Was it her that White Night truly treated? She couldn't believe it. If so, how should she understand the matter of surrogacy? But if it wasn't so, why would he be worried about his own safety, and even live in a Bai family villa.

"If it's true, are you willing to stay in the Bai Clan? Now that his career is at a low point, if he can get something out of love, it might be the greatest help to his mood. "

The next day, Shang Muxia returned home from work. She was attracted by the sound of a black luxury car honking in front of the gallery. She looked up and saw a familiar silhouette in the driver's seat. Who else could it be other than White Night?

Not far away, Liu Yunfei, who was about to look for Shang Muxia after receiving the humiliation at Bai Ye's place, had a livid complexion. He bit his lower lip tightly, until it turned green and white. He even clenched his hands into fists, and his nails, covered with red nail polish, sunk into his palms.

No, she couldn't let them be together like this. Absolutely not. Bai's disease and the Liu family were the two families that were related in marriage, and the daughter-in-law that Qin Pei recognized was also her. How could she, Shang Muxia, be worthy of the Bai Family! If he didn't have the chance to find her today, then tomorrow, the day after, she would definitely find him and give him a show of strength. Let her know, Liu Yunfei was the only woman who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Bai Ye, and was the only woman who had the qualifications to drive a car with Bai Ye.

Thinking about how she opened the door for Shang Muxia on white night, the fire of jealousy in her eyes lit up once again. The red fingernails that had sunk into her palm became even deeper, and the exquisite makeup on her face became distorted due to her anger.

Just as she was about to leave, a voice called out to her from behind, "Liu Yunfei, what are you doing here?"

At that moment, Liu Yunfei was not in the mood to argue with her, not to mention the lesson last time.

"Liu Yunfei, I'm warning you, what kind of tricks are you trying to pull on Mu Xia? Otherwise, if some things were to be found out by Liu Pei, the consequences would be obvious. "

Towards Qi Yunjia's threat, Liu Yunfei only held back her anger in her heart. She left behind a fierce glare before leaving on her high heels.

Shang Muxia, Qi Yunjia, there will be a day when I will disqualify you from being arrogant in front of me, and make you kneel and beg for forgiveness.

… ….

It wasn't until they were on a quiet road that she slowly realized she was in a car on a white night.

Shang Muxia turned her face slightly to see him drive, she seemed to be a little distracted, as if something was going on in her heart. When she felt White Night's eyes on her, she immediately looked at the right windshield. Along the way, neither of them spoke. The air in the car seemed to have frozen.

She began to wonder what Bai Yanyi's actions meant. Was he going to bring her back to the villa? So when she got into the car, she agreed to his request? She stared out the windshield at the rapidly receding landscape, thinking.

The car drove straight to the Bai family villa. Even when they got out of the car, the two of them did not speak. White Night had been kind enough to unbuckle her seat belt and pick her up and get her out of the car halfway around the car.

Shang Muxia looked at him with a strange gaze, mixed with a trace of astonishment. But seeing his tightly shut lips, Shang Muxia did not have the thought of speaking first.

Only when Bai Ye brought her into that room again did he hear his cold and gentle voice. "Return to the scene that we did not discuss last time and give me a clear answer."

Shang Muxia's heart suddenly shook, and the first thing he said to her was actually this. Then the reason he didn't speak on the road was probably because of this, which meant that the journey was not safe.

This time, White Night didn't put the key in her hand. Instead, she put the key in the rose on the dressing table. Shang Muxia looked at him, and suddenly didn't know what to do.

Bai Ye's gaze was fixated on the key, as if he was extremely anticipating her coming forward to take it.

Finally, after experiencing a bitter struggle within his heart, Shang Muxia walked forward and picked up the bouquet of red roses. First, she brought it close to her nose to smell it, then put it back, and took the key away.

Naturally, all of this was witnessed by White Night, and deep joy was concealed within his cold and arrogant eyes. She finally agreed, so that he would feel much more at ease. Lin Zhiqian definitely did not have the courage to come here and threaten them with his Bai family villa. Although the current situation of the Bai Enterprise was not good, it still had a deep foundation, and no one could easily trip the Bai Family.

"This way, I'll feel more at ease."

Actually, even if Shang Muxia rejected him again today, he still planned to force her to stay in the villa.

"As for your mother …" Thinking about Bai Ye's mother, Shang Muxia looked troubled.

She thought back to her fearsome gaze that day. It made her panic, to the point that she didn't even dare to meet her eyes.

"I know what I'm doing. It's good that you can stay here peacefully. After this period of time, whether you want to leave or stay, will be up to you. "

Although she said so on the surface, Bai Ye was actually quite eager for her to stay. But these words reached Shang Muxia's ears, and turned into the meaning that was only doing this to protect his child's mother.

The man's heart was truly hard for her to guess and understand.

"If you need anything, let Hu Feng take you home. I'm worried about you being alone, but I still have matters that haven't been settled yet. "

Shang Muxia slightly nodded, hearing his talk about official matters, he seemed to have thought of something.