"Holy shit, it's actually 307!"

At the entrance of the 307 Entertainment Club on Yellow River Road, Fang Yang had a strange expression on his face as he looked at the two tall and beautiful hostesses.

He had come here before to work with the leader on business. He had already spent thirty to forty thousand yuan in one night to do whatever he should or should not do. However, he had never heard that there was a casino.

Fang Yang did not dare to say that he had come here. However, Li Anqi was able to see through the Little Jiu Jiu in his heart. With a mischievous smile on her face, she moved closer and whispered, "What? Plenty of time? There are lovers inside? I can't tell, but she's quite open-minded. "

"Don't talk nonsense. I just came to be with a client, nothing more. " Fang Yang quibbled. He took a glance at Han Xueqing and realized that the other party was completely unaware of the conversation between him and Li Anqi. For some reason, he actually heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Li Anqi chuckled. Noticing the change in Fang Yang's eyes, he grabbed onto his neck and threatened: "What's wrong? Afraid that Xueqing would know? You can't have really fallen for her, right? "

"What are you talking about? Fang Yang, Sister Qi Qi, aren't we going in? " Han Xueqing turned around and answered. She looked at the two of them in astonishment, not knowing what the hell they were doing.

Fang Yang quickly escaped from Li Anqi's encirclement, and said with a smile that he would enter right away. Then he pulled Li Anqi and quietly told her not to spout nonsense.

Actually, Fang Yang didn't really like Han Xueqing, but was very grateful to her. One must know that if not for Han Xueqing, what really would have happened if Fang Yang had collapsed at the Sequoia High Tech's entrance. With the rich second generation Zhang Kai's personality, it would be weird if he did not add insult to injury.

Furthermore, if it was not because of Han Xueqing, Fang Yang's nose could not bleed, and if not for the nosebleed, the jade pendant would not have melted into his body, allowing him to obtain the abilities of the Golden Eye.

In short, Han Xueqing was Fang Yang's good news, and in terms of emotions, he did not want Han Xueqing to receive any harm.

After entering 307, Li Anqi led the way. She seemed to be familiar with the place. She greeted the security guard at the elevator and headed straight for the top floor.

As Fang Yang followed behind, he became more and more shocked. After all this time, Li Anqi was only a regular customer of 307.

Li Anqi saw through Fang Yang's doubt, but she did not explain anything and smiled provokingly at Fang Yang, as if she was just guessing.

As for Han Xueqing, she seemed to be completely immune to Li Anqi's behavior, and didn't feel there was anything wrong with that.

Who exactly was this Li Anqi? Just because she was in public relations?

Fang Yang began to mutter in his heart. At first glance, Li Anqi seemed very outgoing, and didn't really care about the matters between men and women. But after careful consideration, she had a very precise grasp of her standards. Every time I joke with a man, I'm stuck outside the cordon, not even half a step away.

Ding dong!

The elevator doors opened, revealing a luxurious scene. The crystal chandelier was colorful, and the walls were decorated with a rich gold color. In the center of the casino, there were seven or eight wheel Gambling Table s, as well as slot machines, wheel and other gambling tools.

Apart from this, even the bunny girls on TV could be seen here. Every single one of them had a voluptuous figure. As they crowded around the customers, it could be said that their blood was boiling, making the excited customers even more excited.

However, no matter how he looked at it, this place did not look right. He felt as if there was a strong wind blowing out of this place.

Once the Hygroscopic Eye appeared, Fang Yang frowned.

It's a little tricky." At first glance, the feng shui circuit formed by the white line looked complete, but there were three areas where the light had obviously dimmed. Furthermore, the sound of the wind and the sound of the water were very weak. The most important thing was that the wind and the water were obviously heading towards the door.

The casino was a place to amass wealth. Now that Feng Shui was flowing out, it was obvious that they were selling off their wealth. It had been a long time, and he still couldn't close the door.

But Fang Yang did not think too much into it, because this place did not have anything to do with him. He was just here to play.

Fang Yang walked towards the counter, ready to change his chips. At this time, a man's voice sounded from the side: "Li Anqi, long time no see? What, bring a friend here to play? "

The speaker was a round-faced, short-haired man with a frown on his forehead, beads of sweat on the tip of his nose, and a trace of anxiety on his face. After greeting Li Anqi, she went to the counter and changed twenty thousand chips.

"You came here to play with your friends. Old Qu, from the looks of it, you've lost quite a bit. Why do you still want to play?" Li Anqi asked.

The man was called Qu Yan. He glanced at Fang Yang, then stopped on Han Xueqing's body for a few seconds.

