"Jia Youming, why do you want to leave the contract with Fang Yang? You know full well that it is an impossible task. " At Hundred Flowers Technology, the marketing manager, Han Xueqing, was thinking about it. From start to finish, he felt that it was because of her relationship that Fang Yang received such an unfair treatment. When his temper flared, he immediately rushed over to Jia Youming to argue with him.

"Xueqing, take a seat and listen to my explanation. I do not have any intentions of targeting Fang Yang, I am helping him. " Jia Youming was well aware of Han Xueqing's personality, and seemed to have already expected this step. He did not argue with her and happily poured a cup of water, continuing to coax her.

"Good business." Han Xueqing did not accept anyone from Jia Youming as shshsheoldly snorted and hugged her arm. She had already made up her mind to deal with Jia Youming today. Wasn't it just a vice manager? Fang Yang was the person she brought back. If she was pushed away by Jia Youming, then she, Han Xueqing, would really be shamed. If she had left earlier, he would have left later. But if she had left earlier, he might as well leave now.

"Don't be in such a hurry, first listen to what I have to say." Jia Youming placed the cup on the table and pushed the glasses on his nose.

His eyes revealed a hint of cunning, and the corner of his mouth had a hint of a smile: "Microsporium are our Hundred Flowers Technology's old customers, normally this kind of situation will be directly renewed. I gave him the easiest job. "

"But …" Han Xueqing was about to interrupt. She wanted to say that Microsporium was a closed business, and this contract could not be sustained at all.

But Jia Youming did not give her the chance, and continued: "I know you want to talk about the rumors outside. A business that is as large as Lingyun Group is also their only branch in Jiangbei so how could it possibly close so easily? I think that eighty percent of it is Confusion Smoke. "

"Brother Jia, it's bad, that Fang Yang brat really took down the Microsporium, what do we do?" Just then, the door to the office was pushed open, only to see Wei Lin, the henchman, rushing in anxiously.

"Wei Lin, you said that Fang Yang is back? Did he renew his signature with Microsporium? " Han Xueqing's eyes lit up, she was pleasantly surprised. She didn't think that Fang Yang actually had a way to negotiate a contract with the Microsporium.

Seeing Han Xueqing, Wei Lin's face changed, he thought to himself that it was bad. Han Xueqing must have heard what he said just now. With that tone, wouldn't it be clear that Jia Youming was scheming against Fang Yang?

At this moment, Jia Youming's heart was filled with ten thousand grass and mud horses. After raising his troops for a few thousand days, not only was Wei Lin unable to go to the battlefield, he was even like a pig that had teammates.

But luckily, Jia Youming's skin was thick enough, he pretended that nothing had happened and let Wei Lin call him in.

In less than three minutes, Fang Yang walked in. But when he entered the office, he was surprised to see Han Xueqing. Then, when he thought about it and saw the atmosphere in the room, he understood. Han Xueqing should be here to settle the injustice for him.

"The contract has been signed. Let me take a look." Han Xueqing was an impatient one, she quickly walked to Fang Yang's side, took the contract, and flipped it open.

"Fang Yang, I was right about you, you even signed a 3 year contract. Huh, the price actually increased by 10%, how did you do it?" The more Han Xueqing looked, the brighter her eyes became, and in the end, she could not hide the joy in her heart at all.

On the other side, Jia Youming was feeling depressed, but he still couldn't show it on his face. He could only force a smile on his face as he looked at Fang Yang in shock. Then, he took the contract and quickly scanned through it.

F * ck, what kind of luck did this brat have? He actually managed to sign a dead contract. He wouldn't fool me, would he?

Doubt is doubt, but you can't ask in person. Jia Youming said that he did not do bad, and sent Fang Yang away.

Fang Yang didn't care, he had already known that this would be the result. On the contrary, Han Xueqing snorted coldly, fiercely glared at Jia Youming and Wei Lin, and walked out of the office with Fang Yang.

Just as Fang Yang left and closed the door to the office, Jia Youming immediately broke the teacup on the table. The rage in his heart surged out, and his face was terrifyingly black.

"It's not too late to call Microsporium and verify the authenticity of the contract. I don't believe that a little chick can get away with this." Jia Youming said angrily.

