At this time, Gu Yuan had already arrived.

Behind Gu Yuan, Fatty Ming is pulling Su Yao to watch the fun.

After seeing Su Yao coming.

The Wind Wolf King began to retreat slowly and evenly, and did not turn around and run away even if he opened up a distance.

Instead, he walked cautiously backwards all the way.

From everyone's invisible angle, Su Yao quietly gave the wind wolf king a thumbs up.

The Wind Wolf King gave a humane smug smile, then turned around and ran away.

Everyone stepped forward to help Li Yutian up.

When asked why he was attacked, Li Yutian kept shaking his head and said he couldn't understand.

The attack of the Wind Wolf King this time makes people feel a little strange.

Not very harmful, but highly insulting.

Li Yutian's face was not only swollen into a pig's head, but also had many bloodstains on it, all of which were scratched by wolf claws.

He even spit out a few teeth in one mouth, his cheeks were slumped in, and the bridge of his nose was broken, which was a complete disfigurement.

The roots of the tree at Su Yao's feet moved slightly and quietly pulled Su Yao's ankle to the side.

Su Yao moved to the side calmly, and soon took out a treasure bag from the gap of the big stone.

This is Li Yutian's treasure bag hidden by the big tree demon.

Su Yao doesn't have so much heart, and doesn't know the truth of not revealing wealth. When she got this treasure bag, she immediately opened it to check.

There was barbecue at the camp, and everyone supported Li Yutian to go back.

Although Li Yutian was not life-threatening, he felt pain everywhere in his body, and it was difficult for him to walk.

Two strong disciples, one left and one right, supported Li Yutian and walked forward together.

Under such circumstances, Li Yutian suddenly remembered that his treasure bag was torn down by the Wind Wolf King and thrown away.

Li Yutian felt that the Wind Wolf King must not know how to use the treasure bag, nor would he be interested in his treasure bag.

He quickly turned around and looked around.

But when he turned around, he saw Su Yao holding his treasure bag and checking the contents.

Fatty Ming is still standing next to Su Yao. Su Yao takes out a few wind spirit beads from the treasure bag and stuffs them into Fatty Ming's hand.

Li Yutian only felt that the blood all over his body was rushing to his head. Did he want to divide his things?

Li Yutian struggled hard, and the two disciples who were supporting him were almost unable to hold him.

"Su Rao..., hot like my Baibaolang!"

"Spicy like my Feng Lingzhu, Su Rao, give me back my Baibaolang quickly, cough, cough..."

Li Yutian was missing a few teeth, and when he spoke, he leaked air, and blood flowed out of his mouth.

A disciple next to him couldn't bear to see him like this, and persuaded him, "Brother Li, that's the treasure bag that Su Yao just picked up. Besides, how could your treasure bag be in Su Yao's hands?"

"Spicy is really like my Baibaolang, you must believe me!"

"Leng Chong, help me come back!"

Fatty Ming shouted loudly: "Li Yutian, don't spit your blood! Everyone has seen that this treasure bag was just picked up by Yaoyao.

You are jealous and say it's yours, what do you mean? "

Li Yutian was in a hurry. His treasure bag contained all the savings he had accumulated during this period of time, and he could not afford to lose it.

"Lengchong, Spicy is really my Baibaolang, please help me get it back!"

Deng Chong also felt that Su Yao's process of finding this treasure bag was too strange.

From his point of view, Su Yao almost walked straight to the big rock gap.

He took out this treasure bag directly from the inside.

There is no search process, and there is no accidental discovery. Her purpose is very clear.

It is to go to this treasure bag!

Deng Chong looked at Li Yutian with a sullen face and asked, "How come your treasure bag is in the crack of the stone?"

"It's like it was pulled off by the wind wolf just now, and was stunned by the wind wolf!"

"What's in your treasure bag?"

"Cough, cough, cough."

Li Yutian coughed a few times.

After all, he was a cultivator. He rubbed his face and clicked a few more times, slightly improving the state of his speech leakage.

Reorganized the language and said it again.

"There are more than a dozen wind spirit beads in it, as well as many earth spirit beads, wood spirit beads, thunder spirit beads, and so on."

He recalled and continued.

"There are still more than 30 spirit medicines, some medicinal herbs, and a dozen attack spirit charms. Oh, by the way, there are two sixth-order attack spirit symbols in it."

Deng Chong was a little surprised, this Li Yutian actually has so many good things?

Li Mi, who was standing beside Deng Chong, asked casually, seemingly unintentionally.

"Li Yutian, you have two sixth-order attack charms. When Deng Chong faced two wind wolf kings by himself just now, why didn't you take them out and use them?"

After Li Mi asked, Deng Chong's eyes changed.

"I..., cough, Deng Chong... that that..."

Li Yutian did not explain it in the end.

Deng Chong glared at Li Yutian with hatred for Tie Buchenggang, wishing he could raise his hand to give him two big mouths.

But now is not the time to care about these, he finally turned to Fatty Ming and said:

"Xuanqi, this is a bit strange.

Otherwise, you ask Su Yao to take out the things and see, there may be... "

Murong Hexuan was standing beside him, and the fat man was speaking very hard.

"Deng Chong, according to the rules, everything in the secret realm is unowned, and whoever gets it first will own it."

"Since Yaoyao can pick up this treasure bag, it's Yaoyao's luck. The treasure bag is already Yaoyao's thing. Why should I let her show it to you?"

After that, Fatty Ming turned to look at Su Yao again, "Yaoyao, since you found it, this is yours, and no one has the right to take it away from you!"

"it is good!"

Deng Chong's face is ashen, and he turns to Su Yao.

He thought to himself, if he can't take care of Fatty Ming, can't he take care of Su Yao?

When Su Yao entered the underground altar, she was originally a member of their team.

Su Yao's strength is lower than him, and only Su Yao is left in the entire team.

Deng Chong felt that Su Yao would not dare to disobey him.

"Su Yao, open this treasure bag and take out the contents for everyone to see. Is it what Li Yutian said!"

"If it is, you will return it to him. If it is not his, then it will be yours!"

It's not so much a discussion, it's better to say that Deng Chong is giving orders to Su Yao.

In those words, the meaning of indistinguishable is particularly obvious.

Everyone around felt sorry for Su Yao.

After finally picking up a treasure bag, Deng Chong forced it to take it out before it was warmed up.

"Su Yao, your arm can't twist your thigh."

Sun Mingxiang persuaded in a low voice.

Lu Jingxiang quietly pulled Su Yao's robe.

"Su Yao, forget it, we are not short of this treasure bag. You can give it to Senior Brother Deng. Why make Senior Brother Deng unhappy for these extraneous things?"

After all, Fatty Ming was still beside him, so Deng Chong persuaded again with patience.

"Su Yao, give me the treasure bag and treat it as if I, Deng Chong, owe you a favor!"


Su Yao categorically refused. She rolled her eyes at Deng Chong and put all the things in the treasure bag in her hand into her treasure bag.

With the treasure bag in his hand still at his feet, he looked at Deng Chong provocatively.