"Wrong!" Wrong! Wei Wei, you caught the wrong person! Seeing that Fang Yang was thrown out, Great Master Lu immediately ran over.

The neighbors looked up and saw a female policeman pressing Fang Yang down to the ground with a stern expression.

The policewoman was very tall, 170 centimeters, with a long, white, clean face, a straight nose, and big, bright eyes. She had a head full of clean, short hair, and she stood there valiantly and majestically.

"The wrong person?" The policewoman's name was Lu Wei, and she was Great Master Lu's niece. He worked at the police station in Haicheng Road, less than 10 minutes away from the district.

When the landlord brought them here, Great Master Lu called his niece. He originally wanted Lu Wei to help him solve the problem, but he never thought that Fang Yang would be so good at fighting.

"Right, right, we captured the wrong person. They are the ones who are causing trouble." Great Master Lu quickly explained to Lu Wei so he could let Fang Yang go.

Zhang Yang lowered his head to take a look, only to see Fang Yang dressed in a suit, looking very handsome, he did not seem like he was here to cause trouble. However, in these days, the bad guys were all wearing the clothes of good people. Who knew if their dear uncle had misjudged them.

"Really?" Out of caution, Lu Wei did not let Fang Yang go.

"Hey, hey, hey, are you an idiot?" Don't you see that they are the ones who are here to cause trouble? Great Master Lu, is your niece not stupid enough? Get him to let go of me. Oh, my arm. "

Fang Yang had been pressed down for a full half a minute, and the majority of his arms were numb. Furthermore, his head was in extreme pain, as if someone had ripped apart his brain. I just want to find a place to lie down for a while.

"Cut the crap, you don't have enough brains!" Lu Wei was mocked by Fang Yang, the strength in her hands became even stronger, causing Fang Yang to grimace, the pain making him perspire profusely.

"It hurts, it hurts!" Great Master Lu, quickly get her to release me! "

"Wei Wei, quickly release Fang Yang. Are you not going to listen to what I say either? "I am already so old, how can I tell if someone is good or bad?!" Seeing that his own niece was still not letting go, Great Master Lu felt embarrassed.

This person was one he had hired. Talking didn't work right now, but the people around him were all neighbors. How was he supposed to act as a resident committee supervisor in the future?

Fortunately, Lu Wei knew her master's temper, and seeing that she was truly angered, she released Fang Yang.

However, her eyes did not move away from Fang Yang's body. She only glanced at him a little before snorting coldly, "You don't look like a good person."

"You are not a good person, you are just as unreasonable as ever. Those few people came to my house to cause trouble and threw my things out. Instead of capturing them, you came to abduct me instead. How are you going to be a police officer!?" Fang Yang crawled up from the ground. He glared at Lu Wei with a hundred percent displeasure.

When they looked around, they could no longer see the figures of the three henchmen. It was clear that they had taken advantage of the time Lu Wei was dealing with Fang Yang to carry him and run away.

The landlady was the only one left, trembling on the spot. Originally, he wanted to run away, but now that he could run away from the monk, he couldn't run away from the temple. His house was right here, so it didn't matter if he ran away.

"Look, the suspect has already ran away. I really wonder how you managed to get into the police exam?" Fang Yang scoffed, his face revealed disdain. This expression made Lu Wei blush red, her two small hands clenched tightly, as though she wanted to make a move and take care of Fang Yang again.

Fang Yang did not bother to pay attention to her, as he walked to Great Master Lu's side and asked in concern: "Great Master Lu, are you alright?

Fang Yang truly cared about the Great Master Lu. After all, he had treated him very well, from the bottom of his heart.

Great Master Lu waved his hands. He usually liked this lad, Fang Yang, no matter how he looked at him, he liked him even more. Ye Zichen patted off the dust on his body and said that he was fine at all.

"My niece's hands are too heavy. She didn't hurt you, right? Alright, she just ran off when she started making trouble. My niece just started work not long ago, so she's still not proficient in business. "Don't blame her. Let's hurry up and discuss how to compensate the landlord." The Great Master Lu said with a smile. As the head of the residential committee, he had solved another major problem for his neighbors and was extremely happy.

"Great sir, it's not like that!" Lu Wei could only blame it on herself, and wanted to retort. But how could Great Master Lu give her that chance? Waving her big hand, she glared at her.

"Since you've already opened your mouth, this matter will definitely be forgiven." Great Master Lu, I think you are also tired. Find a place to sit and I will take care of the rest myself. Fang Yang supported Great Master Lu Lu Xianrong as they sat on the stone bench in the residential complex, then turned and walked to the side of the landlord.

The current owner of the house did not dare challenge Fang Yang anymore. The people supporting him had already ran away, and even the police officers were on his side.

He admitted his wrongs, said that he was responsible for Fang Yang's losses, and only hoped that Fang Yang would not beat him up, and not drag him into the Public Security Bureau.

With regards to the landlord, who would actually compare himself to him? Furthermore, he did not want to blackmail them. He only wanted to return to his room and find another place to spend the remaining money.

As for the broken things, they were just some clothes. These things were originally bought together with his ex-girlfriend Ren Xueying, but now that they were broken, they were broken. Fang Yang did not have any lingering feelings.

The old would not go, and the new would not come. Fang Yang only felt that the gloominess in his heart had been swept away, and what replaced it was hope for the future.

"Xiao Fang, now that the house is gone, I don't think you have a place to stay for the time being." I just happened to have a house to rent at my house, so I let little Qi temporarily take care of it. It's right in the middle of the city center, right, what's called Hengshui Garden? "How about I rent it directly to you?" Seeing that Fang Yang was homeless, the Great Master Lu felt warm inside. Furthermore, Fang Yang was relieved to be able to rent this house to him, and without hesitation, she immediately announced it.

Without waiting for Fang Yang to reject, he saw the little police standing beside him, and rejected him immediately: "No, we cannot give him the house."

"Why not? Little Fang is very nice and won't break the house. " Great Master Lu looked at his niece doubtfully, puzzled.

"Because, because, anyway, it can't be rented out to him. I don't think he's a good man. " Lu Wei wanted to say something, but she hesitated. She raised her head to see Fang Yang staring at him, and unhappily glared back, letting out a cold snort.

"There's something wrong with this Lu Wei, she couldn't have hidden a man in her house, right?" Fang Yang started to live up to his expectations again as he smiled wickedly at Lu Wei.

"I think Fang Yang is a good person. Alright, since it's my own house, I can make the decision. Fang Yang, let's go, Master will bring you over right away. " Great Master Lu waved his hand, and the old leader's determination to keep his word returned. He immediately set this matter at rest and was about to bring Fang Yang to the viewing room.

Originally, Fang Yang did not want to accept Great Master Lu's help, but now, he wanted to see Lu Wei beaten to a pulp. Moreover, if there really was a man hidden in this house, it would be extremely lively.

Without saying a word, Fang Yang went to his car and personally opened the door for the Great Master Lu.

Seeing that Fang Yang and Yue Shan were really going to go, Lu Wei could not hold it in anymore. She took a step forward and blocked the entrance of the carriage, pulling Great Master Lu and said: "Then, that house is already occupied. No, you can't rent it out!"