The weather in November was chilly. The mountains were covered with a thick layer of snow. The snow on the road, after being crushed by the car, formed a layer of ice, very slippery. The slightest mistake in the way he walked would cause him to tumble over. In such vile weather, Zi Peng and Li Xia met in City. Today was November 25th, Zi Peng's family planning Expressionism. He had come here on leave of absence from his family, so they had just happened to meet at the same place as in New Station.

When they met, he and she were happy. They walked on the embankment of the 10-mile river in the cold. The riverbank was desolate and desolate. The trees on both sides of the road were barren. The branches of the trees were swaying and swaying in the cold wind. They let out strange and ear-piercing cries. There were also fewer cars and pedestrians than there were in the spring, summer, and autumn. After reaching the riverbank, Lixia took Zi Peng's arm, looked at him with her eyes, and said,

"Bro, I'm really sorry for delaying your work." Zi Peng held Lixia's cold hand and sighed.

"Sister, don't say that. We haven't seen each other in days. Tell me, can I not attend this opportunity? However, I was almost unable to make it today. It's because there's a family planning Expressionism in the village, but fortunately, the village head also went there, so I asked for a leave of absence to come here. "

When Lixia found out that Zi Peng came to a meeting in the village to request for leave, she felt very grateful. She rested her head on his shoulder and said tenderly:

"Bro, it's really hard for you. It's just that my thoughts about you were too unbearable, that's why I invited you out for a walk." On the one hand, I want to see you. On the other hand, I want to talk to you. In this way, I'll be satisfied in my heart. "

Zi Peng looked at the pretty smile on Lixia's face and said happily:

"Sister, me too. I think you can't sleep at night, and I'm sure you'll find a few chances to meet me today. If I hadn't come, you would have been hurt. "

The weather was too cold, and her body was shivering. Therefore, she said to Zi Peng in a tone of discussion,

"Bro, it's so cold, let's go watch a movie."

When Zi Peng saw Lixia's frozen body, he couldn't bear it anymore. Do you think, that Lixia left home at 6 am and has been gone for more than 3 hours now? Such a cold weather has always been outside, not to mention a woman, even a young man would not be able to take it, what about Lixia? Therefore, Zi Peng echoed Lixia's words and said:

"Great!" I also want to watch a movie to warm up. "

Hence, Zi Peng and Lixia came to Changbai Mountain Theater. It was warm in the theater, and when he entered with her he found a seat. Two pairs of ice-cold hands clasped together. Although their hands were ice-cold, everyone felt as if electricity was flowing through their hearts as they felt a warm sensation.

After the movie, he and she went to a snack bar. Since it was cold, he might as well eat the wonton stew. It was hot, and when it was done, he was warm. So he and she each ordered a bowl of wonton stew and ate it while it was still hot. Coming out of the snack bar, Lixia asked,

"Brother, where are we going now?"

Zi Peng felt a lot more relaxed as he looked at Lixia's warm body. He shook her hand and said:

"Sister, I think we should follow the river bank all the way to the old station. "Say, what do you think?"

Liza felt that Zi Peng's hand was always warmer than hers, like an electric current flowing into her heart. He happily agreed with him:

"Bro, we'll do as you say. Let's go straight to the old station."

This was the second time that Zi Peng and Lixia had taken this route. They climbed onto the riverbank and walked in the direction of their old home. It was at least fifteen miles from Changbai Mountain Theater to Old Station. He walked beside her, walking very slowly. As he walked, he spoke his thoughts that he would never be able to finish. Zi Peng said:

"Little Sister, did the letter that I wrote to you anger you again?"

Lixia rolled her eyes at Zi Peng and said seriously:

"Brother, you are a cultured person. How could you make me angry? In terms of anger, it was better to provoke one's own anger. However, the letters that I've written to you have been enough to make you cry. "

Zi Peng saw the blissful expression on Lixia's face and naturally felt very happy as well. Thus, he also very seriously said:

"Sister, actually, I'm not as cultured as you are. I really like the letter you wrote me. Every time I think you won't be able to see you again, I will take out the letter you wrote me and read it over and over again. I read your letter as if I had seen you. "

Lixia was in a great mood. She looked around and saw no cars and no passersby. She quickly turned around and put her face on Zi Peng's face. Although she kissed him on the cheek again, she then said in a sincere tone,

"Brother, me too. Didn't you write at the end of the letter, 'Please don't keep it, read it and burn it'? How could I bear to burn it? You wrote it in your blood and sweat. If I burn it, how can I be worthy of you? So I kept all the letters you wrote to me in order to love you. When I miss you, take it out and look at it. You don't say, but it really does work. Reading your letter can also alleviate some of the pain of missing you. "

Zi Peng and Lixia continued to walk forward. He changed the topic and asked:

"Sister, how has Gui Hong been with you recently?"

