The young people who came out of the private room were all part of the Century New Garden security team. These guys were not very capable and relied on the Jiang family’s reputation to act tough, always following behind Shi Youfu. Now that they saw their leader getting beaten up, they rushed forward with fists swinging and cursing, no different from the thugs on the street.

“Get him! Grab him and beat him to death!” Shi Youfu, who had been knocked out by my bottle, moaned and lay on the ground, holding the back of his head, blood pouring out. He looked ferocious and completely sober.

“You think you’re tough because you have numbers? Attack them, Bai Qi!” I shouted confidently, but the imposing figure of the yellow figure did not appear before my eyes like I expected.

As the group of seven or eight strong young men closed in on me, I quickly spun around to assess my surroundings. That’s when I noticed the local dog, lying behind a flowerpot, hugging the broken half-bottle of Royal Salute that I had accidentally spilled earlier, looked unsteady and swaying from side to side.

“What the hell is going on?” In that moment, I couldn’t help but think that this furry creature might be the death of me. The seven or eight strong young men held various weapons and looked fierce and menacing. 

“How dare you touch our boss? Today, we’ll let you walk away but you’ll be carried out!”

Several people shouted and rushed towards me, but I picked up the dumb dog and ran away, looking for a back door.

“Is there a back door?” I didn’t forget to kick Shi Youfu in the stomach before leaving, and as he spat out a mouthful of blood, most of my anger from the store being trashed dissipated.

“The kitchen has a small door that leads directly outside.”

“Things may change, but the green hills remain. We’ll catch up another day.” Without saying goodbye, I headed straight to the kitchen. A wise man doesn’t suffer immediate losses. I’ll settle the score with them when Er Gou shows up.

As several people chased after me, I frantically fled down the dark alley behind the Blues Bar.

“Stop right there!”

“Listen up, whoever catches him first today, I’ll give you a thousand yuan!” The promise of money motivated the people behind me, as they began to chase with renewed energy,

I wasn’t familiar with the area, and I was still carrying Baiqi. He looked like a slightly bigger dog than normal, but he weighed several times as much as a household pet dog, and soon my shoulders were aching.

“You can’t handle your drink, but you still insist on drinking. Aren’t you just a living liability for your teammates?” After running for about 100 meters, I was already gasping for breath. I threw Baiqi, who was holding onto the broken bottle for dear life, to the side and picked up a piece of brick, standing in the middle of the alley.

“You want to keep running? Kid, if I don’t send you to the hospital today, I’ll never be able to show my face in Jiangcheng again! Beat him up!”

Just as I was about to be beaten up, two secondhand Wuling vans appeared out of nowhere and stopped at the entrance of the alley like divine soldiers.

“Is Brother Jian all right? Sorry that I’m late, brother!” More than ten people came out of the two vans, holding sticks and wearing masks and baseball caps.

The leader had his right hand wrapped in a cast, and his blonde hair was particularly striking in the dark night. He shouted, “How dare you mess with Chen Ergou’s brother! Attack them!”

The situation was quickly turned around. I laughed and threw the brick in my hand, “Ergou, you came just in time, neither early nor late!”

The security team was trapped in the alley, but the fat man, Shi Youfu, remained calm. He held a towel to his head and said, “Take a good look, we are Jiang’s security team. Do you still want to mess around in Jiangchen in the future?”

“Jiang’s security team? Ha! Even if the Jade Emperor came today, it wouldn’t make a difference!” Ergou had brought his own brothers, all young but ruthless.

“You’ll pay for not recognizing my warnings; wait until I call for backup!” Shi Youfu quickly dialed a phone number and said, “Gu master, we’re in the back alley of Blues Bar. Please come quickly. We can’t handle these many people.”

After hanging up the phone, Shi Youfu grew even more confident, saying, “Luckily, I invited the Gu master to the birthday party today. Soon, you will know what it means to be unable to survive and unable to die!”

“We have twice as many people as you; why are you so arrogant? Do you want me to give you all a taste of your own medicine?” I stopped Ergou and said, “Don’t be impulsive. That Gu Master  is probably not an ordinary person.”

“It’s too late to be afraid now. The Gu master is a distinguished guest invited by Young Master Jiang from Miaojiang, specifically to deal with Gao Jian. You guys were just unlucky today. Remember to check the almanac before going out next time!” Shi Youfu’s face was covered in either wine or blood, and his smile was terrifying.

“Jiang Chen invited him to deal with me?” At the wedding, I had injured one of the ghost raised by Jiang Chen. He probably thought I was a practitionr, so he hired a Miaojiang gu master to use his Gu against me.

