Chapter 886 Charming But Scary


An explosion happened even before the shards of ice crystal reached Allen and Ella. The smoke engulfed the area, reducing the visibility.

The guardian warriors didn't know what happened. It took several seconds before they cleared their vision. They were surprised to see Little Christian shielding Ella and Allen. He teleported to their location! And using his power, he blocked the ice crystal shards.

"How did he do that?" The ice element wielder was shocked beyond belief. They didn't anticipate that this young little demon could also use teleportation.

"Grab them!" The shaman suddenly blurted out, realizing that Christian might escape using teleportation.

The Healer was about to grab and hold them in place when Christian's blue fire dragon interfered. He finally repealed the sealing spell cast by the shamans.

In a blink of an eye, Christian teleported back to Cassie's side. He brought along Allen and Ella.

"Knock them unconscious!" Cassie ordered her brother as she wanted to use her power, not in front of Allen and Ella.

Christian shook his head helplessly. His twin sister was truly enjoying this. Because of this she found the opportunity to test her skills and powers wherein she could justify it from their parents.

Zhen-Zhen and Tristan would not scold them for not following the rule. This was a special situation.

Meanwhile, the five guardian warriors didn't know what they would do next. They couldn't pass through the invisible barrier. Their attacks were useless against the twins' shield.

"Why are they not escaping? They can teleport now. But why are they still here?" The earth element wielder asked his comrades in puzzlement.

"Maybe they couldn't do a long-distance teleportation," the ice element wielder responded, not certain about it.

"Let's catch them! Our mission will fail once they escape!" He added, encouraging his comrades to join forces to capture the twins.

The healer shook her head and held his shoulder. "Their protective barrier is unbreakable. You are just wasting your time."

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"Then what should we do?" He spat back.

"Admit defeat, surrender, and go back to your own world," Christian's small but cold voice was heard. He was the one who answered the ice element wielder.

The guardian warriors were taken aback and at the same time, were overwhelmed by Christian's overbearing confidence.

"You little demon! Just you wait. I will give you a lesson that you will never forget!" The ice element wielder refused to admit defeat. He summoned bigger shards of ice crystals, forming them into a large ice dragon form. He controlled it, launching another attack on Christian, Cassie, Ella, and Allen.

This time Cassie released Scarlet, her red fire dragon. Her eyes sparkled in excitement as she watched Scarlet melting the ice dragon formed by the ice element wielder.

"What the hell is this? They can fight back. Am I really witnessing this? We are at the losing end!" The Shaman blurted out exasperatedly.

As the guardian warriors were talking to each other, Christian and Cassie exchanged meaningful looks at each other. They were communicating through their eyes.

Seconds later, Cassie closed her eyes once again, raising her palms. Before the guardian warriors realized it, another barrier was built around them, thus trapping them.

"Eh? What happened?" The Healer was the first one who noticed that they were trapped in a barrier.

The other warriors pressed their palms against the invisible barrier. They felt like a strong wall was standing in front of them.

"Damn! We should get out of here!"

"Use the vines!"

"Cast a spell. Let's try using a dimension-hopping spell!"

"Use the sharp shards of your ice crystal!"

The guardian warriors were now in panic.

While they were strategizing on how to escape from that barrier cell, Christian told Cassie to transfer Ella and Allen to a safe place.

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Worrying about the safety of the two, Cassie immediately complied with Christian's request. She also used her teleportation ability to bring Allen and Ella back to the Davis Family Mansion. The two of them were already unconscious.

When Cassie left, Christian moved closer to the spot where the guardian warriors were trapped. He was like a warden guarding and observing his prisoners.

"Now, let's talk. Why did you come here?" Christian asked them with a serious expression on his face.

The healer thought he was harmless so she just answered his query. "We are here for your mother and grandfather, the demon god."

"So are you here to kill them?" Christian threw another blatant question.

"Yes. That's our mission. We can't allow them to bring another chaos to our world." The healer explained to the little young boy.

Christian raised his eyebrow, eyeing the healer in disbelief. "You are all stupid. Our mother and our grandfather are living here peacefully without harming any human beings. But here you are, wanting to eliminate them by using all means... even if it means sacrificing the innocents."

"You are the ones, looking for a fight! Not them!" he added. Christian sounded like a strict teacher scolding his students.

"My sister and I can easily defeat you and kill you if we want it. But our parents asked us not to hurt any humans using our powers so we didn't attack you first. So I'm warning you. Don't give me a reason to hurt each one of you! Just go back to your world and don't create chaos here," Christian said those words with so much conviction.

"Are you looking for trouble?" His sharp gaze was directed at them. He was warning them.

The guardian warriors fell silent for a moment. They had to admit that Christian was right. He and his twin sister were powerful enough to crush them but they didn't do it.

"But since you used innocent people, maybe I can no longer consider you as human beings. I can do what I want with you," Christian said meaningfully, threatening them.

The four guardian warriors became uneasy. They suddenly felt scared and alarmed. What if this little demon would kill them for real? With his current power, he was capable of doing that.

'He looks so charming but he is scary!' The healer thought to herself. She was the only calm person inside that prison barrier.

"Let me ask you one more time... will you admit defeat and go back to your world, or stay here and die? Which is which?"

Guardian warriors: "..."

'Is he serious? Is he planning to kill us?'

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