Chapter 157 - 157 Unexpected Visit II

Name:RE:BORN Zombie Author:Killix_Kreed
157 Unexpected Visit II

“He is inside like you ordered.” Someone said to Veritas, as she approached a room guarded by three guards as it seemed. Without much of a response, she continued towards the door that slide open as he reached before it. The door opened up to reveal the person inside who was sat in a chair facing the door in the simple looking room.

“Start talking, how did you find us?” Veritas questioned, as she sat in the chair provided for her before the one she was questioning.

“That, it was through the spell that was placed on you from when you visited our kingdom.” He said.

‘He sure is doing his best staying calm.’ Veritas said in her mind. Though the other party seemed to be calm and focused, Veritas could clearly see his fidgeting and nervousness. He was anything but calm.

She indeed remembered the skill that was activated on them, but that it would remain in effect even after so much time, she never would have expected it.

“How many people did you encounter on your way here, and why did you choose to come here of all places?” She asked. Truth be told, she could really care less about all that was happening, and preferred if they weren’t involved. It wasn’t like Victor was either, so all the more reason for her not to. Now, the fish before her had come to them instead of the others. “First, start with your name.”

As Avin gave his name, he continued on to explain the entire situation and how it happened, and Veritas surely bombarded him with questions, luckily these questions he had answers to.

“That is the reason he sent me to make contact with one of you humans so that we might face the real danger after getting passed this hurdle.” He said.

“Humans.. Look me well fish, do I look human to you?” Veritas asked. Certainly, being compared to a human was like an insult to a vampire, even those that weren’t arrogant and prideful. She might have just leaked a bit of her aura in the process, but that tiny bit was enough to do the trick, and Avin would be sure never to refer to her as human. That said, he didn’t have the liver to ask what she was if she wasn’t human. In the end, it wasn’t important.


According to Avin, the actual enemy and why the king of Atlantis was this adamant in subduing the surface is because there are beings from a different solar system coming, and these guys are no joke. Avin ended up explaining to everyone present what the power the king used was, to the best of his ability and knowledge.

Apparently, the ones coming have more than just a single person amongst them who can use this sort of power, and they were completely destructive.

Hearing all this, Veritas was faced with the severity of the issue, as it would definitely affect them, and by them she was thinking of her and Victor.


After everything, she had decided it best for them to join hands and do something about the current situation.

“We will continue this tomorrow, go rest up for now.” Veritas said, as she stood up to leave.

Fighting all that warned him not to, Avin gathered the courage to ask, “Uhmm, do you guys by a-any chance, have a place with w-water?” He asked.

“Be thankful you are getting a nice place to even lay your head.” Veritas responded without looking at Avin before leaving the room.


“The information is credible. Though we don’t know where exactly it is located, we know the general area.” Someone said. He was giving Bernard a report that seemed to be urgent concerning the current situation of things.

“And this thing passed our people?” Bernard asked.

“Yes sir, that is how we were able to discern where he was headed.”

From the report, the one which they spoke of was definitely Avin, and perhaps the good thing was that he had killed no one but only rendered them unable to work for the time being. He certainly was strong enough for that. However, the problem was where he went after confrontation with people of the CORP, as they recognized it io be the direction where Under Current was located.

No one knew the exact location where Under Current had their HQ in, but some knew the general area of it’s location.

“Is it possible that they have betrayed us and partnered with those monsters?” Bernard asked himself, not really expecting an answer, but he got one either way.

The person who brought the report must have thought that the question was being directed at him, so he spoke without much restraint, he wasn’t a mere guard after all. “Well, it is very unlikely, sir.” The man said, almost forgetting to add the honorific as he was speaking to his superior.

“And why so?” Asked Bernard.

“Well, their leader has been one of the major forces whenever humanity faced danger several times in the past, and though he would normally listen to the highest bidder, he does help out in major ways.” The man hadn’t said any major thing, as he didn’t know how it would be taken if he started praising someone their CORP had their fangs on. Certainly something a spy would do?

“You don’t to say more, I understand. But…” Bernard was about to say something, but he reserved his comment. Even he was being a bit conscious of his words, especially when he was at work.

“You are dismissed. Leave the rest of the reports on the table, and inform Luke to appear before me in an hour.” He said, while sending the man off.


Back at Under Current.

“So, there was a place with water after all??” Asked Avin, as one of the people there brought him to a pool area.

“Well, I guess you can make yourself comfortable here. This place is rarely used these days, so it should be ok if you crash here for the time being.” Said, the female who brought him there.

“Oh, thank you very much. You see, I am a kind that can’t do long without water or I risk severe dehydration, which could cause major troubles for my skin, outward appearance and overall health, somet…” He went on blabbing things no one asked to know, maybe out of tension?

“Shut the fuck up already. No one wants to know shit about you or your well being. If the water’s good for ya, then jump in and make yourself home!” The female exclaimed a bit paranoid as she turned back and walked away while talking to herself. “Put me on such duties to babysit some fish man.. Ahhh, when is he gonna come back?? This is pure torture. I should have never volunteered for this crap, ever!”