Chapter 929: Yun Que and Yun Hai

The power of the Dragon Soul was immense, and even the prince of the Great Xia in his tyrannical state posed a threat to Yun Xi.

On the other hand, using this power with a hero-ranked body came with a great cost.

The principle of equivalent exchange is true most of the time.

In this showdown, even before the Dragon Soul Moment reached its five-minute limit, Xia Jie collapsed due to his body being worn out. He had seizures and foamed at the mouth.

"I... I refuse..."

"I... can still fight!"

While twitching, Xia Jie kept staring at Yun Xi, who was slowly putting away his Mist Ghost Sword. He had an unwavering determination.

The Black Cavalry soldiers next to them effortlessly lifted their prince, coordinating with each other silently, and left the arena.

"Don't... I can still fight! I can take on ten of them with this kind of sissy attitude!" Despite Xia Jie's protests, the Black Cavalry soldiers still carried him away.

There's something off about these people.

Yun Xi finally released his grip on the Mist Ghost Sword and sheathed it behind his back, only after all the Black Cavalry soldiers had retreated.

From the beginning to the end, even when Xia Jie entered the mode of a tyrant, Yun Xi never truly used all his power. The reason for this lies in these silent and reserved black knights.

The intangible pressure they give to Yun Xi is stronger than that of the Great Xia prince, who wears the Black Flame Dragon Armor.

Compared to Xia Jie, who becomes furious because of his sister, these silent knights make Yun Xi even more vigilant.

Perhaps their equipment is not as good as Xia Jie's God Weapon set, but their aura, as if they have emerged from a battlefield full of death, far surpasses Xia Jie who relies on the power of the God Weapon.

"Congratulations... You have defeated my brother," Xia Ling curiously looked at the incomparably beautiful young man before her, who seemed almost inhuman.

With an appearance that transcends gender, a chilly and distant demeanor that keeps people at a distance, and the indifferent gaze unique to the Ghost Sword Domain.

How could such an extraordinary sword genius be unknown to the world?

And, she was almost certain that the sword was definitely one of the parts of the legendary "Sky Sword", also known as the "Hundred Ghosts Sword".

The swordsman who possessed the "Hundred Ghosts Sword" in the Ghost Sword Domain had a status equivalent to the true heir of the Sky Sword and one of the future successors of the Ghost Sword Domain!

It was incredibly unbelievable that she had never heard of such a person in the past.

"In that case... you are qualified..." In order to avoid giving herself away, Yun Xi could only pretend to be as cold as ice.

Being from the Ghost Sword Domain background turned out to be advantageous at this moment.

"Yes, welcome to the team of the Great Xia Sword Domain."

"Trust me, you won't be disappointed." Xia Ling was two hundred percent satisfied with Yun Xi right in front of her.

Genius, it was something only geniuses could understand.

From Yun Xi's eyes, she saw a shadow that resembled herself.

Besides the sword, nothing else mattered.

In pursuit of the ultimate way of the sword, he was willing to sacrifice everything.

It was only with such obsession that one could surpass the boundaries between heroes and legends and open the door to the ultimate power.

Throughout history, all those strong at the legend rank were, to some extent, peculiar.

"Since you have also heard the call of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, let's try together and see who will ultimately be favored by the White Lotus Secret Treasure."

"Tell me, what is your name?"

After a moment of silence, Yun Xi finally chose a name that would deeply resonate with him.

That lonely figure, perhaps they would never meet again.

"My name is Yun Que ."

Meanwhile, at the camp of Ghost Sword Domain.

A red cloak fluttered in the wind, carrying a hint of holiness and the scent of death.

Across from him stood Zi Yuan , the future heir of Ghost Sword Domain.

She had another name at the White Lotus Sword Palace - Yin Su, one of the top three skilled heroes and the holder of the "Hundred Ghosts Sword".

Very few people knew that Yin Su was not a human, but a clone of Zi Yuan, one of several similar clones. These clones were created as a result of the special abilities granted to the holder of the "Hundred Ghosts Sword". In exchange, they transformed completely into spirits, devoid of any human vulnerabilities and the limitations of a human body.

The Ghost Sword Domain, a forbidden technique of the Ghost Sword Domain, can only be mastered by those who possess the "Hundred Ghosts Sword".

To summon shadowy spirits, one must also transform into a spirit themselves. This is the forbidden power inherited by the previous holders of the Hundred Ghosts Sword throughout history.

At the White Lotus Sword Palace, Yin Su, who competed with the princess of the Great Xia, Xia Ling, was just one of Zi Yuan's four spirit clones.

And now, in the White Lotus Sword Domain, the one participating in the competition for the White Lotus Secret Treasure is the true form of the current leader of the Hundred Ghosts Sword, who has gathered all of their clones.

She simply sat there quietly, naturally emanating a cold aura that made the surrounding life wither. The gaze she fixed upon the red-clothed archer was calm and undisturbed.

It seemed as though nothing in the world could stir any emotion within her.

Where she stood, a large amount of ghostly energy spread out, keeping humans away.

"I will join your team," said the red-clothed archer, their bloody aura growing stronger after experiencing the life-and-death trials of the Blood Essence.

Their determination in their eyes became even more steadfast, a belief that they would never give up no matter the setbacks, even if it meant paying any price to achieve their goal.

"The Ten Leaf Alliance... Why have they chosen me?" murmured Zi Yuan, as she lightly twisted her hair around her fingertips, catching the scent of death emitted by the assassin before her, a scent surpassing that of over a hundred thousand people.

How much killing took place for there to be such bloodshed?

How many battlefields were crossed to forge such a steel will, shining like glass?

"Because you are the strongest... my partner," he chose this camp for a very simple reason. nove(lB/1n

Among all the seekers of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, a girl named "Zi Yuan" hides the most terrifying power, the ability closest to victory.

Once that hidden card is revealed, the entire White Lotus Sword Domain will likely be turned upside down.

If he hadn't pushed himself to the limit in the previous trial, combined with his innate talent as a dark fairy, he probably would not have discovered the truth.

"It's possible... as long as you're not afraid of death," Zi Yuan chuckled lightly.

Such an interesting fairy, he had never encountered one like her before.

Even though she was covered in bloody clothes, wearing wrappings that reeked of corpses, did she really think she could hide from the ghosts of the underworld?

"Tell me, what is your name?"

The archer in the red clothes frowned and finally said a name.

"Yun Hai ."