Lixia held Zi Peng's arm and answered his question:

"I've been good to him all this time, but he still smells the same. It's still so crude, and it still makes me miserable. "

Zi Peng placed one hand on Lixia's shoulder and held his hand with the other. He continued to ask:

"Has he found out about us?"

Lixia looked at Zi Peng with her bright big eyes and said,

"He also heard some rumors. He told me he didn't believe it. He said that the Secretary Wang was not that kind of person. Who knew if he was telling the truth or not? I don't believe it. "

Zi Peng faced Li Xia's affectionate gaze and said extremely seriously:

"Sister, regardless of whether he is telling the truth or not, we have to note something, we can't let him get the hang of this."

As he spoke to her, he unconsciously walked to the old station …

Lisa returned home, and after dinner, she took advantage of Gui Hong's absence to play poker. She could not wait to open his letter. He carefully savored every word in the letter:

To the little sister that I miss in my heart:

You and I have a deep affection for each other, and we will never part;

Love is beautiful, love is intoxicating.

Dear little sister, after reading your letter, I have an indescribable happiness and excitement in my heart. As a result, I have developed even more respect and love for you. Because you gave me a heart of gold.

My dear little sister, ever since we met, our feelings have deepened step by step. You are truly the most ideal bosom friend and most trusted friend in my heart. My whole heart is taken over by your sincere love. So, every minute, every minute, every minute. How much our friendship is like a bond that binds the two hearts together! I couldn't help but write down the following words:

Friendship, like a bond that binds two hearts together,

Missing, like a giant, powerful magnet;

yearning, and going on and on, every moment, every hour.

Love, is so beautiful like glue.

Reminiscence, let us remember the past experience in our hearts,

Gentle, so warm and charming;

Understanding is an elixir to dispel misunderstandings,

considerate, able to care for each other, love each other, warm you and my heart...

My dear little sister, do you think that what I have said is the truth? Did I hand over my heart to you? Wherever I was, I always felt a magnetism in the north. It would make me look north and write a poem like this:

He raised his head and looked towards the north, feeling a sense of longing.

I wonder what little sister is doing, do you know brother's wish?

Every hour think of you, three meals are decreasing;

It is hard to sleep at night, and I see you in my dreams.

Only when I see you can I feel at ease;

I want to be together forever, to be by your side.

Memory makes me intoxicated, happiness makes me nostalgic;

They will stay together for the rest of your life.

My dearest little sister, this poem is a cry from the bottom of my heart, and also a true portrayal. little sister, I have a pot of chrysanthemum in my house. Every time I see a chrysanthemum, I think of you. You seem to be that chrysanthemum pot:

The chrysanthemum bloomed in September, and the rosy clouds gave birth to purple smoke.

The life seven colors twists and turns the road, once had the separation and the joyous joy.

Sis and I have a deep affection for each other.

A thousand tender feelings intoxicated the heart, thousands of thoughts lead the heart.

As long as they waited for their meeting, they would be overjoyed;

You and I are like fish and water, fish and water play is not alone.

Looking back on the past to add passion, love such as sweet heart;

I wish you and I could be a couple, like a couple and Tirian.

My dear little sister, although the poem is not good, but it shows how I miss and care for you! These days, thinking about you was like losing your mind; like losing your soul; like a wooden chicken. Every night, can not sleep all night long sleep, you can see that brother is sick with lovesickness. In this case, I answer with this poem:

Your passion warm my chest, my longing in the heart;

Emotions like colored silk, deep love as thick as glue.

Love friendship like the sea, forever accompany you to the end of your life;

They walked side by side, separated by mountains and rivers.

