Chapter 900 Interviews!

The next morning, Christian woke up, doing his daily routine. He ran around the villa for his morning exercise. But he made sure to check on his twin sister first.

Cassie was sound asleep under the tree. He knew that Cassie used an invisible barrier to protect her from the cold night. Scarlet also gave her warmth.

Christian could only smile while shaking his head. He knew it. His sister could easily adjust to a difficult situation. She was also proactive, very adaptable, and resilient.

She looked charming and fragile, but unknown to them, Cassie was as strong as the hard-trained soldiers. Zu Wan, Zhen-Zhen, and Tristan trained them very well.

Grandpa Lu was already preparing breakfast, after Christian's morning jog. The two were always together at home. They ate and bonded together. Grandpa Lu was always the one cooking for the twins.

"Great-grandson! Come, let's dig in!" Grandpa Lu prepared a heavy breakfast for both of them.

Christian could only smile tenderly. His great-grandpa was his greatest companion. He didn't know how long his grandpa would sustain the life that he gave him. So as much as possible, he wanted to spend more time with him.

But Grandpa Lu wanted the other way around. He wished for Christian to interact and mingle with the other people, not only him. He didn't want Christian to always rely on him... to be dependent on him.

Grandpa Lu was also preparing Christian for the worst case scenario. He was old enough to die. But he was just alive now because of the power and life span Christian gave up for him. Deep inside, he felt so guilty about that. But he was not showing it to Christian. He didn't want him to worry.

"Grandpa... Thank you for being with me and staying by my side always." Christian held his great-grandpa's hand, squeezing it gently. Grandpa Lu smiled back at him, rubbing his back.

"My great-grandson, I love staying with you but I would appreciate it more if you will find a girlfriend. You should go out and hang out with your friends! Explore the beauty of this world together with other people!" Grandpa Lu was giving Christian a piece of meaningful advice.

"Great-grandpa..." Christian groaned. He knew it. His great-grandpa would push him to find a girl and hang out with his so-called friends. But he was only close to their family and relatives... to his cousins specifically!

"I'm hungry. Let's just eat!" Christian changed the topic right away.

"Fine. I will not pressure you about this. But just like what I said yesterday... I will help you find a suitable secretary. Understand? I'm coming with you to the Heavenly Star Enterprise today. We will start the screening test for the applicants!" Grandpa Lu declared to him.

Christian heaved a sigh of defeat. His great-grandfather was very persistent. He couldn't win against him.

"Okay. Gramps! You can do what you want. Let's eat!"

The two spoke about the interview during the meal. Christian informed his Grandpa Zu Wan to schedule the interview this morning at 10:00 am. He would start the screening process to fulfill his great-grandpa's wishes.

After breakfast, the two got ready to go to work. Grandpa Lu had to wear a mask to hide his face from the staff and employees of the Heavenly Star Enterprise.

Christian still acted aloof and indifferent as he entered the building. Employees were hesitant to greet or approach him because of his cold demeanor and chilly aura.

Christian remained his neutral expression until he reached his office. Grandpa Lu was following him from behind, avoiding the public's eyes.

He entered Christian's office through the secret passage. Christian's expression softened upon seeing his great-grandpa.

"Do you want to meet Grandpa Zu Wan first?" Christian asked Grandpa Lu. "I'll give him a call to inform him that you are here."

"Sure, dear. I also missed talking to your grandpa."

Christian spent his time reviewing the resume of the applicants while Grandpa Lu was talking to Zu Wan. The two old men were getting along really well.

It did not take long when the five applicants finally arrived at the conference hall where the interview would be held.

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There were three women and two men applicants. Everyone came on time, afraid to make a bad impression on their future boss. Grandpa Lu also sat in front of the table where the panel members were supposed to sit down.

Christian, Zu Wan, and Grandpa Lu were now sitting on their respective chairs. The applicants would be interviewed one by one. They interviewed the two male applicants first. Zu Wan was the one questioning them.

Christian and Grandpa Lu just remained silent on the sideline. Grandpa Lu seemed too bored interviewing the male applicants. Soon, the interview for the female applicants started.

Grandpa Lu's bored and uninterested expression suddenly changed into a lively one. His eyes sparkled in delight as soon as he saw the next applicant.

A woman wearing a skirt and white plain blouse entered the hall, greeting them with her charming smile. Her beautiful eyes looked like priceless emerald and greenfields that were full of life.

Christian's brows twitched upon meeting her gaze. There was something in her that he suddenly felt uneasy. He couldn't name it nor figure it out.

The two were still looking at each other when Grandpa Lu spoke up, thus interrupting the two for their staring contest. Zu Wan also cleared his throat.

"Introduce yourself to us, Miss." Grandpa Lu said, his eyes filled with intrigue.

"I'm Myrene Keller, 21 years old...." Myrene continued to tell them about her educational background and her background.

Seeing the enthusiasm in Grandpa Lu's eyes, Zu Wan just allowed Grandpa Lu to do the questioning. And his next question brought a deafening silence around the hall.

"What do you think about your future boss... is he handsome or not? Is he boyfriend material or a husband material?"

Christian: "..."

Zu Wan: "..."

Myrene: "???"

Her jaw dropped, uncertain of what she should reply. She just smiled awkwardly upon seeing Christian's expression.