"I was unlucky today and lost fifty to sixty thousand. I still have twenty thousand in cash today, so I might as well change it all so that I can go home if I lose. "Oh yeah, you haven't switched yet, right? Help me out a bit. We can lose faster if we all go together."

Fang Yang thought that he was joking, but who knew that after he finished speaking, he would actually split the wager, with two thousand each. Then, he continued to gamble without even turning his head around.

Fang Yang initially did not want to accept it, but Li Anqi signaled him with his face, telling him not to reject it.

"What is this person doing?" "Sister Qi Qi, it's not too good for us to take his money." Just as Qu Yan left, Han Xueqing started speaking.

Li Anqi waved her hand and said that his family had plenty of money. She didn't say anything else, and assured everyone so that they could play.

Fang Yang did not continue asking, but he felt that he was guilty, and wandered around for a while, dispersing for around 500 plus, and pretended to be unconscious as he walked behind Qu Yan.

Qu Yan only played with dice, the way he played was simple, it was to bet on the size. There were three people playing with him and a bald Golden Necklace was sitting opposite of Qu Yan.

The Golden Necklace was obviously fighting against Qu Yan, no matter what Qu Yan wanted to suppress, he would suppress him. Four of the five times he won, and after going back and forth, he managed to win half of the twenty thousand that Qu Yan had just exchanged for.

Fang Yang could tell that Qu Yan was not lacking in money. It could be seen from the way he had just divided the chips. But he really cared about face, and he was holding back a wave of anger in his heart.

He had been suppressed by the opponent the whole night, so he was furious.

"Bro, don't leave after you finish playing. Big brother will treat you to a meal. Thanks for the money, hahaha." Golden Necklace won a lot in one night, and most of it was Qu Yan's money. He was proud because of his good luck and mocked Qu Yan. On one hand, it was to continue beating up Qu Yan's heart. On the other hand, it was to agitate Qu Yan so that he could take out more money.

He Guan was a short-haired girl, so she remained silent and pretended not to see anything. She was happy that her guests were angry, so that she could earn more as a dealer.

Qu Yan was furious, in his entire life, he had never been bullied like this before. However, he couldn't vent out his anger because the other party was absolutely right. He had lost all the money.

"Damn it, I have enough money and am willing to lose." This time, I'm buying big. " Qu Yan did not wait for He Guan to roll his dice and directly threw it over.

But in the next second, he saw a pair of hands reach out and pick up the chips.

F * ck, snatching my chips in broad daylight. This is f * cking bullying your father.

Just as Qu Yan was about to get angry, he was squashed by the Golden Necklace and was then treated as a sick cat by some people.

But when he saw that it was actually Fang Yang, he immediately held his breath. He was not afraid of Fang Yang, but who came with him.

"Bro? What do you mean? Didn't I give you some chips? " Qu Yan's face became ugly, as though he was in a bad mood.

Fang Yang laughed, and did not take it seriously. It indicated to He Guan that she had not finished shaking the dice, and told him not to be anxious.

Pa! With a crisp sound, He Guan slammed the colored cup on the table, indicating that everyone can begin choosing.

Qu Yan didn't even think, and directly wanted to buy something big. But he did not expect to be stopped by Fang Yang again. This time, he was truly enraged. With a glare, he asked Fang Yang what he wanted.

Fang Yang shook his head, not wanting to get angry with Qu Yan. He directly placed all the chips he had on the leopard, then said, "Brother Qu, you're the one who gave this chip to me. Treat it as me betting on your behalf."

"Idiot, why did you choose him when there was no leopard tonight? I really don't know how you died. "I choose the big one, your father's luck is really good today, I'm sure I can still win." The Golden Necklace flaunted his strength and mocked Fang Yang.

Qu Yan glanced at Fang Yang and endured his rage. However, in his heart, he was thinking: If I lose this match, then I'll show you who's boss.

Fang Yang did not care about this at all. He glanced at He Guan and laughed, but did not say anything.

He Guan looked at Fang Yang once more, but did not say a word.

"Holy sh * t!" F * ck my dog, it really is a leopard. " When the dice clock opened, it was three threes, Qu Yan who was angry just now immediately laughed. He immediately withdrew the chips on the table. Seeing Fang Yang was not displeased at all, he was already very happy.

"Damn it, I got lucky. Let's see how I'll deal with you next time." This time, it was the Golden Necklace's turn to be displeased. He glared fiercely at Fang Yang, his eyes filled with threat.

In this place, only the beautiful He Guan knew the truth. She had purposely said these three things, wanting to eat them both together, only to be taken advantage of by Fang Yang.

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