Chapter 700 241 - The Attendnant Named Aku (Part 7)


That pushed him to use one of his star power, in its more advanced form.

Low levels of the law of Pisces allowed for communication at great distances very similar to the message spell used by the wind magicians, but more advanced levels gave the user access to the astral projection and sending out part of one's spirit to scout out things and areas without actually ever taking a step there.

And at the moment, Aku was using it to confirm whether the girl from the Epsine family was indeed looking at him, or was it just his wild imagination...


The moment Aku gain access to vision outside of his mask, he noticed the dark-haired girl and felt as if his body was struck by thunder...


The masked attendant stumbled back, grabbing onto his chest, covering his heart as if terrified it would jump out of his chest.

"Aku...?! Is everything okay...?"

before the boy know it, lady Epsine and her daughter already left and Kierul was standing right in front of him, looking at the spot on the mask where his eyes should be in concern.

"I... I... ehem...! Yes, my lady. I apologize, I was too focused on the presents and forget there are stairs right behind me."

Aku hesitated before clearing out his throat and assuring, straightening his back to prove that he is fine.

"True... stairs don't make any sound when no one is walking on them... Watch out for yourself first, but try not to damage the presents..."

Keirul furrowed her brows and nodded with a serious expression before glancing back at the remaining people waiting in line and leaning closer toward her attendant.

"We will be selling them to get the funds for the next part of the plan, remember?"

She added anxiously.

So anxiously that it was unlike her, it seemed that standing face to face with people from the Epsine family shook her just as much as Aku... although for a completely different reason.

"But of course. Let's continue, my lady."

Seeing his master in such a miserable state made Aku pull himself together and find a resolve to calm down – or the closest thing to it...

"I was observing you... you really did sniff him!"

After the official greeting and gift-giving were one, Miriette returned to her spot by the dessert table and was immediately approached by the amused Ehmi.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

The dark-haired girl sulked and looked away.

"Eeehhh...? What's with that reaction? What, did he not smell how you expected? What, too sweaty? Not sweaty enough?"

The crimson-haired girl raised her brows before leaning in and asking curiously.

"Don't make it weirder than it already is. He... he doesn't smell like my Zoemi..."

Miriette scoffed while glaring at her friend before pouting.

"His scent is similar enough to make my heart skip a bit, but then also different to make me worry..."

She added, picking up a cherry cream cupcake and biting into it.

"Your Zoemi...? Oohh, him again...! Wait! You still haven't given up on that boy? He's dead. Poor guy got eaten by the same monster that got Grazio's arm and leg two years ago..."


Ehmi gasped in realization and shrugged her shoulders while shaking her head, but immediately shut her mouth when Miriette clenched her fist, crushing the half-eaten cupcake, and screamed getting the attention of at least a dozen people.

"Yeah, yeah. That one pink-haired girl says that she still feels his star power working on her or whatever. You know that she is lying to get you and that boy's father to give her money for the so-called search."

The crimson-haired girl groaned, shaking her head in disbelief, and pointed out.


Miriette noticed her mother's scolding stare and closed her mouth despite the urge to respond to Ehmi's words just as strongly as before.

"Now I get it. That's why you came here, you think that the masked attendant is the boy who promised to be your knight... Miri, you need to let go. The boy you want was a shadow magician – people from the Perserios territory and the remaining instructors and participants in the knight training confirmed that. This boy here is a martial artist. Two completely different things. Or do you think that he was using shadow magic?"


The crimson-haired girl continued nodding and helped herself to another cupcake while Miriette was cleaning off the remains of the cherry cream one from her hand in silence.

"Do you?"

Ehmi asked again, pointing the cupcake in an accusatory manner right in Miriette's face.

"Haaa... No. I do not believe that Aku is using shadow magic."

"There you have it. You need to get over that Zoemi, and you definitely cannot go around sniffing other people. Your family is powerful, but once bad rumors about you start spreading, that's it."

Miriette breathed out and admitted, to which Ehmi nodded with satisfaction and began munching on the dessert.

" what they were talking about..."

Aku whipped to Kierul's ear as the two of them were by the snack table.

"I've heard about the incident they mentioned. A monster descended the mountains and killed a bunch of people in the Perserios territory, not to mention gravely wounded lord Grazio. If not for the help of the literal miracle worker, a healer magician, it would be over for him. But that girl managed to not only save his life but restore his limbs. See, that's lord Grazio right there."

The red-haired girl pondered and pointed at the red-haired boy talking with a gold-haired first prince and two other young nobles.

Young lord Victureo did indeed have all of his limbs attached, although it seemed like he was still adjusting to having his arm and leg back and fully operational. It was recognizable in the slight hesitation in every movement of his.


"Do you want me to arrange for that miracle worker to take a look at your face"

Aku leaned and gasped which prompted Kierul to ask him.

"Maybe later. I can't imagine such service would be cheap and we need every coin to make your plan work... after you will become the head of the Helterose family though... then, then we can talk."

The masked boy didn't dwell on the proposition for more than a heartbeat and refused it with a light shrug.