Chapter 502 - 502 Finally Engaged!!!

502 Finally Engaged!!!

As the crowd slowly calmed down, the MC once again announced “Congratulation Ms. Sia Rao and Mr. Mu Jun for getting engaged. We wish you all the best and may you have a beautiful life ahead. To celebrate this happy occasion how about the newly engaged couple do the opening dance? Ladies and gentlemen, please give a huge round of applouse to the newly engaged couple Ms. Sia and Mr. Mu Jun”

Under the cheers and applause of the crowd, a gentle music started to play at the background.

With one hand on her waist and the other holding her hand outward, while looking into her eyes lovingly, Mu Jun moved along with Sia to the beat.

Within the crowd, watching the cute couple, Mrs. Rao felt like her heart was about to melt. Meanwhile, Mr. Rao was trying his best to hold back his urge to separate the couple. Earlier, he was also among the crowd cheering for the couple. But it was only after the two of them exchanged rings did Mr. Rao realise the sad truth that the one getting engaged was none other than his daughter. Since then, Mr. Rao had been glaring at Mu Jun fiercely.

At another corner, after the couple exchanged the rings, Grandpa Mo turned to Grandpa Rao and patted his shoulder roughly as he laughed out boisterously “Old man congratulations. We are officially in-laws”

“Hmph” slapping Grandpa Mo’s hand away, Grandpa Rao snorted “who want’s to be in-law with you”

“Haha, but you don’t have any other choice. Our children are already engaged” Grandpa Mo laughed, not taking Grandpa Rao’s words to his heart

Rolling his eyes at the excited grandpa Mo, Grandpa Rao snorted “So what if they are engaged? It doesn’t mean your grandson has won. They are only engaged nor married. And even if they are married there exist something called divorce, so don’t be happy very early old man” Grandpa Rao said arrogantly before walking away from the annoying old man who had been sticking around him since he entered the banquet.

Looking at the arrogant old man, Grandpa Mo looked at his happy grandson and felt worried.


“It doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy to bring baby Sia to our home. Should I just get baby Mu to impregnant her? then they would have no choice but to stay together. Neither the Rao family would be able to separate them and at the same time I’ll get to carry my fat great grandchild...hehe” Grandpa Mo thought inwardly with a huge grin on his face.

If Grandpa Rao was here, he would have definitely rushed into his room get a gun to shoot this wicked old man who had bad thoughts on his baby granddaughter.

In a corner, Mr. Mu, along with Yi Mingchen watched as Mu Jun danced happily with his newly engaged fiance. Looking at the genuine smile on his son’s face, Mr. Mu’s face lit up with happiness.

While twirling the wine glass in his hands, Mr. Mu thought inwardly “Did you see that Dear? Your son has finally found a girl he loves dearly. Your daughter-in-law is just as beautiful as you. If you were here, you would definitely be happy for them”

Noticing Yi Mingchen’s sour face, Mr. Mu reminded her coldly “Sometime’s no matter how much one tries, they can never get the thing that is not meant to be yours. I hope you will learn your lesson with this. Also...” putting the wine glass aside, Mr. Mu warned her coldly “You better stay away from them. If I learn you had wicked thoughts towards the couple, I won’t hesitate to kick your son out of the house. by then, he would no longer be eligible to compete for the position of the heir. Keep this in mind”

After that Mr. Mu walked away to make a call to his assistant.

Meanwhile, the couple were too engrossed in their own world that they did not realise that the first song had long ended and the second song was being played.

While others were watching the couple dancing to the song, John suddenly knelt infront of Katherine and held his hand out like a gentlemen as he asked “Ms. Katherine, would I have the honour to have a dance with you?”

“I’m honoured to do so” Katherina bowed slightly before placing her hand on his outstretched hands and following him out.

Following after John, Yang Jie, Lu Jin, Si Ming, Shen Yi as well as a few young couple joined the platform and started to dance with their partner.

Looking at the beautiful couple dancing together, Zhen Wei suddenly had the urge to dance. The next moment, without second thought Zhen Wei grabbed Gu Nian and pulled him to the dance floor without even asking him for permission like a gentlewoman. Well, she has never been one in the first place.

Seeing the young couples dance together, Mrs. Rao sighed heavily “How great it is to be young?”

Looking at her grown up son who was standing like an old man, Mrs. Rao suddenly found him an eyesore. Hitting him on the shoulder, Mrs. Rao huffed “Look at you, standing like an old bachelor. Look at those young ones, they have found their other half at such a young age and look at you, you are already so old yet you are still single. When are you going to bring me a daughter-in-law”

“....” ‘Mom, do I have to remind you that I’m only five years older than these young ones and that fifteen years older?’

Hugging his mother to stop her from emabrrassing him, Evan Rao coaxed her gently “Mom, it’s not that I do not want to but I haven’t found one yet. Just as the saying goes, if you are meant to be, you will end up with them no matter what circumstence. So, let’s just leave the matter of love to fate, okay?”

“Hmph, don’t think you can bluff me with these words. Tell me the truth, have you never found one or never been interested in women? It might be tough to accept but we will respect your choice. You can tell me if you don’t like women but a man instead”

“Mom, how could that be possible? I’m definitely interested in women and I’m more than sure about it” Evan swore seriously

Squinting her eyes over his unusual reaction, Mrs. Rao asked “Wait, how are you sure you are straight? Have you actually tested yourself? How, when and with whom did you test? Oh my god, it’s not what I am thinking right?”

Dumbstruck, Evan suddenly let go of his mother and coughed “Mom, what are you even thinking in your mind?” Afraid that Mrs. Rao might continue interrogating him, Evan hurriedly said “Cough...I suddenly remember I have some work to do. See you later mom”

Watching her son flee, Mrs. Rao looked at him suspiciously as she thought “Something doesn’t look right. Anyway, where do you think you can run? Sooner or later you will fall into my hands and then I will see how you will escape from me...hmph”