Chapter 275: The Ideal Day

Chapter 275: The Ideal Day

Gao Yang and his family left the airport. Their plan was to take a yacht to the F Island, which was the island with the best return for money spent. Paying 7000 yuan per person, and they got a packaged deal with a full week of accommodation; the meals were covered too since it was off season.

With a group of more than four people, free accommodation and meals were provided for a child at or under the age of 15. Gao Xinxin barely met the criteria at 15.

Gao Yang’s mother did her best to keep the cost low. As long as they didn’t spend money on souvenirs and avoided splurging, they could keep the cost of the whole trip at fifty thousand yuan, which was the most they could afford with their budget.

Wang Zikai, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He picked a five-star island villa with a 360-degree view of the ocean, which cost forty thousand yuan per night. It was beyond regular people’s comprehension.

Moreover, he booked an eight-passenger seaplane for pick-up, and he insisted on everyone getting on with him.

Gao Yang and his family didn’t turn down the offer out of misplaced politeness. They got onto the seaplane Wang Zikai booked.

The plane took flight at the pier and quickly rose to a height of several hundred meters.

The blue ocean blended into the blue sky. The entire Naldives was within their view. Leaning against the portholes, they looked down at the coral archipelago underneath. The scattering of islands resembled a pearl necklace against the backdrop of the blue ocean.

It didn’t take long until the seaplane landed on the F Island.

Gao Yang and his family got onto a shuttle bus with Wang Zikai, heading to a narrow road between rows of waterfront villas, all with the consistent look of deep brown rooftops and white walls.

The tour bus made it to the end of the road, stopping before the villa with the best view of the ocean.

On the way, Gao Xinxin had been boasting nonstop that she had booked the villa sitting at the best location—out of the regular hotel villas, of course.

Getting off the bus, they happily rushed into their villa.

Gao Yang set up the foldable wheelchair and placed his disabled father in the seat, pushing the wheelchair inside.

The villa was renovated like a modern hotel with many windows and doors to let in sufficient light and create an open space. On one side of the villa was an outdoor swimming pool at sea level, and on another side was an open balcony with beach loungers and parasols.

His mother knelt in the living room, sorting through everyone’s suitcases.

His grandmother was picking between the rooms.

“Haha, sure!” Wang Zikai beamed. “To be honest, bro, the place your family picked is way too small. You even have to sleep on the sofa! Why don’t you just spend the nights here?”

“That’s what I think.” Gao Yang was waiting for him to say that. “I’ll sleep here tonight. And I’m a man of privacy. Don’t come into my room without reasons!”

Wang Zikai snorted. “Fine, fine. I’m not interested in your privacy.”

As soon as Gao Yang went upstairs, Wang Zikai quickly opened his suitcase. Inside was a heavy gaming console and about a dozen of the latest AAA games.

At a comfortable villa surrounded by the sea, he would sit on the sofa with his BFF, wolfing down high-calorie junk food and playing games until morning came. They would watch the red sun rise from the horizon outside the window walls as soft, tangerine light shone on their faces, accompanied by the gentle caress of the pleasant breeze.

What a wonderful moment that would be.

Then they would wash their faces and go about their exciting day!

When the sun was up, they would go diving! Surfing! Spa!

Came evening, they would hit on two pretty blonde girls in bikinis on the beach and have a candlelight dinner together, enjoying the admiring looks from the girls as they boasted about their achievements!

Then they would take the girls to a bar and drink and dance, indulging in the nightlife!

Then once it was midnight, they would...hehehe...go back to the villa and play more games!

Shit, wouldn’t that be the grandest time?

Wang Zikai broke into a grin, already picturing the next few days of their vacation, not even considering the itinerary Gao Yang’s family had planned.



While Wang Zikai was daydreaming downstairs, Gao Yang had already entered the bedroom on the second floor and locked the door behind him, closing all curtains too. Then he opened the suitcase.

The white cat didn’t jump out to greet Gao Yang, but instead curled into herself, looking ill.

Her nose was a little red, while her emerald eyes were misty. Mouth slightly open, she breathed in quick, short bursts.

Gao Yang placed a hand on her. Her body was unusually hot.

Shit, it’s not a heatstroke, is it?L1tLagoon witnessed the first publication of this chapter on Ñøv€l--B1n.