Lin Lan was really annoyed and felt that it was ironic when she saw how the monkey became the king when the tiger wasn’t home (3).

(T/N: The tiger being the leader and the monkey is merely second-in-command. It shows that it takes the absence of the leader for the second best to be considered the leader)

“I’ll say, why are you not afraid of me? Truly, the monkey is the king when the tiger isn’t home.”

Dawang burst out laughing suddenly, startling the whole family.

He knows how to laugh?

Then he’s better than his forever-poker-face father!

Lin Lan quickly gave him a towel, “Look at the porridge that you spilled everywhere.”

Maisui and Erwang were the ones that sat across from Dawang and Sanwang. They immediately yelled out in disgust the moment their eldest brother spat a mouthful of porridge at them.

Sanwang also laughed, “Mom, our eldest brother said that you are a monkey. Since father is not home, you’re the king, hahaha!”

In their eyes, I’m just the mother monkey and not the tigress, so they aren’t afraid of me in the slightest.

She immediately made a fierce expression, “I’m a tigress though, are you not afraid?”

Xiaowang pursed his lips and kissed her before he carefully wiped off the rice grains on Lin Lan’s face.

Lin Lan’s heart melted as she hugged Xiaowang, “Oh, my little one,” She then gave Dawang and Sanwang a look, “You guys are wrong— even when your father is home, I’m still the king, so I’m the tiger.”

Sanwang immediately retorted, “Then is my father a monkey?”

Lin Lan tapped his head lightly with some chopsticks, “Stop talking nonsense; you’re obviously a monkey.”

“Then if you and my father are both tigers, why am I not a cub but a monkey?” Sanwang didn’t want to think anymore.

Erwang laughed at him, “You’re a loach since both tigers and monkeys can’t swim as well as you do.”

Maisui also laughed, “Teacher said that the 9 sons of a dragon are all different(4). Maybe father is a dragon, mother is a tiger, whereas you all are monkeys and loaches, hahaha.”

(T/N: The legend says that the 9 sons of the dragon were all different in character. The same rule applies to humans and describes that children does not necessarily need to be a carbon copy of their parents nor remain the same with one another)

Dawang cast her a glance and slowly said, “The reason that the 9 sons are different is probably because the dragon had 9 wives.”

Maisui, …ha ha, how cold. I think you’re just asking for a beating.

Lin Lan, “finish your dinner quickly and do your homework.”

While doing homework, Lin Lan also washed two pears before cutting them into pieces. Using some scrapped chopsticks, she made them into smaller sticks for the children to use while eating the fruits.

Sanwang however, stretched out his hand to grab a piece directly, not having the patience to use the sticks at all.

Lin Lan watched Dawang, wondering why he was just making gestures but not writing anything down.

She picked up everyone’s notebooks and looked at them.

Although Maisui’s handwriting couldn’t be called beautiful, it was neat and tidy. Lin Lan could tell that the girl tried her best to make it look good.

Erwang’s handwriting was also pretty good. Although it wasn’t as neat, his words seemed to have a different character to them.

Dawang’s handwriting was simply a copy of his father’s. Not only did it seem fierce, but the words also bore a rebellious and stubborn temper.

Sanwangn’s words were too horrible to look at. Besides, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he was indeed a loach.