2350 Beginning of the war, the death battle in front of the 24-22 gates ⑥ ~

What's going on!

The confederate general pounded the table with his rage. The schematic on the table and the tokens on it dance in the air.

Perhaps rearranging it again, Trevi stared at the sight with his cold eyes. No matter how much incompetence to scream at the military assembly so far or to carry out Shane Sereno's orders, no emotion moved. Nowadays, it's harder to hold your laugh because you think it resembles a doll that moves your neck vertically when you shake it. As expected, if a mercenary laughs at a regular general, he can't complain about his execution.

I don't know what it's like to be irritated, but I don't know. The Confederate army struck for seven days, and nothing came of it. In the meantime, the number of soldiers killed finally exceeded 10,000. The plateau was filled with corpses, and it was no longer possible to advance without stepping on the corpses of allies. That fact further slowed the Allied advance and demoralized them. I don't think anyone would want to step on the body of someone they were with until yesterday. I don't even know what soldiers are capable of trampling on my friend's corpse.

The number of mercenaries here is small. Many of them were organized into castle attackers and acted together, but the mercenary regiment, which had enough strength to not have to do so, moved individually and had considerable discretion, so they did not participate in the reckless castle attack. The same is true of Captain Banda, Gaelnitz, who survived in the castle assailant, who struggled to fix his allies' equipment and support at the rear.

Trevi was the only one in the army to be a mercenary, and he couldn't help but watch the battle with Shane Sereno and Dryan. It was a new discovery that although it was unchaste that it was a losing role, it gradually began to be understood what Silvanoré had said.

"(Isn't Shane Sereno a human being? It may be true. No matter how many of my allies died in the last seven days, their expressions and signs did not change. Dryan was expressionless, but the signs showed that he was furious with the death of his allies who were not Beastmen. Are you enduring a tremendous amount of anger and helplessness with iron self-restraint? He's more human than anything, isn't he?"

Trevi was suddenly furious when it became clear to Rock that she was thinking of such a thing because of the screaming general.

"That mercenary there! I'm talking about you!"


Trevi replied unintentionally, but he didn't mean it, he really did. Besides myself, I wondered why each of the top generals of the armies of the countries had the opportunity to speak like a mercenary.

The dumb reaction seemed to have provoked more and more of the general's displeasure.

You're still a mercenary group calling yourself a castle attacker! Be ashamed that you won't be able to attack us for seven days!

"... I don't know what you mean." It must have been General Shane Sereno who chose to attack me. As intended, the soldiers and mercenaries of the lords fought madly and built a pile of corpses as ordered. If I hadn't been mistaken, I wouldn't have had a chance to ask for your commitment or your words in the meantime? ”

"I am saying that not speaking out is a negligence in itself!"

"That's ridiculous."

I've already swallowed your words, Trevi, trying to tell you that you're guilty as well. Mercenary experience is long. Before you became famous, Trevy could quickly hold back the rash orders you heard.

After a few moments of restoration of calm, Trevi spoke slowly.

"I decided that I would not know the effect of my attack if I did not pass 7 days or more, so if it is stated that it is due to negligence, I apologize for not proposing a matching period. However, if I am allowed to appear as the acting head of a mercenary regiment among the many lords, can I express my opinion?"

Nuu... let's go, I forgive you

Master Shane Sereno?

Trevi calmly wore the look of Shane Sereno, who was regarded as the general. She smiled and nodded as usual. I think Trevy understood a little bit about where that smile came from. Her smile is indifferent. No matter how much the lords argue, she doesn't care at all. I don't even know if I'm interested in the end of this battle.

But then I got angry that even if I did some nonsense, it would go through.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my attack is a replacement for the human losses of the Allied forces and the qualitative losses of the opponent, but how many days do you think it will take to keep up with this momentum?"

Mmm... that's...

Since ancient times, half a month is said to be the limit of the number of days you can maintain morale in a castle attack.

The old general replied.

Half a moon is 20 days or so?

"It also depends on how many people die." It's not unusual to die this time. "

"In this case, it would be 20 days or less, 14 or 15 days?" What did you think of Shane Sereno? "

"If you give orders, there will be brave soldiers who will fight until they are annihilated." However, military destruction generally refers to 10% wear and tear, and total destruction is defined as about 30% wear and tear. That is, the percentage that the army will not be able to maintain its function. We have already lost ten thousand generals. Then why not destroy it in seven days? "

"I see. So who thinks they'll run out of supplies if I keep attacking?"

No one raised their hand to Trevi's question. I don't think Trevy has a soldier who can prove it.

Trevi continues his proposal.

"So, it's important to keep attacking me or to conduct another operation simultaneously." They expect us to retreat eventually if we defend them. Then do something they didn't expect. "

What do you mean?

“Short-term battles or battles of attrition.”

Trevi spread out the schematics of the operation that Silvanoré had left behind. I didn't think I'd really use it, but I think it's better than being disposed of here. Though it may be contrary to Silvanoré's intentions, Trevi was convinced that she was indeed the commander of the castle assailant.


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