Could it be that this was the so-called relationship between friends? He treated him sincerely, but he schemed against me!

A sudden gust of cold wind blew past, and a bell rang in Fang Zhisu's heart. He was startled awake. What if this wasn't the truth?

Thinking back, the book found many unexplainable doubts. When did the note do anything on the map? Since his goal was here, why take a detour around this ancient building?

After thinking about it for a while, the corner of Fang Zishu's mouth finally formed a smile. When Gui Qi saw this, he became suspicious, but he did not ask any questions.

From beginning to end, the man's gaze never left the book, as if he was afraid that Wang Lin would disappear into thin air.

As night fell, countless bright stars hung high in the sky, but dark clouds covered the face of the moon.

The wind blew, and Fang Zishu rose and opened his arms. His eyes were closed as he frowned. He was here.

With a sharp screech, a skinny figure appeared in front of Fang Zishu. The huge cloak obscured Fang Zishu's face, but his strength caused his heart to palpitate.

Needless to say, this was the "old god" mentioned by Gui Qi.

"Fang Zishu, the people from the Fang family are really rare!"

The old god's voice was hoarse, and when he spoke it was as if a stone had been stuck in his throat. Fang Zishu knew that this was a type of technique that could change the tone of one's voice. Clearly, the elderly God did not wish for him to know too much.

"The skylight has no eyes, and the door to the earth has no threshold. If there is no candle, then please give way."

This is a term that means, to be frank, to be straightforward and not to be covert. If you can't do it, please make way for me.

"Giggle." The old god's voice was like a male duck's. He stretched out his voice and said, "What a fearsome young person!"

"Forget it. Compared to Mister, it's less than one in ten!" As he spoke, he glanced at Gui Zhi.

It was good for the old god to prolong her life, but the method was extreme and cruel, so the old god had already put a label on the book.

The old deity naturally understood the meaning of the words, but did he have to pay attention to it? If he could be so easily angered, it would be a waste of his years.

"Little child, in another two hours, the eighteenth tribulation of Gui Zhi will arrive. Do you want to see her die from her seven orifices being corroded?"

This was one of the reasons he had been able to stop Fang Zishu, and wanted to see how many of the Fang family's skills he had learnt.

Gui Qi blinked and stared at Fang Zhisu. Even though he didn't understand what the Eighteen Tribulations had said, Beautiful Big Brother wouldn't refuse, right?

Fang Zishu looked at Gui Qi, his eyes could not help but flash a cold and clear voice. "If she dies, that is her life. What does it have to do with me!"

Hearing this, the old god chuckled, squatted down and said to Gui Zhi, "Gui Zhi, did you hear that? It's not that the old man doesn't want to help you, it's just that this brother doesn't want to help. "

Fang Zishu's expression did not change, but he quickly said in a cold voice, "You don't have to provoke her with words. Her life is yours, any further prolongation would be easy."

The man beside him scratched his head. What was going on? You push it over, I push it over.

Gui Zhi lowered his head as his shoulders twitched. He reached out to push away the prescription and cried out in a tearful voice, "Go! Go! I don't want you to save me! I don't want you to save me!"

The prescription looked weak, but it was not something a girl like her could move.

"Kekekeke", the old deity's male duck's voice rang out again, "Human is an interesting animal. You can't figure out what you want to do in the next second. For example, how could you bear to hurt this girl's heart?"

Fang Zishu remained as unmoving as a mountain, his face still as cold as ice. However, he was hesitating; although Gui Qi and he had met a different fate, they were both unfortunate people, so how could he just leave like that? Besides, with the old god here, how could he walk easily?

While he was hesitating, Gui Zhi suddenly fell to the ground. He knew that this was an omen of the Eighteen Tribulations.

The old god chuckled as he hid his hands in his cloak, showing no intention of attacking.

Fang Zhushu clenched his fists and said coldly, "You win!"

The old god cackled. In the end, Fang Zishu was not a peerless person.

The Ten Ultimate, the Ultimate, the Ultimate, the Greed, the Ultimate, the Ultimate, the Ultimate, the Ultimate, the Ultimate.

Gui Zhi's body was constantly shaking. Blood was flowing out of his nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. The blood was black and exuded a pungent, fishy odor, like the stench of a fish that had grown maggots on a rainy day.

The look in Fang Zishu's eyes changed. These 18 tribulations were even faster than he had expected. The accumulated toxins had already corroded Gui Zhi's internal organs.

In order to save others, Fang Zishu didn't have his initial perseverance. He took out a bag of needles from his bosom and quickly inserted it into the major acupoints around Gui Zhi's body, controlling the poison to spread further.

In this moonless night, he was still able to pierce every acupoint accurately without missing a drop, as if a highly accurate computer was operating in his brain.

The golden needle, like a roaming dragon, had a life in the hands of Fang Zishu, constantly roaming around the body of the osmanthus branch.

The elderly God was watching by the side, and as he expected, even though he hadn't completely mastered the Fang family's secret technique, he was still able to master the Nine Dragons Healing Needles, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to use it.

The man was stunned. Was he even human? His hand speed was actually so fast that he couldn't even see it clearly.

Fang Zishu's face was calm, and his breath was long. He couldn't panic at all with the Wandering Dragon Golden Needle, and as time passed by, more sweat began to pour out from his forehead. It dripped onto the back of the osmanthus branch, turning into steam.

At this moment, Gui Zhi had turned into a piece of soldering iron. 981 gold needles were pulled out at almost the same time. Who knew how he managed to do it?

He saw Fang Zishu take out a dagger, and the starlight on the dagger's edge revealed its sharpness. Both of Gui Zhi's wrists were cut open.

The stinky black blood flowed like money, quickly forming a puddle under the osmanthus branches.

After a minute or so, Fang Zishu took out a clot of blood and smeared it on Gui Zhi's wrist. It was strange that the foot deep wound was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Under the cloak, the old deity licked his lips, "Blood essence, good stuff!"