Chapter 1242 - Heavenly Feather Sword Principle!

Chapter 1242: Chapter 1,251, Heavenly Feather Sword Principle!

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Bang, Bang, Bang..

A shocking collision sound rang out like thunder, and the entire void seemed to tremble.

“Hahaha... an ant is an ant after all. Even if your strength is sky-high, you’re still only worthy of being a dead soul under my feet!”

Seeing ye Chen blocking his attack, the foreign evil King threw his head back and laughed. “Today, even if you risk your life to stop me, you won’t be able to change your fate of Death!”

After saying that, he clenched his fists and the evil Qi around him soared into the sky. The evil Qi surged out from his body and turned into ferocious demonic dragons that pounced at ye Chen with bared fangs and brandished claws.


Ye Chen roared and waved the long sword in his hand, shattering the demonic dragons one by one.

“Break for me!”

Then, he slapped his palm down and landed heavily on the evil King’s chest.


The outer realm evil king spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards. His body crashed heavily onto the ground.

“What’s going on?”

Ye Chen was shocked. The outer realm evil King was hit by his palm and he was not injured at all.

He could not help but frown and he was puzzled.

The outer realm evil King’s body was too tough!

It was even tougher than a divine weapon. Even if ye Chen used all his strength, he could not hurt him at all.

The foreign evil King stood up and looked at ye Chen coldly. He smiled sinisterly, “Tsk Tsk... your strength is not bad! It’s a pity that you can’t do anything to me with this little bit of ability.”

Although ye Chen’s cultivation base had increased, he knew that the foreign evil King’s cultivation base had reached at least the Divine Tribulation Realm!

“Sky Feather Sword Principle!”

Ye Chen let out a shrill cry as he activated his vital essence and lightly shook his wrist.

Xiu Xiu Xiu —

In an instant, thousands of long swords shot out, drawing a bright arc in the air as they stabbed towards the evil king.

The evil King’s movement technique was very strange. It seemed slow but was actually fast. He shuttled through the air and avoided ye Chen’s attack. Moreover, he instantly reached 100 meters.

However, ye Chen had already expected this. With a shake of his wrist, tens of thousands of long swords appeared and covered the sky. They were densely packed and blocked all the escape routes of the evil king.

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“Brat, since you are courting death, I will grant you your wish!”

The extraterritorial evil King was completely enraged and his eyes were spitting fire.

He had traversed the entire universe and was so majestic and domineering. How could he be suppressed by a junior who had just broken through to the Divine Tribulation Realm?


He took a step forward and a huge demonic shadow appeared behind him. It was exuding boundless evil intent and looked like an ancient demon god who had descended to the mortal world, bringing an incomparably terrifying threat to people.

Immediately after, he let out a loud roar, and the demonic shadow behind him suddenly fused into his body. The outer realm evil King’s aura skyrocketed, and his eyes shot out boundless evil light, as terrifying as a devil.


The outer realm evil King took a step forward, causing the ground to crack. He raised his right hand, and the demonic blade surrounded by demonic qi whistled out, slashing towards ye Chen’s head!

“Sky Feather Sword Dao!”

Ye Chen shouted, and the true essence in his body surged, condensing into countless sword shadows that blotted out the sky and earth as they shot towards the evil king, drowning his figure.


In an instant, two completely opposite energies collided, creating endless waves.

“Hahaha, an ant is an ant. You have no idea how terrifying a divine tribulation transcension realm expert is!”

The evil king laughed maniacally.

In his opinion, ye Chen’s attack could not hurt him at all!

However, at this moment, the evil King’s body suddenly froze!

He felt an extremely sharp aura. The endless longswords came from all directions. It was as if a meteorite had fallen from the nine heavens and crashed onto his body!

Instantly, tens of thousands of sword intents fell from the sky and slashed viciously at the extraterritorial evil King.


The extraterritorial evil King screamed in pain and blood splattered all over his body.

It turned out that this endless sword contained an extremely sharp and sharp aura that directly pierced through the extraterritorial evil King’s Skin!

Swish, Swish, Swish..

The extraterritorial evil King’s body continuously trembled and blood spurted out from his body.

However, the extraterritorial evil King did not seem to care at all. He looked at ye Chen coldly and said, “Do you think you can kill me with just this sword principle?

“Back then, so many sacred kings of the human race joined hands and failed to kill me. It was just you!”

Ye Chen did not say anything, but his eyes became more and more serious.

He could clearly sense that the extraterritorial evil King’s strength seemed to have recovered to the middle stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm!

No wonder he was so unbridled and dared to attack alone!

“Kid, your strength has indeed surprised me, but you are still not my match!”

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The evil King’s tone was filled with arrogance and disdain. His figure flashed and the demonic blade in his hand waved out.


In an instant, demonic qi surged and gathered into a huge demonic blade energy that slashed fiercely at ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s expression became extremely grave.

He knew that the evil king of the foreign lands was not an ordinary martial emperor but possessed the strength of the peak of the Divine Calamity Realm.

“No, I must retreat first!”

Ye Chen took a deep breath and put away the sky feather sword formation. He turned around and fled.

“It’s too late to escape!”

Seeing ye Chen’s actions, the evil king of the foreign lands sneered. The tip of his foot stomped on the ground and his speed suddenly increased explosively. In an instant, he caught up to Ye Chen. He raised his hand and slashed a few more times, slashing down ferociously.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang..

Ye Chen tried his best to dodge, but he was still hit by the Demon Blade, leaving many hideous wounds on his body.

He groaned and fell to the ground.

“Damn it!”

Ye Chen’s face twisted. He gritted his teeth and got up, and his eyes were filled with intense hatred.

He had already comprehended the true meaning of sword intent, and his strength had improved by leaps and bounds. However, the gap between him and the evil king of the outer realm who was at the peak of the Divine Tribulation realm was still too big!

If he continued to tangle with the evil king of the outer realm, he would definitely not be able to defeat it. In the end, he would only die here!

At the thought of this, his body emitted a dazzling golden light and his aura rose steadily.

Ye Chen activated the West Ling Jue and the god Shepherding Art.

Ye Chen’s cultivation was immediately extremely close to the Divine Tribulation Realm.

It was precisely because of this that ye Chen was able to fight against the evil King of the outer realm.

Otherwise, he would have been instantly killed.


The extraterritorial evil King was slightly stunned, then, he shook his head and laughed, “I didn’t expect you to actually cultivate two cultivation techniques, and both of them are top-tier cultivation techniques. However, your cultivation base is too low. Even if you cultivate two top-tier cultivation techniques at the same time, you can forget about fighting against me!”

The extraterritorial evil King took a step forward and charged toward ye Chen once again.


He brandished his demonic blade and slashed out one blade light after another. Each slash drew upon the power of heaven and earth, causing the entire void to boil.

Ye Chen executed his Sword Dao and endless sword shadows filled the sky, blocking the extraterritorial evil King’s attack.

Boom Boom Boom Boom..

The battle between the two was extremely intense. The blade lights and sword shadows collided with each other, creating circles of ripples that swept in all directions.

These energy ripples shook the surrounding mountains violently!

Immediately, the entire world trembled. Ye Chen faced the evil King from the outer realm directly, and incomparably terrifying energy continuously erupted from the two of them.

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