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At daybreak the next day, Ruan Qiao was awakened by Yun Duo.

“Sister Mian Mian, quickly look……”

Ruan Qiao sat up and saw Wen Qing standing at the door ready to go out.

She walked to the window, and now the yard, which was originally gloomy and scary, has completely changed. The grass is green, the wooden horse under the tree stopped there quietly, and the roses in the flower bed adorned the whole view.

More importantly, there are five children playing games in the yard.

Yun Duo took the picture he found earlier and looked out of the window in disbelief: “I saw it correctly right. These five children are exactly the same as those in the picture, but last night we looked for them in the whole house and didn’t find these children?”

The three went downstairs and found the others in the lobby. Ruan Qiao glanced around, but did not see Su Xi.

“As you can see, the orphanage in the daytime is completely different from that in the evening. Last night I clearly remembered that there were many dirty stains on this table, and the other furniture was very old.” Yu Xing looked serious: “The children outside also suddenly appeared this morning.”

“How nice is it now.” Little White Rabbit said, “It’s too scary at night.”

“What nonsense are you guys speaking here!” Captain Justice patted the table and suddenly stood up: “Dilly dallying, just bring in those bastards outside and ask them clearly.”

With that, he went straight outside.

The others did not dare to act rashly, so they stayed in the lobby.

Wen Qing frowned, worried about what Captain Justice will do, and followed him out.

Ruan Qiao followed the others to the yard. Under the tree stood a girl without arms. The rest of the children were playing together on the lawn. The little girl in white dress she met last night was painting beside her. Ruan Qiao walked over and saw her drawing a villain. There was a rose on the villain’s head and the word “Hun” was written beside it.

The little girl noticed that someone was approaching. She looked up and smiled sweetly: “Sister, do you think my painting looks good?”

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[Bullet screen] holy s***, how cute!!

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The little girl had none of the stiffness and terror from last night, and her lovely face has a simple expression.

“It looks good.” Ruan Qiao petted her head. “What’s your name?”

“This is Xiao Hun.” The little girl pointed to the figure in the picture and proudly introduced herself; “My name is Xiao Er, the er from ear.”

“Sister just came here, can you introduce your little partners?” Ruan Qiao squatted down and asked her patiently.

Xiao Er sat on the grass, leaned on her chin and thought: “Xiao Gu and Xiao Yuan are brother and sister. Xiao Jing is very pitiful, she has no hands. However, my favorite is Xiao Hun, who often leaves his milk for me to drink.”

“Look, he is Xiao Hun.” Xiao Ear pointed to the little boy in front.

Ruan Qiao: “Isn’t this the one who greeted me last night?”

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The children in the daytime are more normal than what she saw at night. Xiao Hun was not wearing the dark yellow shirt he wore last night, but an off white one instead.

“Red light, green light, big white light. Be careful when crossing the street!” After shouting the last word, Xiao Hun, who had been facing the trunk, suddenly turned around, and the other children who ran halfway stopped.

Captain Justice walked up directly, grabbed Xiao Hun by the collar, and asked fiercely, “Where did you come from?!”

Xiao Hun looked like he was only eight or nine years old. He was viciously raised up high by the Justice Team Leader. He looked at him and cried out wahhhh.

“You’ve gone too far.” When Little White Rabbit saw the child crying, she felt sorry, but her voice was weak. “They are just children.”

Captain Justice threw Xiao Hun on the ground and said coldly, “They are just NPC. Do you really think they are individuals? And didn’t you hear the copy’s name? The Orphanage of Horror!”

He continued: “Maybe these bastards are just pretending to be pitiful. They will kill us when we are unprepared! You women are still pitying them. How stupid!”

Although Yu Xing did not agree with the attitude of Captain Justice, he also felt that his words were reasonable. There must be something wrong with the sudden appearance of these children.

The other children looked at the ferocious appearance of Captain Justice, and they all stepped back in fear.

Xiao Hun wiped his tears, picked up the white ball on the ground and hid behind the tree.

Xiao Hun was the first ghost to appear last night, obviously a key figure. Ruan Qiao went straight over, squatted down and asked softly, “Xiao Hun, what are you playing with?”

Captain Justice disdained: “New people are new people. Instead of wasting time with them here, we should try to open the door that was not opened before.”