The crayfish lived in the burial pit for a long time, always living off the carrion.

However, no matter how many corpses there were inside the grave, they would eventually be eaten up one day.

Therefore, after smelling the pungent smell of fresh blood, these small zombie claws suddenly became restless, as if they were wild wolves that had not eaten for many years.

Not only were their mouths letting out gurgling sounds, even their green eyes had turned a little red at this moment. They continuously brandished their pincers, using their fastest speeds to rush towards the direction of the recipe.

When the army of zombies arrived, the King Corpse, who was hiding in the sky palace, suddenly raised its head. Perhaps it was because of the closeness of this time, but Fang Zishu discovered that the King Corpse's pupils were not the same as those ordinary zombie pincers. Its eyes were a silvery grey, and looked extremely similar to the pangolin's fur.

The only difference was that the pangolin's fur was naturally gray without any color or purity, while the King of Corpses's eyes were a silvery gray.

It is known to the world that "The Great Dai Li" once recorded that "the ancients divided the animals into five categories, namely Ying, Lin, Mao, Yu, and Kun. These five types of insects were also known as the 'Five Insects'. Fish, lizards, snakes, and other things that had scales were all known as' Scaled Insects'.

However, Fang Zishu knew that the records in Big Dai Li's diary were not complete.

He had once seen in the Fang Family Anecdotes a creature that was between 'Scaled Worm' and 'Insect'. Its name was' steroid '. This kind of creature was half-dead, completely defenceless. The most important thing was that these creatures were classified according to the color of their eyes.

The pure white in the eyes was the lowest, increasing to green, grey, purple and seven colors in turn.

At first, the recipe did not connect the King Corpse to the steroids, but when he noticed the unusual gray color in the King Corpse's eyes, he connected it to the steroids.

This meant that when the King Corpse in front of him evolved, it had already deviated from the scope of the 'Scaled Worm' and had evolved into a 'steroid' creature.

The five worms' habits and their recipes were all clear to him.

But now, facing a completely new 'steroid' organism, Fang Zhoushu didn't know if his plan would go smoothly.

However, in this situation, he could not care about too much.

Just as quickly as that.

Just as the group of small zombies were about to attack, Fang Zishu quickly took out the yellow paper that had been soaked through by the black water, smeared the blood on the paper, and then smashed it on the King Corpse's head.

Sure enough!

Before the blood-stained spell paper could even reach the King of the Scorpion, it was firmly caught by the King of the Scorpion's pincers. Right at this time, those hundreds of bloody claws, which were pursuing the King Corpse, didn't care about who the enemy was, and rushed towards the King Corpse.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The chaotic battle of offense and defense then opened the curtain.

The King Corpse's strength, Zi Shu had experienced it firsthand.

Especially that pair of shiny pincers, it made people shudder.

Although the King Corpse was powerful, it was hard to fight against all four hands. Not long after that, the King Corpse was bitten into a pile of wreckage by those small claws.

Although the great battle between the zombies was very satisfying, the book didn't have the time to read it carefully.

While the small zombies were attacking the King Manticore, he also sneaked to the side of the police, and the two of them sneakily moved the last piece of bronze piece to the Sky Mansion.

It was quite strange. The moment Fang Zhoushu and the young man restored the last piece of the Bronze Fragment, the 'Six Stars Atlas of the Southern Dou' suddenly lit up with a bright light. Soon after, Fang Zishu discovered that the black water that had filled the first step of the tomb had begun to spin.

"Hurry up!"

Fang Zishu waved at the note.

The officer also knew that the situation was not good. He immediately threw away the stones tied to his body and began to float upwards. They had only been on the shore for a few minutes when the policeman saw that the pool of black water was actually shrinking back from the hole that had previously gushed out of the ground as it slowly rotated.

The entire first step had returned to its original state.

It was as if the black water had never appeared.

"This... Subbook... What was going on? "Then why would the waters return?" The police had traveled to the north for many years and had seen many shocking anecdotes. However, the scene before his eyes was truly too shocking, and he was unable to forget it for a long time.

Fang Zishu laughed lightly, "This is the first time I've seen such a strange phenomenon, but I think it has something to do with us successfully restoring the bronze fragments and reversing the 'Six Star Diagram of the Southern Dou'."

Pausing for a moment, Fang Zishu continued, "At that time, I told you to move the bronze fragments from the four star positions' Destiny ',' Heaven's Path ',' Heaven's Path ', and' Heaven's Beam 'one by one, and then reverse the bronze fragments from the last position of' Seven Deadly Killing 'and' Heavenly Abode '. The purpose of this was to reverse the South War, and thus find the tunnel to the Tomb of Burial Death, but I never thought that after reversing the South War, everything that happened would be cleared and everything would return to its original position."

The cop smacked his lips, pointed at the broken convenient oxygen tank on the ground and sighed, "Zi Shu, if it weren't for this, I would still think that the King Corpse, the endless black water, was just a pipe dream!"

Fang Zishu also laughed. "Then why don't we just treat it as a dream?"

"What you said makes sense."

The cop chuckled.

Buzz buzz …

Just as the two were lamenting, the first step suddenly began to tremble.

Then, Fang Zishu saw that the lowest flight of stairs was now slowly moving to the left. Before long, a new underground staircase appeared before his eyes.

The book knew that this new step would lead to the tomb.

It was also the only path that would lead him to the immortal palace that the lord of the tomb had created.

Now, the main entrance to the main tomb had been sealed.

Thus, it was no longer possible for them to return through the same route.

The only way was to continue forward.

They entered this unfathomable corridor, entering the misty, constantly changing Immortal palace.

Because it was only in that place that they could find a new way out.

Find a way to survive.

"Sir, do you dare to continue? You must know, once we enter, what welcomes us is an endless sea of danger! "

Fang Zhushu set down the dark staircase not far away from them and asked with a chuckle.

The cop shook his head. His expression became more determined than before, "Zi Shuo, you're underestimating me too much. The moment I started practicing, I had already put my life on the line. Furthermore, do you think we have any other choice in this situation? "