Grief and joy are shared by all, sharing bitter and sweet music;

I love you for being gentle and kind, and I love you for being considerate and considerate.

How many embraces how many kisses, beautiful rainbow clouds;

Inwardly, love each other and be happy.

Dear little sister, your big brother's heart is already drunk. I wrote this letter to you with the intoxication of love. Even though he was slightly drunk, this kind of drunkenness and drunkenness were two different things. It was a kind of intoxication in happiness; it was a kind of intoxication in happiness; it was a kind of intoxication sweet as honey. The love between us, with the passage of time, has come from the season of blooming flowers to the winter of snowflakes. On the day it snowed, I wrote you this poem:

Snowflakes flutter wildly, and the earth is covered with silver.

Unknowingly, winter had arrived. Time flowed like water.

Lifting his head to look towards the north, he felt a surge of memories.

The warmth of spring blossomed. The Sis and I roamed the Jade Emperor.

You and I have formed a love of fish and water, a love of grace and love for a long time;

The flowers bloomed in the summer, Sis and I complained.

Spill out love and adoration to each other, both walk on the embankment;

Autumn is golden, Sis and I are busy dating.

How many times had Long Shan met? You and I both taste love;

When winter comes to snow, I think the Sis is like a broken intestines.

How much affection and how much love, deep in my heart;

How cheerful is your character, and how fragrant is your love?

How warm is your enthusiasm, how kind is your heart?

How deep is your friendship and how generous are your manners?

To think of here heart flowers, every moment think of you;

Day you do not think of food, night I want you tears to make a journey...

My good little sister, in order to meet you, I met you twice at the train station on the 8th and 12th, but all of them were for naught. Although I didn't receive you, I have no complaints. Because we really love each other. To love, we have to pay the price. This is a small price we have to pay on the journey of love. I finally saw you on the 17th and I watched the movie with you. But you came back that afternoon in the two o'clock car, and it really made me worry about you. That day, the cotton shoes you were wearing didn't fit your feet. Furthermore, we have walked such a long distance in City. After you get out of the car, you have to walk for two hours to get home. But you did it for me! Here, I express my deep regret to little sister.

My dear little sister, on the day that you came back on the 20th, we got off our cars in Erdaojiang and the sky turned dark. I can't let you go back on your own. Thus, I will send my beloved little sister back. When we reach old age, although we are all very tired, but our passion does not diminish. After hugging, kissing, and caressing, we made another successful love. The scene of that night will forever resound in our memories … This is it.

I wish little sister eternal youth and a wide smile!

Your second brother

At 9.45 p.m. on the evening of 24 November 1989

After seeing Zipeng's letter, Lixia was so excited that hot tears rolled down her cheeks and her heart was in turmoil. She was unable to calm down. She liked the letters he wrote, and she liked the poems he wrote more. The letter he wrote was passionate, loving, and exuding the vigor of youth. To cheer her spirit; to glorify her life; to cheer up her life; to inject life...

She liked his poems more. He likened her to a chrysanthemum, respectful and affectionate; longing and longing for her; sincere and true love for her. Do you think she wouldn't be moved by it? How could she not feel honored and proud of it? Could she not feel the variety of her life? Also, on the 20th, he picked her up, accompanied her to the movies, ate dinner, and walked her all the way to the station. The long embankment appeared so short under their feet. It made her feel good just thinking about it.

She thought: When I go back to the light, it will be dark when I get off at the Youth Bridge. How can he not worry about me? What I couldn't forget was that when I came back on the evening of the 20th, it was already dark by the time I reached Erdaojiang. He was the one who accompanied me all the way back. When we reached the ridge, we embraced, kissed, and made love again. Can I forget such an exciting and touching scene?

Thus, when she finished reading his letter, she recalled her memories …

At this moment, she was immersed in happiness. Luckily, she met him, otherwise, she wouldn't know if he was still alive or dead. Even if he was still alive, he didn't know where he was. He didn't know what he would be like. The more she thought about it, the more she liked him, and the more she missed him. As she thought about it, her tears drenched the letter. She hurriedly wiped her tears away with a handkerchief to calm her heart down. However, matters of the heart were impersonal. The more you want to be calm, the more you can't be calm...

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