Chapter 1014" style="line-height: 32px;">

Chapter 1014" style="line-height: 32px;">

"The seven-colored rainbow is my eternal longing."

"No matter where you go, you will see my beautiful rainbow!"

The ruler of God's Domain in the Western world, the supreme god of the Pantheon, Ionia, uses forbidden techniques that only the master of the colorful realms can use.

"Red, the color of fire, passionate, lively, and hot."

"Orange, the color of the sun, splendid, sweet, and joyful."

"Yellow, the sacred color, bright, pleasant, and shining."

"Green, the color of life, gentle, fresh, and peaceful."

"Blue, the color of the sky, wide, clear, and flawless."

"Blue, the color of the ocean, eternal, calm, and gentle."

"Purple, the enchanting color, noble, charming, and proud."

The twin witches sang a special song that belonged only to the supreme god, praising and explaining the power to create the world held by Ionia, who was full of colorful light.

Unlike the Void Dragon Asha, Ionia, the supreme god, had many mysteries. Even the powerful gods in her divine lineage knew very little about this supreme god of creation.

The colorful divine magic she used was a unique symbol of Endless God's Domain.

Seven colors intertwined into a strange ribbon, seeping into the starlight that enveloped Yun Xi, as they traveled together towards the unfathomable distance.

"Want to run again?"

"You liar!" Su crossed her arms and began to chant the ancient god's song, a forbidden spell infused with dark magic, used to nurture the existence of demons.

"Zazas, Zazas, Naszala Radat Zatos."

"Zazas, Zazas, Naszala Radat Zazas."

"Zazas, Zazas, Naszala Radat Zazas."

"Hein, Long, Shirley, Sabine, Belina, Lagucia, Bediella, Modolie. Ahewa, Ya, Eguladomados, Sado, Bexias, Ajius, Islos, Ewanue, Agula, Alpha-Niomica..."

These names are filled with great magical power. Each one is the true name of a demon, a gift prepared by Naiya for the world.

Well, let's consider this an experiment to see if these true names of demon gods, born in the depths of the abyss, can truly be brought forth.

But in that tenth of a second, he was consecutively cursed and blessed by the four ancient beings.

Yes, indeed. According to their different styles and manners, the four ancient beings each bestowed different marks.

The ruler of the northern God's Domain, the Supreme Dragon God, used a power called the Star Hunting Dragon Chains to tear apart his own daughter and turn her into chains that bound Yun Xi.

Yun Xi said that this gift was really big and too heavy.

The ruler of the western God's Domain, the divine being Ionia, used a power called the Rainbow Ribbons, which formed a colorful ribbon that permanently became a part of Yun Xi's body, becoming a legendary accessory.

Both of these are blessings.

The rulers of the southern God's Domain, by coincidence, used curses.

The master of chaos, Naiya, used a forbidden spell called the Black Bible, with dozens of names that were all names of demons born from the depths of the abyss, some even terrifying demons with the potential of becoming demon gods.

These names, Yun Xi couldn't forget them even if he wanted to. Without needing to change his occupation, Yun Xi had already become a qualified hero-ranked demon summoner.

The forbidden spell used by the Nameless Lady is called the Mark of Judgement.

This mark is known throughout the Endless God's Domain, representing how terrible the crimes Yun Xi committed are. Anyone who sees this mark has the responsibility to chase and kill Yun Xi to the ends of the earth.

If Nameless Lady can capture Yun Xi and bring him back to the prison in the City of Pain, she will give him the highest reward ever seen in Endless God's Domain.

The four marks represent the different personalities of the four creators.

Asha's chain symbolizes the courage of persistence and never giving up.

Ionia's ribbon symbolizes the highest wisdom and mystery.

Naiya's black holy scripture symbolizes the temptation towards the abyss.

Nameless Lady's condemnation guide symbolizes the ultimate judgment of order.

Well, let's not bother with the Kunlun God's Domain, she is just a bystander.

Yun Xi, with the four major marks, even feels that his body cannot bear the power carried by these marks, and is heading towards collapse.

Does "can't live for more than three months" mean this?

Teacher Casina, why didn't you tell me earlier, so I could have some mental preparation before I die.

Now, I am really going back to the embrace of the stars.