"That's right, I'm here to thank you. Come to my house to be a guest for a meal." Bai Ye directly revealed her motive for calling Qi Yunjia in the middle of the night, and then added: "It was my mother's idea."

At this moment, Qi Yunjia did not recall anything. Last time when she was on the phone with Bai Ye, she had discussed a plan to deal with Liu Yunfei and Qin Pei.

And like what Bai Ye had done, it was to tell Qin Pei that he really liked Qi Yunjia, in order to distract Qin Pei's attention, so that she would no longer restrict Bai Ye in such a way.

Previously, when she mentioned this deceptive trick, Qi Yunjia had thought that she would have to play tricks to get on stage.

Now that the other side was putting in so much effort to meet her in person, what should they do?

Qi Yunjia was also confused, the guest Bai Ye mentioned, was probably not just having an ordinary meal.

If she really went to meet him, then the person he would be facing at the table would be Qin Pei, who had been teamed up with Bai Ye to bully her without even knowing in the end and even wanted to treat her as her future daughter-in-law. Although Cen Pei was very hateful, but to deceive a mother like this, Qi Yunjia still felt a bit of psychological burden. If Cen Pei took it seriously, it would probably be very troublesome in the future.

"You have to act the entire act. There's no other way now." In this regard, Bai Ye also felt deeply helpless.

Even if Qi Yunjia wanted to escape now, there was indeed no way to. If she rejected Qin Pei's invitation, and if Cen Pei sent people to investigate and surprise attack her, she would be caught off guard, and the possibility of being exposed would increase. What was the use of using this method to trick others? Nothing could obstruct her now.

Forget it, in order to not be suspected by the shrewd Qin Pei, in order to give Bai Ye a chance to go to Annan as well as for the happiness of his good friend for the rest of his life, Qi Yunjia had to agree to it.

As to what kind of test he would face at the dining table, Qi Yunjia had already planned to use force to cover her misgivings.

"In that case, this lady will barely save you. When are you going to eat?"

Bai Ye replied almost without thinking, "Tomorrow night."

To think that Cen Pei was in such a hurry, Qi Yunjia was also speechless.

"White night."

Qi Yunjia faintly called out Bai Ye's name from the phone. Is this how impatient you are when you bring women back? "

Her playful joke, after being said in such a serious manner, had become even more funny. Bai Ye only pursed her lips but did not say anything, and only replied Qi Yunjia with a few words.

He only brought Shang Muxia this woman back to the Bai Clan. Furthermore, at that time, he wanted Shang Muxia to live in the Bai Family … He was indeed impatient.

However, in the end, he still could only watch as she left without any hesitation.

Thinking of this, a trace of depression flashed through Bai Ye's heart. After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

… ….

In the early morning of the next day, Liu Yunfei was still lying on the bed which used to be a white night without any clothes on.

She didn't know when or how she had fallen asleep last night. However, she clearly remembered that her body had suffered a great deal of pain and suffering last night.

All she could remember was that the red wine cup had been swapped with the white night, allowing her to accidentally drink the wine that she had drugged. Liu Yunfei, who was slightly more clear-headed, felt his hatred towards Bai Ye slowly spread.

The reaction of Liu Yunfei's body had yet to recede, but she was not as hot as last night. The only thing left was her soreness and weakness, and she had no strength left in her body. She could only stare blankly at the ceiling. The conspiracy was seen through by Bai Ye, he was abandoned by Bai Ye, even Qin Pei had seen his naked body before … Even an old woman like her was mocking and despising her. Damn it, that old woman, what kind of good thing was she?

After last night's humiliation, Liu Yunfei had understood that Cen Pei would definitely not stand on his side. The hope that the Liu Family placed on her had also been shattered with his own hands.

Liu Yunfei couldn't even remember what Qin Pei had told her last night. At that time, the light was quite dim and Liu Yunfei couldn't even see her face clearly. But just by thinking about it, she could tell that Qin Pei would never want to see her again after personally seeing her debauchery. What can I do to get through this?

Liu Yunfei was immersed in her own thoughts, when she suddenly heard a cold voice coming from outside the bedroom: "Zhang Ma, later on, completely clean my bedroom. The sheets, the sheets and the carpet, don't look at anything else you don't want. "Yes."

When Liu Yunfei heard these words, she felt that she could no longer hear anything.

She didn't know how Zhang Ma had replied, nor did she know if Bai Ye had anything else to say that was even more unpleasant.

The sheets, the sheets, the carpet, whatever you don't want, you don't want. It was saying that he was filthy to death.

These words fell on her heart, or rather, it didn't fall on her heart, but stabbed fiercely into it.

These are the things she touched last night, so they're dirty? Was her body that dirty in his eyes?

And... Clean up. Even cleaning her up? Did Bai Ye always treat her like trash? Thus, even if she was lying naked in front of him, he didn't have any reaction. He only acted on the spot.

Is that right?

Bai Ye didn't even think about who he was doing this for! For who!

Wasn't it him, Bai Ye!

Why did he have to look at her so viciously? What did he do wrong!?

While Liu Yunfei was feeling indignant, the Zhang Ma had already pushed open the bedroom door. She also did not expect that Zhang Ma would already be able to open the door so casually without even greeting them.

That's right, it was White Night who asked her to clean up the bedroom. If White Night wasn't here, why would she need to pay attention to avoiding it? Right, isn't it the Miss Liu from the Bai Family … No need.

Zhang Ma was helpless! How was she supposed to clean up this situation? The naked man was in his bed! They didn't even see it! From the look on Bai Ye's face when he had just ordered her to clean the room, it was obvious that he was extremely cold.

Could it be that this Miss Liu did something that provoked the Young Master last night? Or was she really going to try it again and drug the young master? A girl's face really doesn't want her face.

Zhang Ma took a look and could not watch any longer. She had wanted to close the bedroom and clean the place after Liu Yunfei finished dressing up, but then she remembered that Bai Ye had instructed him to clean the room as soon as possible, no matter what the situation was.

How could she dare to disobey the orders of her Young Master? But if she just ignored the living women in the room to do the cleaning, she really wouldn't be able to do it.

Thus, Zhang Ma turned her head and walked over to the bed, "Miss Liu, look at the sky. It's already been half a day. Young Master told me to clean up the room, it must be done immediately. "

Liu Yunfei did not care about what she said, as though she could not hear her, she continued to look at the ceiling, her eyes did not have any expression, nor did it have any ups and downs. She looked like a wooden puppet.

Liu Yunfei felt very despair.

The person she loved felt nothing but contempt for her and didn't like her at all. Even to the point of being extremely malicious, Cen Pei, the only person who could take advantage of her, despised her. What else could she do?!

"Miss Liu, please get up first. Don't make things difficult for me like this, I have no other choice." Seeing that she did not have any reaction, Zhang Ma continued to speak.

However, Liu Yunfei still ignored her words, she did not move an inch, and had no choice but to pull the bedsheet over her body, helping her to take out the torn and tattered short skirt and place it by her side.

"Miss Liu, put on your clothes and leave."

Liu Yunfei only trembled slightly when she felt her body being covered by something. There was a horrible sneer on her face.