Suhi Wei walked to the bedside, looking at the skinny Chen Yuqiong who looked a little out of sorts, she felt a pain in her heart, "Mom, you've suffered."

Chen Yuqiong's face revealed an optimistic smile, "Silly child, your mother is fine now. She can be discharged from the hospital in the afternoon."

"The doctor said that you need to be hospitalized for a period of time. Listen to the doctor and don't let your imagination run wild." Suhi Wei knew that Chen Yuqiong was in a hurry to leave the hospital because she felt sorry for the money.

"Xi Wei, mom really is fine. If I really have to rest, I'll go home and rest. If I stay in the hospital for a day, I'll have to spend more money." Chen Yuqiong frowned, thinking that she had spent a lot of money this time, she became anxious.

Suhi Wei's heart ached, at the same time, she complained about her uselessness. In order to let Chen Yuqiong feel at ease, she smiled and said: "Mom, I forgot to tell you, a guest gave me a huge tip last night. Five thousand was enough to treat your illness, don't worry, you can rest assured and stay in the hospital to treat it."

"Five thousand?" Suhi Che, who was at the side, was shocked, "Sis, there's a possibility of giving you one to two hundred yuan, but you can give me five thousand yuan, this is just too …"

Suhi Wei glared at Suhi Che fiercely, thinking that it was fine if this brat did not help to calm Chen Yuqiong down, but she had purposely brought out the doubts in her heart.

"Yeah, Xi Wei, you're lying to me right?" Chen Yuqiong frowned.

"Mom, why would I lie to you? Those rich people don't think that there's that much money." She continued persuasively, "Only now I have three jobs, one in the cafeteria, one in the bar, the other... Since I'm a servant of a wealthy family, I don't have much time to visit you. You have to listen to the doctor and wait for me and my brother to relax. "

"Xi Wei, it's all your mother's fault. Not only did you fail to finish college, you're also a burden now …" Chen Yuqiong felt a burst of guilt in her heart.

Ever since she left school, Chen Yuqiong would say these kinds of words of guilt everyday.

In fact, Suhi Wei did not blame his mother at all. Instead, she felt that she was exceptionally great, helping his husband pay off his gambling debts and pulling both of them together. All the hardships she had endured over these years, were simply too many to count.

"Mom, we are a family, don't say such polite words anymore, and in the future, don't mention it, you and Xi Che are my strongest supporters!" Suhi Wei tightly gripped Chen Yuqiong's hand, her gaze firm.

After leaving the hospital, she planned to return to the rented room to change out of her clothes that reeked of alcohol.

Just as he walked out of the rented apartment, the door opened.

"Suhi Wei, you still have the face to come back here!" Liman Li was dressed in sexy clothes, thick makeup, and black stockings, she looked very much like a woman who worked at a nightclub.

Suhi Wei pulled down her face and coldly replied: "This is the house I'm renting, why can't I go back here?"

Just as she was about to ignore her and enter the house, Liman Li stopped her and coldly chuckled: "I've already left the house."

"What did you say?" Anger burned in Suhi Wei's heart, "On what basis are you doing this!"

"I paid the rent too!" Liman Li hugged his boyfriend, her heart was in turmoil, her anger soaring to the skies, "Feiyang was taken away by Lu Zhiyuan, there's no news at all! Suhi Wei, you don't have the ability to take care of your boyfriend, and now you are bullying us with Lu Zhiyuan! You truly have no power!"

Looking at Liman Li's furious expression, Suhi Wei laughed coldly, "He deserved it!"

"Xi Wei, I beg of you, please let Flight go. I know we have let you down, but you have such a powerful boyfriend like Young Master Lu, you don't need to bother with us …" Suddenly, Liman Li withdrew her angry face and pulled Suhi Wei's arm as she pleaded.

Heh, he really was an acrobat!

It was a pity that she wouldn't fall for it again.

Although a man like Chen Feiyang wasn't worth being sad over, she wouldn't easily forgive him either.

"You don't care?" Suhi Wei told her coldly, "I, Suhi Wei, will forever remember how you, this dog couple, betrayed your own girlfriend, and let down your own good sisters!"

Liman Li's expression became aghast, knowing that begging was useless. Her expression changed again and became stern, "Suhi Wei, do you really think that the Lu Family's gate is that easy to enter?"

In Liman Li's eyes, Suhi Wei was just a bumpkin.

She, Suhi Wei, was so tiny that she could not even compare to an ant, and thus, became the Young Mistress of Lu Family.

Suhi Wei knew that Liman Li was not feeling well, so she purposely said these words to provoke her, but she never thought of marrying into Lu Family. No matter how much she mocked him, she held an indifferent attitude.

"Entering and exiting requires a password, it really isn't easy." Suhi Wei scoffed.

Liman Li felt that Suhi Wei was trying to brag to her. She, who was always jealous, couldn't take it anymore after hearing this and fought back, "Suhi Wei, don't get cocky too early.

"Rest assured, I will definitely not be like you, a widow!" She smiled without a trace of politeness.

"You!" Liman Li was very clear that Chen Feiyang would not be able to get out this time. She changed the topic and sneered: "If he can't get out, then he won't be able to.

Liman Li's words made Suhi Wei somewhat lose her appetite, and she mocked in the bottom of her heart, Didn't the two of you truly love each other?

She was too lazy to continue talking, she stared at Chen Feiyang and said: "What about you and Chen Feiyang, they have nothing to do with me. I am only concerned with my thousand yuan, when are you going to pay me back? "Also, although you paid the rent, this is our house after all. Is it reasonable for you to return the rent without my permission?"

"Suhi Wei, now that you have a big boyfriend, you actually asked me for a mere thousand dollars like you were rushing your own life? "Also, you live in an upscale villa, why would you care about such a rented apartment?" Liman Li hugged her arms, and spoke with a disdainful tone.

"Liman Li, I don't know if you are too good at disguising yourself, or if I, Suhi Wei, was blind enough to not see a trash like you!" Liman Li's shameless look was really disgusting.

"Suhi Wei, let's not talk about each other. Isn't it just because of a man? He's not with me now, is he? Do you really have to hold on to me? " With that said, Liman Li carried her luggage out.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Suhi Wei grabbed onto her luggage and bellowed: Give me the money!

She could not bear to see someone whose conscience had been eaten by a dog.

Liman Li glanced at the suitcase that she was grabbing, and grinded her teeth: "Suhi Wei, you don't lack money right now, I will not return it to you!"

With that, she used a bit of force and pulled the luggage away from Suhi Wei's hands.

The pain in Suhi Wei's palm caused him to step on the sky and leave.

To make such shameless friends, she could only blame her bad luck.