Wei Lin, who was at the side, was submissive and quickly left the office. In fact, both he and Jia Youming knew that this contract could not be faked, and Fang Yang really had the ability to settle this contract.

However, Wei Lin did not think that Fang Yang would live for too long. After all, this was the Hundred Flowers Technology Company, and Jia Youming was the Deputy Manager.

As for Fang Yang and Han Xueqing, once they left the office, Han Xueqing would giggle.

"You're really good, look at Jia Youming. "But you're really amazing. Tell me, how did you sign the contract?" Han Xueqing said with a smile, her small face was just filled with anger, she was like a spring breeze, full of kindness and joy.

Han Xueqing was wearing beige body tempering pants and a black half-sleeved shirt. On the chest of the shirt, there was a fold as a decoration. The proportion of the upper half of the shirt was vividly outlined.

Half of her hand was on Fang Yang's shoulder, unable to conceal her admiration and happiness. After all, Fang Yang was someone she had found, so it could be said that she had slapped Jia Youming in the face.

"Actually, it's nothing. It's just that they had the intention to renew it, so the rumors online are all fake. "Alright, I still need to organize my information. We'll chat when we get home later." Fang Yang chuckled, he still had a few words that he did not say. Other than the contract, the manager of Microsporium, Tong Kun, had also agreed to tell him the strategy and layout of Lingyun Group.

"Alright, let's go buy some food after work tonight. I'll treat you to a big meal." Han Xueqing said, patting Fang Yang on the shoulder and left while chuckling.

She left, but Wei Lin who came out of his office heard her. He was shocked at first, but after that, he rolled his eyes, looked at Fang Yang, and turned back.

After the incident with Microsporium, Fang Yang could be considered to have established his position in Hundred Flowers Technology. However, Jia Youming's little black hand did not stop. In the afternoon, he assigned a bunch of trivial work to Fang Yang, and even if he did not tire himself to death, he would disgust Fang Yang to death with his policy, and carry it out perfectly.

Fortunately, these tasks weren't too difficult for Fang Yang. In addition, with Han Xueqing's and's help, they were all settled before they got off work.

After work, the three of them went home together. Just as we walked out of the company's main entrance, Li Anqi extended her hand out and stopped Fang Yang: "You're right, handsome brother Fang, I didn't think you would be so capable, it exceeded both my and Xueqing's expectations. He could even sign a contract like Microsporium. Furthermore, they are very quick to write down their funds. I heard that the finance department received the final payment in the afternoon. "Tell me, how did you do it?"

"You really want to know?" Fang Yang rolled his eyes at Li Anqi. He was still a little unaccustomed to her passionate way. He tried to pull his arm away, but the man had no intention of letting him go.

"Aiya, just quickly say it. I'm about to die from anxiety." Han Xueqing also opened her eyes wide, waiting for Fang Yang to speak.

"It's fine if you want me to say it. For the next month, wash my clothes. " Fang Yang laughed, he had used a big trick. I don't believe a delicate girl like you can wash my clothes. Did you think I couldn't take care of you? Just wait and see.

Fang Yang's heart was also heavy. He squinted his eyes, waiting for Li Anqi to beat a retreat. Who knew that the latter didn't say anything else and directly agreed. He even flirted with Fang Yang a bit when he turned around, and asked if he would need to wash his underpants with his.

This time, Fang Yang was embarrassed, he never expected Li Anqi to be so ferocious. He looked towards Han Xueqing for help, but the latter completely ignored him. With a cold snort, it was because he didn't say anything for a long time and pretended to be angry.

Fang Yang was helpless, he could only answer honestly. He said that he was lucky to be able to catch Microsporium business and begin to return before he signed the contract.

"So that's how it is. Haha, if Jia Youming knew, he would definitely be furious. It's great just to think about it. Come on, let's go home. " Li Anqi laughed out loud and followed Han Xueqing onto Fang Yang's Citroen Beast and returned to Hengshui Garden.

The dinner was cooked by Han Xueqing, and was done with a good culinary skill. After dinner, the three of them sat on the sofa and chatted. Li Anqi extended her legs and suddenly came up with an idea: "Since we're so happy today, why don't we go out and play?"

"Where to? A bar? " Han Xueqing's interest was also high as she asked.

Li Anqi said: "I heard that Huang He Road has opened a new casino, let's go there to play."