Chapter 265 Fighting For The Throne

Immediately the Queen and Ivan walked into the hall where Damon and the aristocrats were gathered, trying to come up with a solution to the problem and find a way to reason with Harold, everyone turned hateful eyes on them.

The queen pretended not to notice how they were all staring at her, and she squared her shoulders as she went to stand beside Damon.

The aristocrat who she had insulted and called names the previous day stepped forward, "You have no right to be in a gathering of men..."

"I am the Queen," she reminded him calmly, trying not to show she was pissed.

"That is only when you are standing beside the king. He is not here right now, and you shouldn't be here either," the man said, and the other aristocrats who had been displeased by the queen's name-calling the previous day bobbed their heads in agreement.

"HOW DARE YOU?" Ivan growled as he drew out his sword and stepped forward, but Damon placed a hand on his shoulder and stopped him.

"You are the cause of all the problems we are facing now! You shouldn't be here either!" Another aristocrat said with an annoyed frown as he looked at Ivan.

"Yes. You are the one who suggested that Prince Harold's bride be tortured. How dare you draw a sword before the nobles?"

How could they have so little fear and respect for him and his mother, whereas they all trembled in the presence of Harold?

The queen cleared her throat. "There is no need for us to blame each other. We have to find a solution to the problem now. What are we going to do?" The Queen asked, but the aristocrats were having none of it.

"We do not want you or Prince Ivan here with us anymore. We do not want to anger Prince Harold any more than we have done already," the aristocrat whom the queen had most insulted the previous day insisted.

The Queen turned to Damon desperately, "Make them listen. Things are going to get out of hand if we don't do anything about this. Prince Harold has placed some guards in the king's chamber and has asked them not to let us near him. If we don't do anything, he is going to kill the king and take over the throne while we are here fighting amongst ourselves," the Queen said, pleading with him to take her side.

Damon was not in the mood for any of this as he was still too embarrassed after what happened yesterday. Thankfully, they all quieted down when the Minister of Justice asked the Queen, "You must already have something in mind. Let us hear it."

"As it stands, the king is very sick and without a ruler, the kingdom is going to crumble. We cannot let Prince Harold turn this kingdom upside down."

"What do you mean without the king? Even if the king is not present, Sir Damon can issue orders in his place." Another interrupted.

? One of the aristocrats scoffed at that. "After he was flung out like a sack of dirt yesterday?"

"How... dare you?!" Damon growled at the man who simply scoffed.

"Enough!" The queen yelled angrily, tired of their pointless arguments.

"We do not have time to argue. We need to come up with a solution!" She reminded them.

"You think anything is going to help now? Prince Harold probably knows we are meeting like this and is allowing us to do so because he would still do whatever he intends to do regardless of any conclusion we arrive at." Another one reminded them.

"Exactly my point!" The queen exclaimed. "We have to do something about it. I believe with the approval of the court, Prince Ivan can be—"

"Now that his curse has been broken, he is the heir to the throne, isn't he?" One of the aristocrats asked, cutting off the queen rudely and infuriating Ivan, who had been looking forward to this moment.

As soon as he was permitted to rule, the first thing he would do was make sure Harold and his witch of a wife ceased to exist. He was going to make Luciana crawl on the ground and beg for his mercy, and as for Alvin... he would have to wish for death.

He has had that plan in his head the entire time, but now what? Prince Harold was the heir? What rubbish!

"I am the rightful heir to the throne!" Ivan yelled angrily.

"But you are a Beta. Only an alpha can be king and rule in the Moon Kingdom," another aristocrat pointed out, causing the queen to grit her teeth in anger.

"Then do you want an Alpha who is going to burn down this kingdom and send us all to our graves? Do you want an Alpha with a human bride who is probably not going to have an heir of our kind?"

One snorted. "We all know the history of the Moon Kingdom and how a Beta almost destroyed it after he was crowned king. That has been abolished for several decades now, and we are not about to change our history."

"History can always be changed! Prince Ivan is going to be a good king!" The queen tried to assure them in her anger, even though she doubted that.

Ivan was an idiot. But she was going to shape him into a good king.

Unfortunately for her, many of the aristocrats felt the same way and voiced their disagreement, asking to wait for the king to recover and make the final decision. Whatever he agreed on was what they were going to stand by.

"Only a powerful Alpha like Prince Harold can be king. Didn't you see him yesterday?" Another aristocrat asked, and Ivan, who was already boiling in rage at this point, pointed his sword at the aristocrats crazily.


"I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT ONCE AGAIN!" Ivan yelled while the Queen massaged her temples.

At what point did everything start going wrong? Why did things have to be this way? The queen wondered. Just then, Damian walked in and whispered something into the queen's ear.

The Novel will be updated first on this website. Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!

The Novel will be updated first on this website. Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!