I knew he would seek revenge for the humiliation I caused him at the wedding, but I never expected him to be so vicious. Based on my knowledge of Miaojiang poisonous Gu, once the insects enters the body, the victim would suffer from severe illnesses or even be tortured to death.

“Appearances can be deceiving; this Jiang Chen is truly vicious,” 

The back door of the Bluex Bar was pushed open, and a figure in a black robe entered the alley.

“Gu master, we’re here!” Shi Youfu shouted out for help as though he had found his savior.

The person didn’t react and continued to stroll into the alley, with the black robe concealing his face, giving him an air of mystery.

“Stop! This area is off-limits!” Two of Ergou’s lackeys reached out to block him, but the black-robed figure stood still for five or six seconds, seemingly doing nothing. Suddenly, the two men’s faces turned black, and they clutched their wrists in agony before falling to the ground.

Their bodies writhed and convulsed, screaming in excruciating pain.

“Haha, the Gu master has some good tricks! How about that? Are you scared now?” 

“Zhongsheng, Liu Ge!” Er Gou wanted to go and check on his people but I held him back, “Don’t go, let me do it.” 

“Brother Jian, be careful. This guy exudes a wicked aura from his waist.” 

I signaled to him not to worry, but in truth, I didn’t have much confidence either. However, since I had caused this trouble, I could only face it myself. 

As we stood in the dilapidated alleyway, the man in the black robe appeared indifferent to our presence. He moved slowly, as if we were of no concern to him. I tightened my grip on the brick in my hand, trying to anticipate how the two lackeys of Er Gou had been taken down.

They must have accidentally been bitten by poisonous insects.

“Always be careful. One bite, and it’s over,” I thought to myself. But guarding against insect attacks in the pitch-black alley was too difficult. 

As I pondered a solution, I took a few steps forward and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my leg. 

I looked down and noticed that a palm-sized flower snake had bitten my calf at some point. I pulled off the snake, and it struggled for a few moments before going still, stiff, and seemingly dead. 

I touched my leg, and other than two small bite marks, I didn’t feel anything unusual. “You’re quite a tough guy. You’re the first person I’ve seen who can keep a straight face after being bitten by a seven-step snake,” a slightly surprised voice came from the man in the black robe.

“So, you’re not mute after all?” It wasn’t that I was tough enough to endure the pain, but my calf didn’t feel much—a little numb and tingly, as if it had even promoted blood circulation. 

“You still have the strength to talk? Let’s see how long you can last,” the man in the black robe sneered, flattening his palm, and a few bug-like creatures, smaller than even stinkbugs, jumped out from his palm. 

“San Tu worms. Using Gu on ordinary people would be too wasteful,” he said, and then self-indulgently shook his head, looking like a lonely mysterious master. 

I was too scared to move, and after a few minutes, it seemed like nothing had happened. I looked down carefully and saw a few small flying insects fluttering their wings feebly on my shoe. 

“They look the same as those San Tu worms. Could these things explode after they die?” To be honest, I was also shocked by the man in the black robe’s methods. He had knocked down two adult men with a wave of his hand. I thought he was very strong, but it had been so long, and other than posing and speaking like a pretentious jerk, he hadn’t actually harmed me. 

“Could it be a slow-acting poison? Will I die from it when the midnight comes?”

“Oh? The San Tu insect can’t approach the body; it seems I have to use my Gu techniques. Boy, I intended to give you an easy death, but you didn’t appreciate it,” sneered the black-robed figure, as if everything was under his control. He waved his sleeve and produced a sealed pottery jar in his palm.

“Today, I will show you the true power of the Gu techniques,” he said, placing his index finger on the jar and dropping a drop of his own blood inside.

As the smell of blood wafted, a grotesque, giant insect crawled out of the jar. It resembled a centipede, but with thirty-three pairs of legs. “This is the Miaojiang secret technique—the Thousand-Legged Gu!”

With a flick of his finger, the Thousand-Legged Gu climbed down his arm and onto the ground, moving faster and faster until it became invisible to the naked eye.

I was holding a brick in my hand, looking around in confusion with sweat in my palms. 

“Do you really think you can match the thousand-year Gu technique with your mortal eyes and body? you’re like a mantis trying to stop a carriage, completely overestimating your abilities.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, I felt a chill on my arm. The insect had long crawled onto my body without me noticing. 

“Oh no!” I tried to shake it off, but it was too late. The Gu had bitten my arm, injecting venom into my body. The skin on my forearm turned bluish black as the poison spread.