[Emperor’s POV]

Then I let out a deep sigh.

I was born as the emperor’s eldest son, and this kind of thing has never happened in succession until now. Hearing that my son, Claude, was behaving unmannerly at the magic academy and causing trouble all around makes me want to hold my head in my hands.

To tell the truth, my desire to give my position to my eldest son as soon as possible and spend a slow life of self-sufficiency in a remote place, growing crops, keeps increasing day after day.

The second son, however, turned out to be a difficult character, while the eldest son, who had been hiding his name and identity, seldom returned home.

Perhaps he thinks that if he returns home, he’ll get forced to inherit the throne and won’t be able to go on any adventures.

As if to confirm this, as my second son’s personality gradually surfaced, the frequency of my eldest son’s visits kept declining.

What’s more, I got reports of him saying, “My dream is set! To be loved by a slave maid wearing a collar!” The party members were reportedly appalled by the exclamations.

I really wish he would marry one of his fiancées before declaring such nonsense.

It’s no wonder I wanted to scold my children for an hour to see if they were really up for it.

“Sigh, I’d like to resign as an emperor.”

“What are you saying? If you resign now, who will take your place, Your Majesty?”

“My job is to give permission to use the treasury, stamp the names of those who got checked by my men, and meet with the rulers of other countries, which frankly, doesn’t even have to be me. Ah, maybe you should replace me as emperor until my sons succeed to the throne?”

“… That’s given because they’re your blood.”

“Hmm? Did you say something?”

“No, I’ve told you it would be impossible for me to replace His Majesty the Emperor.”

God, his personality has always been stiff and serious. 

It may be good for my side, but it is not good when we need flexibility sometimes, which hurts and reduces his value. 

Just like now.

“Your Majesty. Did you just curse me?”

Oh, his eyes are serious. I felt it intuitively and apologized from the knees down at a speed an ordinary person cannot see.

There is no one who can withstand the apology of the emperor, so in fact, I am the strongest on my knees.

“… I’m angry because you curse me, you know?”

And although I was not cursed afterwards, I got scolded for an hour.