Chapter 1012 Sniper Rifle V3!

Name:Supremacy Games Author:Midgard
Chapter 1012 Sniper Rifle V3!

"Woah, captain is really too popular." Leo commentated with an awed expression as he watched the crowd going wild for Felix, cheering like their lives depended on it.

"All of this while no one had any idea about Felix's participation in the game." Sophie stated, "If his fans knew about his return, they would have already bought the entire stadium."

She was right...The viewers had no clue about the identity of the players in each game...Though, they could guess based on the repeating players in each game.

In the case of Felix? He was forgotten to be even part of the earthling team list after his long absence.

[Quick! Share the news with our brothers and sisters!!]

[I am already spamming the link in every social media platform!]

[Haha! Thank god my Lord didn't announce his return beforehand...I would have never gotten my ticket!]

Felix's fans in the stream chat didn't keep the news to themselves, sharing the link in Felix's fan club.

Since the club had close unfathomable number of members, the news went viral instantly throughout the entire galaxy and then followed by the universe!

The empty seats in the stadium were filled in the blink of an eye by Felix's fans.

As for the stream chat? It was completely raided by billions, then hundreds of billions, and before long, the concurrent viewership had hit a trillion!

'Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I really struck the jackpot with daddy Landlord.'

Miss Dacia was so ecstatic by the numbers of viewers in her game, she wanted to go down and give Felix a big old kiss.

She ought to feel this way as her commission from this game alone would rival that of peak-radiant games simply because of Felix's attendance!

After the hype died down, Miss Dacia teleported next to Felix and attempted to interview him. However, Felix rejected it politely and waited patiently for the game to start.

Miss Dacia couldn't force Felix for an interview, making her switch to the vampires team captain, Artemis.

Still, all of her questions were about Felix, which displeased Artemis and his teammates.

After thirty minutes of grueling questions, Miss Dacia concluded the interview by asking, "From 0% to 100%, how confident are you in winning this game?"

"60%." Artemis answered calmly.

Felix's fans instantly started to laugh their asses off, causing the vampires' face to turn slightly red in embarrassment.

"Laugh all you want, but we will show you." Artemis shoved away the mic from his face and went to join his teammates.

"We can't wait to see what you hid in your pockets for us." Miss Dacia remarked loudly before returning to her platform.

Without delay, she snapped her finger and kicked off the substitute players out of the main field, leaving only the original fifteen members.

Felix and the others were all wearing blue and white jerseys, making them truly resemble a rugby team.

'What's the plan?' Sylvia asked telepathically.

'You guys choose a corner and hang around there until the end of the game.' Felix said causally, 'As long as you don't touch the ball, no one will touch you.'

'Well, this isn't going to feel good, but there is no other option.' Leo shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the left most corner of the field...Then, he sat down and leaned against the glass dome that was around the field.

'Fighting, Felix!' Olivia cheered cutely before going next to Leo.

'Don't play too much with them.'

'Good luck, captain.'

The others left their own remarks as they went away too...Before long, only Noah was left next to Felix.

"You're staying?" Felix asked.

Noah nodded silently.

"Alright." Felix cracked his knuckles and said, "Though, you probably won't be needing to do much."

Unresponsive, Noah transformed into his werewolf form, turning him from a charming ice prince into a monstrous creature.

"We will be flipping for the ball possession." Miss Dacia eyed Felix and requested, "Heads or tails?"


Miss Dacia flipped the coin, and it ended up with tails, causing the vampires to feel a small sense of victory.

"The ball is your." Miss Dacia manifested a rugby ball in Artemis hands.

Artemis walked to the center of the field, that stretched for at least ten kilometers, and waited for his teammates to get into their formation.

Meanwhile, Felix and Noah remained at the far back, somewhat close to goal-line.

Somewhat like American football, rugby required the players to cross the goal-line with the ball.

Though, they weren't allowed to throw the ball forward to their teammates...Only backward.

If they wanted to send it to the front, they had to use their legs.

Although this was an elemental Rugby, those ironclad rules must be respected.

"Ten, nine, eight..."

The moment Miss Dacia saw that everyone was ready, she started counting backward with the viewers.

"Three...Two...One...Kick off!"


Without hesitation, Artemis charged forward while being followed closely by his teammates.

Since it was against the rules to surpass the ball carrier, his teammates remained behind him and provided protection by creating sticky veils of blood that acted like a shield and a cover.

It did its job quite well as it hid Arentis perfectly.

Still, Felix wasn't fazed in the slightest.

He simply extended his his arm forward and mumured softly, "Sniper Rifle V3."

Under the curious looks of Noah, his teammates and the viewers, a crystallized long white sniper rifle was created on his extended arm.

Although the sniper rifle did resemble the real thing a great deal, there were many differences...Such as there was no trigger and the barrel was extremely long, reaching at least two meters.

Yet, the sniper rifle didn't shake even an inch in Felix's grasp, appearing as stable as it was placed on the ground.

'Upgraded Railgun Rings.'

Abruptly, the long barrel of the sniper rifle was surrounded by at least twenty small rings of electricity.

The electrical rings started big from the back of the barrel and kept shrinking in size until they reached the muzzle.

'12 mm Adamantine Bullets.' Felix snapped his finger and sniper rifle magazine was filled with long pointy white crystallized bullets.

The last one was placed right in the chamber.

Felix turned on his infra-ray vision and aimed the sniper rifle on Artemis' skull.

Since the distance between them was still a few kilometers away, the vampires weren't capable of seeing what Felix was holding as the electricity made it hard to see the gun.

Still, they warned their captain, whose vision was also a hindered by their protective barrier.

'Captain, I think it's better to keep the ball moving between us to make it hard for Landlord to hit any of us.' His vice-captain suggested with a wary expression.

'You are right...It's time to switch.' Artemis agreed and turned around to his teammates, wanting to throw the ball.

Alas...Just as the ball was about to leave his fingers, his head had exploded akin to a watermelon, spreading the brain matters, bones fragments, blood, and other juices all over the ball and his nearby teammates.


A split second later...A booming explosion akin to a thunderclap resounded throughout the entire stadium, dumbfounding everyone alike!

The bloodied ball fell from the tips of Artemis fingers and landed on the green grass, dirtying it as well.


Artemis's corpse followed it shorty, falling right on top of the ball, appearing like a rugby player trying to protect the ball until his teammates arrive to help him...

"What a clean headshot." Felix smiled happily after seeing the results of his new technique...Sniper Rifle V3.

He pushed the next bullet in the sniper's chamber and aimed at the ball with an eager look, waiting for the next player to pick it up.

Unfortunately, not a single vampire dared to get close to the ball...In fact, they put as much distance as they could, treating it like a plague!

'Vice..vice captain...Did you see anything?' One of the vampires gulped a mouthful in fear as he kept looking at Felix and his captain's corpse back and forth.

'I don't know...And I don't want to know.' The vice captain replied while his heart was beating as fast as a sprinting horse.

Artemis' abnormal and sudden death was more than enough to shatter any kind of confidence he had in this game!

Unlike his captain, he was more interested in keeping his head as a one piece.

"We...We Surrender! We Surrender!" He started shouting loudly, not caring at all about his image or elegance!


His cry of surrender had finally woken up the viewers from their shock, making them scream with feverish expressions.

Unlike the vampires, they knew exactly what happened and that made it even more impressive and overwhelming in their eyes!

"Oh my god...The bullet was traveling at 20 times the speed of sound!!!" Miss Dacia shared with a look filled with disbelief, "How can anyone dodge such a thing?!!"