While talking, she threw the handkerchief on the ground and her red shoes embroidered with cloud patterns stepped on it as if crushing it to the floor.

Hong Xing had already set up a defensive mindset against Jiang Luo, and now seeing her insulting Jiang Changning in such a way, she was naturally furious. Hong Xing took a step forward to block Jiang Changning behind her and saluted before saying, “Second miss is wrong. The madam and the young master have always loved the eldest miss very much. Eldest miss received plenty of food and clothing without any problem, so there is no difficulty.”

“Besides, the old master values ​​frugality and hates extravagance. The eldest miss just follows the old master’s way to lead by example, so why not the second miss stop joking around.”

Jiang Luo immediately changed after being retorted by Hong Xing. With a sneer on her face, she replied: “The maid under big sister’s wing is so good. She doesn’t even let her master speak up to teach her a lesson. In a few years, I’m afraid that even my Jiang family’s family will be unworthy.”

Jiang Luo’s words made Hong Xing’s shoulders tremble, her face flushed, and she looked at Jiang Changning in a panic.

Facing Jiang Luo’s words, Jiang Changning just took her time. She asked Hong Xing to step back and stand behind her before bending the corners of her mouth and saying: “Hong Xing saw that the second sister misunderstood, so she explained it, and there was no disrespect in her words. Second sister has a big heart, naturally, she would not mind such a small thing.”

“What if I mind the small thing?” Jiang Changning’s protection of Hong Xing made Jiang Luo’s eyes shine. She looked at Hong Xing almost maliciously, the viciousness in her eyes seemed to overflow.

“Then second sister can just continue doing it.” Jiang Changning didn’t even lift her eyes. She stroked the bracelet on her wrist, completely ignoring Jiang Luo.

“What? Does big sister want to do something to me?” Jiang Luo’s voice suddenly rose.

She didn’t believe that Jiang Changning dared to fight her. Now she is no longer the daughter of the Hou Mansion, and the only thing left for her is the marriage to the Gu Mansion. If she was Jiang Changning, she would definitely be a little fugitive. If she angered Jiang’s mother, she would lose the last blessing of the Hou Mansion, and her marriage promise will also be terminated.

It is easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but it is difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. To keep this wealth, her only last chance is to marry into the Gu family. Jiang Luo felt that as long as Jiang Changning was a normal-minded person, she would not do things that would lead to her own self-destruction.

She wanted to see if Jiang Changning could protect this lowly slave today.

“Come here!”

With Jiang Luo’s shout, several buff women came in from the door, like boulders firmly blocking the door.

Jiang Changning knew one of the women. She was originally from the small kitchen in her yard, a woman surnamed Liu.

Seeing that Jiang Changning lost power after Jiang Luo returned home, Mrs Liu found the head maid who was serving Mother Jiang, saying that she wanted to serve Jiang Luo and asked the head maid to help with the matter.

Just for this matter, Mrs Liu even spent four or five taels of silver, which she saved with great difficulty, a couple of times.

Giving out all the money made Mrs Liu feel pained and resentful.

She couldn’t direct her anger towards the head maid who helped her, so blame it all on Jiang Changning.

She blamed her for not being up to date, not knowing how to please everyone in the Jiang family even more, and causing the servants in her courtyard to live in frugality.

Not to mention now she is known as the fake daughter, it is not even known whether she can live in peace until she retires.

In the past, everyone envies Mrs Liu. She was someone who followed a serious daughter but also a master with a good temper. When the rest of the maids in the courtyards saw her, they would respectfully call her Madam Liu.

But after Jiang Luo came back, everything changed.

She can no longer follow Jiang Changning, she has to change her plan for her future.

The head maid received the money, so she naturally put her heart into handling the matter, and within half a month, the matter was completed.

When Mrs Liu left, she reluctantly kowtowed to Jiang Changning outside the door, which was regarded as a master-servant relationship.

Hong Xing’s eyes were red with anger, and she rushed out to argue with Mrs Liu but was stopped by Jiang Changning, she looked at the angry little girl and patted her head: “If she wants to go, let her. It’s useless to stay anyway.”

“Instead of being dissatisfied and causing trouble in the future, it’s better to let her go now.”

Not only that, Jiang Changning called the waiters in the yard together on the spot and asked those who wanted to find another place to go directly to Hong Xing to receive this month’s payment before leaving.

More than half servants left the courtyard.

Although there are now fewer people, all those who remain are loyal servants.

So what if the eldest girl is not really the daughter of the Hou Mansion? She still has a good temper, clear about good and bad and never wastes time on others. It’s not a loss to stay for these reasons alone.

That Mrs Liu first called out to Jiang Luo as the second miss in the most courteous way, and then saluted Jiang Changning in an unruly manner, and called her out in a ruthless way: “Big girl, what are you trying to do?”

Jiang Changning remained motionless. , she frowned and tapped the table with her thin white fingers one after another.

The rattling sound touched everyone’s nerves.

Seeing that the atmosphere was wrong, the servants in her yard also surrounded her. They glared at the women brought by Jiang Luo.

People from both sides faintly became confrontational.

“What do you want to do, sister?” Jiang Luo deliberately raised her eyebrows and tilted her head and slowly smiled: “Naturally, I will help you, as your good little sister.”

After finishing speaking, she looked up at Hong Xing who was standing behind Jiang Changning: “Each one of them is just a little slave. How dare she speak such bad words to her master and offend her. My sister is too kind and unwilling to teach her a lesson, so I have to do it for her.”

“Take this lowly maidservant away!” Mrs Liu received the order and excitedly roll up her sleeves. She gloated and showed her yellow teeth at the pale Hong Xing: “I’m sorry, Miss Hong Xing. I’m also following my master’s orders, and this is not personal. Please forgive me, Miss Hong Xing.”

When she was working in Jiang Changning’s yard, Mrs Liu received a lot of complaints from Hong Xing for stealing and being incompetent. After she entered Jiang Luo’s side, Hong Xing always have a bad look whenever she saw her.

Mrs Liu had endured it for a long time, and now seeing that this eloquent girl was about to fall into her hands, the corners of Mrs Liu’s mouth rose and she was about to laugh out loud.

“Who dares?” Jiang Changning stood up and pulled Hong Xing behind her. She glanced coldly at the people rushing into the room, and said sharply, “Everyone, think clearly before you do anything. My brother and mother never disliked me. As long as I stay in the mansion for a day, I will still be your master for a day, and I will still be the daughter of the Jiang family!”

“I am afraid that the eldest miss is still dreaming. If you are the daughter of the wife, what is the second miss then?!” Mrs Liu said happily. The rest of the women grinned, not taking Jiang Changning’s words to heart.

“Grandma Liu, you old ungrateful thing! Have you forgotten that the eldest girl lent you money to see a doctor for your grandson?! Now that the eldest miss is in trouble, don’t even mention helping her, you didn’t even pay her back. The eldest miss shouldn’t lend you some money so that your Liu family will have no children and grandchildren!” Hong Xing was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood, looking at the faces of Mrs Liu and the women, she felt saw nothing but monsters.

How many of them have received the favor of the eldest miss, but now they turn their faces and deny everything she ever did to them.

The kind poor girl actually saves all the evil spirits!

Hong Xing’s words completely angered Mrs Liu, she spits on the ground without any scruples. Stretching out her hand, she grabbed Hong Xing and cursed viciously: “You little bastard, look at me tearing your mouth!”

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