don’t think he should pass.”

“You certainly have a point.”

“Exactly, If we pass someone who can’t use attribute magic, it will set a precedent.”

About half the people there agreed.

The air was tipping in the direction of rejecting Abel.


“Damn it, you old men can’t think straight.”

A young man in an all-black outfit retorted with a belligerent smile.

“Old, you say! You talk too much, Brad!”

“It is true that the old man’s opinion hits the mark. But if you want to argue, be specific.”

“Kukuku…… that’s right.”

Brad laughed.

“You guys subconsciously assume that only Attribute Magicians can beat Attribute Magicians.”

Someone gasped.

Indeed, that was a revelation for most of the people in the room.

“…Are you saying it’s not?”

“No, in normal cases that’s true. The difference between those who can use attribute magic and those who can’t is huge as s**t. ───But that’s in normal case, you know?”

Brad paused and continued.

“I see potential in this kid, ‘Abel.’ To crush that potential just because he can’t use attribute magic is bullshit. Either way, if he can’t make it, that’s just how it is. I don’t see any downsides. Or do you really want to protect Aslan’s reputation so much?”

Silence came again.

This Brad guy indeed had a bad mouth.

Still, his words make sense.

They were silent because they admitted it themselves.

“Ho-ho-hoh, well said. You made a good point for a young man.”

An old man with white beard half his height speaks up.

“Am I wrong? Principal.”

“No, you’re not wrong.”

That was the answer.

“This year is really interesting. We have rare attributes, dual attributes, triple attributes and even a boy with no attribute. Although the number is small, the rest are also well-matched. Hohoho, well, well, this is going to be fun.”

The old man called the Principal laughed innocently like a child.

Number of passed applicants this year── “12”